Randolph AFB! San Antonio!

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I am pumped up to be here in San Antonio, and had a blast today in the Theater for Wingman Day!  You Airmen and Civilians were amazing to me, and I cannot thank you enough.  No flu or headcold was going to keep from delivering the program today, and I hope you had many laughs and also absorbed the message about Safe and Healthy decisions and choices!  I want to thank our Safety Dept personally, for bringing my Tour to Randolph! I love the Airmen of the 12th Flying Training Wing!  We owe our Freedom to YOU!
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Ft. Knox, KY! The United States ARMY! What an incredible week!

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I am not sure I have ever felt so connected with a crowd, as I did with the troops at  Ft. Knox…this week.  I cannot express my gratitude to all of you who attended the HAPPY HOUR Show! I hope you felt my appreciation for each of you who serve our nation!   Thank you Troops for all you do.  Also to the many civilian workers, who were once enlisted themselves and to those who offer their services!   I hope I added some light to this nation we call, America!
Thank you Sue, Collete, Ken, John, Aaron, Lt, Bowen, Shawanna, And Tu$%$%%^%^$nna, for hosting me and bringing me to base!  Also to General Milano and Colonel and Mrs. Shwartz,   Incredible leaders of an incredible facility.

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‘Happy Hour’ hits Eglin AFB in Ft. Walton!

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I had a blast today at Eglin AFB in the Conference Center.   This was my first time here and I want to thank Command and Safety for making the show possible!   I hope you great Airmen and civilians had many laughs, and took an even deeper message away with you.  In error, my office chose a Raffle winner ‘early’ today, as opposed to the following day’s noon deadline as I mentioned on stage.  That person is Brandon and he will receive a book.  To honor what I said from stage, a second WINNER will be selected at noon tomorrow(Saturday).  There will therefore be two winners from today’s shows!  One thing I have learned is, you have to walk the walk, and I will be walking to the Bank for more money and Barnes and Noble to buy another book to mail to tomorrow’s winner!  lol  That person is Kathy Gedney!

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Ft. Monmonth NJ! Hooooah!

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I am excited to be here in NJ and bring the Comedy with a Message show to the troops and Civilians of Ft. Monmouth Army Base.  Thank you to the men and women who wear the uniform, and to the civilians who once wore the uniform who serve our nation!  Also to Sue, Jill, Heidi, Shannon Tanisha, Joann,Trisha and staff for hosting the show!  Thank you General & Mrs, Strong, Col & Mrs, Christian, and Chaplains, Weston & Forden for attending! I hope you laughed but also left thinking about our lives, and the choices we make along the way!
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Edwards AFB! Airmen AND Marines! DAVID HILLSHAFER is Raffle Show Winner!

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Dear Airmen and Marines!  Thank you for coming to the theater yesterday at Edwards.  I cannot tell you what it meant to meet many of you up close and personal.  I love you men and women in uniform so much, that I almost lost it on stage that first show.  I regrouped and manned up, but looking out at how brave and courageous you all are, really hit me in the heart!  Thank you for attending the Mandatory!  I hope I have introduced a variant method and format to bring a message along with much laughter.  We have to laugh at ourselves, but we also have to look hard into that mirror, and seek change when we need to.  Thank you Chiefs Jaren and Brejcha.  Thank you Chief for the time you shared at 1600 hrs when you could have went home.  I will not forget that!  Thank you Vince Duny and Col McKenna.  The lunch at the club and the visit to the Museum.  It was an honor to serve….those who serve!  When you all host that incredible Air Show Saturday, know I will be on stage at an Army base in NJ(Ft Monmonth), doing what I do, but thinking of you back home, and the Sound of Freedom, overhead! Read more

Ft. Polk! ‘Happy Hour’ Comedy with a Message rolls into LA!

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Thomas, Thank you for Hosting MY Program!”  Happy to be here at Ft. Polk in Louisiana!  The ARMY is 10,000 soldiers Strong here and I am excited to present the HAPPY HOUR  program. It is always an honor to perform my program for the brave men and women in uniform! I hope you all had some laughs and found inspiration through my message. Read more

White Sands Missile Range! New Mexico!

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Wow- we are OUT HERE my friends!  An incredible strip of land out in the desert, where our brave leaders devise ways to protect our nation!  Thank you Sandra, Tonya, Genesis, Colonel Wicker and MSgt Daniel for hosting HAPPY HOUR- Comedy with a Message!  I hope it was a new form or training, that brought you laughs as well as insight!  Thank you Sandra for finding me, and bringing me to our Troops!   Thank you Troops and civilians for filling the theater! Read more

Vance Air Force Base!

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It is always an honor to perform my program for the brave Airmen in uniform! I hope you all had some laughs and found inspiration through my message.  Thank you Sheryl and the entire SARC Staff, Colonel Murphy, Col. Ruffin and the incredible Airmen who attended the show and defend our nation! Also to the Civilians who help get it done as well! Read more

Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

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Ft. Leavenworth!

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I hope you had some laughs and got to see a different from of ‘Training’ today!

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