Altus AFB- Forging combat mobility forces- deploying Airman warriors

Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners Bryce Mollman and Dina Kampa!!

It was an honor today,  to be in Oklahoma at Altus AFB, Home of the 97th Air Mobility Wing!   Thank you for all the love and for the standing ovations.  Wow, I’m humbled by your kindness. Altus’ primary mission, as the nation’s C-5, C-17, and KC-135 Strategic Airlift and Air Refueling Training School, is to provide quality training to produce the finest combat-ready aircrew members–ensuring global reach for America.  Thank you to Christopher and Lisa Marie for bringing my “Comedy With A Four Star Message” training program here. 

Altus AFB entrance  AMW Altus AFBase   Altus B stage Altus crowd 2 Altus crowd  Altus B airmen2 C-17 simulator

Above: a couple pics of Altus AFB, photos of the theater and today’s crowds (Thank you Chris for the photos;).  Thank you also  to Capt Arndt and Major Grimes for trusting me with a C-17 simulator….an 18 million dollar device!   

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18 Responses to Altus AFB- Forging combat mobility forces- deploying Airman warriors

  1. Nicholas Everson

    Thank you for coming to Altus! The show was really good. I enjoyed the comedy and the message.:)

  2. Dan Kudlacz

    Awesome message and a great show. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Joe Caldwell

    Thank you for sharing your story, providing inspiration, and making us laugh. Great show and an amazing message!

  4. Lalah Baker

    Thank you for taking the time to come out to Altus Air Force base and sharing your story. I was really moved about the story of brother Scotty and Sean. Great SHOW!

  5. Mike Vilven

    Great meeting you today. Thank you for sharing your time and message with us today. Enjoy the rest of your tour!

  6. Bryce Mollman

    Thank you for coming out. Great show

  7. JD Williams

    Hey man, Great message and great comdey. You made my wife laugh and that sir is amazing.

    Thank you

  8. Kanako fromm

    Great message! Thank you for coming to Altus!!

  9. Dave P

    Your calling to do these comedy shows and giving back to the men and women of the military is a true tribute to your brother Scotty. He would really proud of you. I enjoyed the show- Thanks for visiting Altus and bringing laughter and your inspirational message.

  10. Paul Loe

    Thanks for coming to Altus and sharing your story.

  11. Gayle Kenyon

    Thank you for what you do and for sharing your talent with us at Altus AFB. Your message is very inspirational; it offers hope and courage to anyone who may be struggling to turn their own life around. Blessings to you and your family.

  12. CJ Crew

    Thank you so much for making an early morning man r enjoyable. The message you gave this morning really hit home with what I have going on in my life right now. Keep up the amazing work and keep us smiling.

  13. Ashley Sarratt

    Thank you for sharing your message with us!

  14. Eric Stoddard

    Thanks for sharing your story Bernie! Great show!

  15. Emily T

    I loved the show!! Very funny! Thank you for sharing your story!

  16. Lucas

    Great show, great message. Thanks for sharing your story and spending some time with us in Altus.

  17. Keith

    Best presentation to date, about topics that matter and need mentioning. Although it was mandatory to attend; your approach captured our attention from the first joke, and kept us intrigued until the closing comments! You probably hear this a million times, but your comic relief along with being able to tie in personal events really created buy-in to the audience and allowed people to hear first hand experiences instead of constantly being told statistics, and reminded that these things are wrong! Really? We all know that they are wrong, but as you stated; alcohol really finds a way to convince you that it will all be okay tomorrow. False; you are simply numbing your sense of reality for the evening. All of your problems will still be there waiting for you to wake up and face them hung over. Thank you again! You were great!!!

  18. Dina Kampa

    I was amazed at today’s reflection on every day life and how today you could bring it together and tie in how we can all relate. I love that you could bring humor, tragedy, and reality. Your message to us all was heartfelt through laughter and common association. I love that your message brought life to an ever present problem in today’s society. Thank you for allowing us to be able to share a part of your life.