USAFA, CO! Happy Hour Rolls in.Congrats to Madison Chilton & Jake!

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UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY,MD! Honor,Courage, Commitment!

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Hello Midshipmen! I had a blast tonight in the Bob Hope Theater/ Alumni Hall.   Thank you to the 4400 midshipmen who attended the show and filled the theater and to the incredible safety team how hosted me and brought me to the Academy.  I will never forget you, my trip to Bancroft Hall, the Chapel, and especially the performance in Alumni Hall.  I hope you had many  laughs and spread the message of choice and responsibility/accountability!  Take it with you into Spring Break and intervene, love, protect your brothers and sisters from harm. Hope to see all of you once again, hit me up if you have time.  Honor, Courage, Commitment.   Due to the incredibly kind and generous number of comments – come back tomorrow at 1500 hrs to see show attendance selectees from the ticket raffle!  Thank you for your service- to our nation.
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NAS Norfolk, VA! Above and Beyond! Congrats Shana Johnson

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I had a blast  in the C9 Base theater today at 1400. Thank you ALL for coming and packing the house.  I hope you had a few laughs and take the heartfelt message to heart.  I felt so good being there and appreciate the outstanding feedback from each of you.  Your service and sacrifice will NEVER be taken for granted! Read more

JBER, AK! Happy Hour Rolling In!

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RAFFLE WINNERS- SEE “I KILLED WINNERS’ post, listed below on this page!

Uncle Bernie is here! Snow, No Blizzard nor avalanche would keep me from coming to JBER to be with all of you brave Soldiers and Airmen. Come share a laugh, a smile and some thought while I am here. I will be  at JBER Theater at 1030 Thursday and  in the Main Post Chapel  at  1330 as well. January 28 at 1030 in the Armory. See you soon.

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Ft Greely, AK! Hoorah Bradford Quigley- Show winner

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What a mission, I made it and am glad to be here. I hope all of you Soldiers had a good laugh at the Post Theatre and also took home a great message.  I sure did appreciate each of you coming out!  Thank you to Dan Carnett – ADCO for going above and beyond to get me here. Great man, bringing fresh new training methods to Soldiers and Civilians.  You and I will meet again soon.

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Ft Wainwright, AK! Happy Hour Live!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: The COMMENTS PROBLEM IS  FIXED.  WE APOLOGIZE for THE ERROR!  TECHNICAL ISSUE.  My master web designer found and fixed immediately.  Thank you Scott Jantz for building and designing this site!

Uncle Bernie is here at Ft Wainwright, AK. It is so beautiful here but darn COLD! My hat is off to all of you amazing Soldiers and friends I made today at the Chapel and the WTU unit. Come and say hello while I am here at the Northern Lights Chapel on January 24 at 1200 & 1800 and January 25 at 1200.  Thanks to EAPC Cheryl and ASAP staff for sponsoring the show.  Also Capt Allen and the WTU unit who let me pop by and do an unscheduled show!  I hope it added to your day, your journey!  See pics below!

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Ft Jackson hosts- The original Comedy ‘W a Message’ Safety Training Program!

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Fort Jackson- Wow, that was some three days!  I had the privilege and honor of entertaining the training 12,000 soldiers and civilians at the incredible Soloman Center!   Sean OBrian, Don, Don, Ron, Rob, Mary and Colonel Sanderson are such wonderful hosts and received incredible support from Drill Sgts, MSgts, Colonels and leaders across the board! You men and women training to defend our nation from harm, gave me chills as I walked out of my billeting and heard your Marching Chants almost one mile away, as thousands of you marched in sync and perfect unison to the venue to see my HAPPY HOUR Safety Training Program.  I was so moved and inspired be each of you, your commitment, your bravery, your raising of your right hand to say “YES, I AM IN to DEFEND FREEDOM”.  I could not have dreamed of a better way to end my 2010 tour, than in front of each of you.  Have a safe and loving holiday, and keep the focus.  HONOR, INTEGRITY, RESPECT!   Hoorah!  Pics from training posting here at 1400 hrs EST today!

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Ft Bliss, TX! Show Raffle entries- Read this post!

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Dear Soldiers and Civilians- I want to personally apologize for not posting the WED raffle winner on this site.  The winners are now posted below on the post titled ‘#1 Book: I KILLED“.  As a courtesy to each of you, I will be picking a Third winner on Monday, which will post also in the same post below.   I pride myself on posting winners when I say I will, and we were late on this one.  Congrats to:
Dec 6-8 Ft. Bliss -Brett Dietz- winner
Dec 9-10 Ft Bliss- Stephen Rhoades- winner    Third winner to be picked Monday!

Now- about the incredible ten shows! I had a blast  at Team Bliss.  The soldiers were  incredible in not just attendance, but in your response at each show.  Thank you for bringing such a warm welcome to Soldier Hall.  ASAP is truly taking great care of me and is a team of persons whom care deeply about Soldiers, Families, and Civilian workers.   Truly a serious team of caring individuals who provide resources to empower us all to stay strong. Here are some pics of the shows. Thank you Troops for being so supportive of the HAPPY HOUR Comedy with a Message Tour!
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MCAS Cherry Point, NC ….hey we got it RIGHT Marine Corp Air Station

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I am so excited to be here at MCAS Cherry point, NC with all you amazing Sailors & Marines!   Thank you for coming to the shows, regardless if you were VolunTOLD! lol   I hope you had some laughs and also took the message to heart.   I am sitting in my room chilling after the first two great crowds today.  I want to stay up and watch the Lakers’Celtics, but I think I will crash.  Early call tomorrow for two 0800 and 1000 hrs shows!   Thank you Capt Perez Lugo, Capt Leonard, Paula and the entire Health  Staff!

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360th RCG Training Symposium, PA

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I am thrilled to be here at the 360th Annual Training Symposium.   Thank you Col. Fitzgerald, Lt Col Trayers and everyone who attended today at Gettysburgh College in PA.   I hope you had many laughs and take the Safety Training and Risk Reduction message with you and spread it to Airmen and Families Worldwide!  My mission is to let you all know YOUR mission is so very appreciated.   I do not take my FREEDOM for granted!   Thank you Airmen!


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