Naval Nuclear Power Training Command – Expanding the Advantage!

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Friday’s journey took me over to Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Goose Creek.  NNPTC’s mission is to prepare safe and trusted Naval nuclear operators ready for follow on prototype training and, ultimately, service in the Fleet.   Thank you Chief Haigler for making it possible to bring my program here.  See pics from today’s training above (pics courtesy of Chief Haigler)

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16 Responses to Naval Nuclear Power Training Command – Expanding the Advantage!

  1. Adam Heikkila

    Do I win?

  2. M. Flores

    First live show that I’ve been to! Thabk you for the show! <3

  3. Fireman Ritzke

    This was my very first comedy show and it was all I could have hoped for. I laughed harder than I have in months and the message you left me with was just perfect. I hope you and the rest of your family have a great Christmas. Hopefully Old Saint Shaun gets everyone the perfect gift

  4. A House

    Thanks for the show! It was great

  5. Avery

    I was there, not bad, the book should be good

  6. Holmes

    I attended.

  7. D-Rod

    What a grrrrrrrreat show

  8. Geannakakes

    Thank you for the great show and the life lessons. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  9. Samuel Rosales

    First show I’ve seen and can certainly say I had a great time. What a message and what a comedian. Thanks Bernie!

  10. James Arter

    I was there for the last part of the show

  11. Yoseph

    Loved hearing about how your brother inspires you, thank you for the show!

  12. ACraig

    Well done Mr. Bernie. While your message was one our sailors receive quite frequently, your platform and delivery style should be something that resonates with them. Thanks for sharing your humor and tragedy with us.

  13. Blake Sheherd

    the show and the laughs

  14. Kugo

    Lets see of this comment wins. Maybe it will work ( *)>

  15. Josh Squire

    First live show, Loved the laughs and the message. It was something sorely needed. Thank you!

  16. Brett

    That was an amazing show with an even better message. Thank you for the laughs Bernie!