Alcohol Substance Abuse Program

1064 Apple St

FT Wainwright, Alaska 99703 June 6 2011


[quote]Bernie McGrenahan brought his Comedy With A Twist to Ft Wainwright, Alaska 24 and 25 January 2011.  Bernie was scheduled for two shows on the 24th and one on the 25th.  While here he also agreed to pay a visit to the Warrior Transition Unit (aka Wounded Warrior Unit).  The Soldiers at the WTU were so excited about Bernie coming to see them personally that Bernie gave them their own private Comedy Hour.  They were ecstatic over him.

Bernie‘s show brings humor.  But he also brings a heartfelt personal message about irresponsible drinking and the devastating consequences of using drugs.

The Soldiers laughed from their hearts and guts, and they also felt Bernie’s sincere love for them.  I think Bernie clearly gives a message that alcohol and drugs are destructive and that Soldiers can and do have fun and laughter without them.

We have an average of 6-8 groups and individuals visit us each year to give messages about mental health, suicide, alcohol and drugs.  Without reservation and with all sincerity, Bernie McGrenahan’s Comedy With A Twist was one of the BEST we’ve had at Ft. Wainwright.


Cheryl Adamson, MSW

Employee Assistance Program Coordinator

Army Substance Abuse Center

Ft. Wainwright,  AK   99703