Patrick AFB, rolling into the sunny coast of Florida!

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The Airmen and Col. Lovette!
I am truly excited to return to Patrick AFB to deliver the HAPPY HOUR Comedy with a ‘Message’ Program to the Airmen and Civilians.  We will rock it out with 30 minutes of comedy and then deliver a ‘Training and Prevention’ program in hopes of inspiring all of us to be fit and ready for mission success!  I look forward to seeing General Bolton again and meeting Sylvia Love, Ernie Gray and the true Warriors of our military- the Wingmen! Read more

POPE AFB!HAPPY HOUR Comedy with a Message rolls into NC!

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Winner is LISTED BELOW in I KILLED SHOW WINNER POST!  I had a blast at Pope AFB and hope you incredible Airmen and civilians enjoyed the laughs and took the message to heart!   You men and women were Amazing today!  Thank you Col. Johnson, Col. Dunn, Chief Ackerman, Lt Col Irwin, Lt Bopp, and (SSgt Brian and Amanda Markavich for the amazing sound) .  I appreciated the turnout at the show and love each of you in uniform as well as all our civilian assets who make the mission run so smoothly!

I Killed True Road Stories from Americas Top Comedians My Brother Sean Me Doing What I Love 

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Ft. Hood! ‘HAPPY HOUR’ touches down in Killeen TX!

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It is an honor to be here at one of the largest Army installations in the World!  A unit of brave men and women who have had to face adversity and challenge, only to rise and continue with their mission!  I hope you enjoyed the program today and that you also take HAPPY HOUR’s sincere message to heart!  Thank you Troops, for my freedom and your sacrifice to each American in our Nation!
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2010- Ready to Roll!

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I hope all Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines had a safe holiday here and overseas.  To those overseas, I too, was alone this Christmas contemplating hip replacement surgery, so I know what it was like to be away from family.  I appreciate your sacrifice and courage to our Nation.  I am resting for a couple weeks then getting ready to tour with my HAPPY HOUR ‘Comedy with a Message’ Tour across the US and overseas!  Looking forward to meeting many of you up close and personal!   Bernie
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Those Who Serve!

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I wish all you men and women in uniform, here and especially those deployed a very Merry Christmas and a safe return if you are down range!  I am home for a short break but thinking of each of you as you bravely and proudly defend our nation !  I do not take my Freedom for Granted.  I know what is laid out for me to have such a privilege!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each of you!

Bernie McGrenahan

Miramar! Marines and Sailors- You men and women were AMAZING!

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I had an incredible time at Miramar, and cannot tell you how much you guys meant to me, from the bottom of my heart!    This is my first time here and I want to thank the General, Chaplain and Staff for bringing me to such an incredible Base!   It was such a rush to see the incredible men and women proudly wear the uniform and serve this country.  The boldest of the bold.  It was one of my most special appearances yet, for the Military! I hope you enjoyed the laughs and also took a Personal and Heartfelt Testimony of High- Risk and Excessive Partying to heart.  HAPPY HOUR is my ‘Comedy ‘With a Message’ tour combining my comedy with my personal experiences with high-risk drinking, my 3 DUI arrests, and tales of the six month jail sentence I served. This program is my passion and my life’s work, spoken from the heart, hoping to give back and reach a few that may need inspiration, to overcome the darness of high-risk and frequent drinking.  Let’s all love and respect each other, our brothers and our sisters not just this holiday season, but all year through!  Here is a picture of me live on stage and my incredible brother Sean:
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Randolph AFB! San Antonio!

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I am pumped up to be here in San Antonio, and had a blast today in the Theater for Wingman Day!  You Airmen and Civilians were amazing to me, and I cannot thank you enough.  No flu or headcold was going to keep from delivering the program today, and I hope you had many laughs and also absorbed the message about Safe and Healthy decisions and choices!  I want to thank our Safety Dept personally, for bringing my Tour to Randolph! I love the Airmen of the 12th Flying Training Wing!  We owe our Freedom to YOU!
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Ft. Knox, KY! The United States ARMY! What an incredible week!

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I am not sure I have ever felt so connected with a crowd, as I did with the troops at  Ft. Knox…this week.  I cannot express my gratitude to all of you who attended the HAPPY HOUR Show! I hope you felt my appreciation for each of you who serve our nation!   Thank you Troops for all you do.  Also to the many civilian workers, who were once enlisted themselves and to those who offer their services!   I hope I added some light to this nation we call, America!
Thank you Sue, Collete, Ken, John, Aaron, Lt, Bowen, Shawanna, And Tu$%$%%^%^$nna, for hosting me and bringing me to base!  Also to General Milano and Colonel and Mrs. Shwartz,   Incredible leaders of an incredible facility.

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‘Happy Hour’ hits Eglin AFB in Ft. Walton!

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I had a blast today at Eglin AFB in the Conference Center.   This was my first time here and I want to thank Command and Safety for making the show possible!   I hope you great Airmen and civilians had many laughs, and took an even deeper message away with you.  In error, my office chose a Raffle winner ‘early’ today, as opposed to the following day’s noon deadline as I mentioned on stage.  That person is Brandon and he will receive a book.  To honor what I said from stage, a second WINNER will be selected at noon tomorrow(Saturday).  There will therefore be two winners from today’s shows!  One thing I have learned is, you have to walk the walk, and I will be walking to the Bank for more money and Barnes and Noble to buy another book to mail to tomorrow’s winner!  lol  That person is Kathy Gedney!

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Ft. Monmonth NJ! Hooooah!

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I am excited to be here in NJ and bring the Comedy with a Message show to the troops and Civilians of Ft. Monmouth Army Base.  Thank you to the men and women who wear the uniform, and to the civilians who once wore the uniform who serve our nation!  Also to Sue, Jill, Heidi, Shannon Tanisha, Joann,Trisha and staff for hosting the show!  Thank you General & Mrs, Strong, Col & Mrs, Christian, and Chaplains, Weston & Forden for attending! I hope you laughed but also left thinking about our lives, and the choices we make along the way!
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