JB Lewis McChord- The Carey Theater was rockin’ today!!

“I Killed” Raffle book winners: Lisa Smith, John Greer and Christopher Bass- CONGRATS!!  (Christopher: please send an email to melissa@comedyisthecure.com with your email address so we can send you information on how to obtain your book!)

What a wonderful day at Joint Base Lewis McChord!!    Thank you to everyone who attended and for all the LOVE!  I hope you enjoyed your ‘mandatory’ training:)  See pics from today below!   Thank you to MSgt Brooks and iCorps SHARP program colleagues for bringing the important message of prevention back to JBLM.   A little history on JBLM: On Oct. 1, 2010, JBLM was formally established as one of 12 joint bases worldwide.  Joint Base Lewis–McChord is a training and mobilization center for all services and is the only Army power projection base west of the Rocky Mountains. 

JBLM emblem JBLM entrance JBLM crowd 2 1000 JBLM crowd 1000 JBLM B and team 1330 JBLM SHARP staff Pallino JBLM Ivars JBLM

Above: a couple photos of JBLM.  Right: Photos from today’s programs, me and the SHARP staff,  and two of my favrite restaurants: Pallino and Ivar’s Fish Bar!!

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36 Responses to JB Lewis McChord- The Carey Theater was rockin’ today!!

  1. Dominick crooks

    Thank you for the show it was very impactful and really touched my heart as I too have a younger brother that at some point will probably end up in a group home situation so thank you again

  2. Adam Mayer

    Bernie, thank you for the powerfully inspiring message and you amazing story of struggle and perseverance. It’s one to talk about our struggles but it’s another to put a comedians spin on things. Thanks again for a great mandatory fun day!

  3. Kevin M Salcedo

    Excellent training. Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. Kyle Moir

    Thank you so much for not only the laughs, but for driving home so many points while still making us laugh. I’d come see your show anytime!

  5. Joan Garcia

    What an awesome performance, definitely a great way to bring awareness and strength to people’s struggles, with comedy and laughter! Thank you Bernie!

  6. Jason Ferguson

    Thank you for taking time to come and share your great stories with all of us.

  7. Jasmine

    Thank you.

  8. Stefan Winters


    Thanks for the laughs and powerful message today. It was a pleasant surprise to have you deliver our mandatory training. I truly expected to be struggling with consciousness; you are a thoroughly entertaining, breath of fresh air. I appreciate you reaching out to our service members and sharing so openly with us. Next time I’m in Vegas, I will be sure to give Shawn a big Army Strong shout out!

    Bernie! Bernie! Bernieeeeeeeeee!

  9. Matt Lawrence

    Thanks for the great laughs on this voluntold mandatory breifing, wonderful story and hilarious stand up

  10. John Greer

    Great show with a great message.

  11. Daniel

    Great show today!

  12. Gaspar Aparicio

    Very awesome show!
    Thank you, Bernie!

  13. Wilfredo Garcia

    Thanks for the laughs. Amazing show

  14. Edward Kelly

    Thanks for coming to JBLM I enjoyed your show

  15. Kevin Deleon

    Loved the show. Hope you come back to jblm!

  16. Vincent

    Dibs on the book. P.s greatshow

  17. Heather Hoopes

    Thank you for taking the time to share your story and spread some humor.

  18. Sam Garcia

    You know why I’m here!

  19. Joseph M Linares

    Thank you. The message was amazing

  20. Sgt Lockhart

    That was an outstanding performance! I was not expecting a comedian with such a powerful message. How the flow of the stand up went from funny hilarious to this pay attention serious atmosphere was very attracting. I enjoyed it and would defenitly volunteer to go this won’t be mandatory for me haha

  21. Dathan vander

    Very good message

  22. Gerald Edwards

    Thanks for sharing your story. Awesome show, thanks for doing what you do.

  23. Zachary Campbell

    Thank you for coming out and for the amazing show. I wasn’t expecting the depth of the last part. Your message and story are both seriously powerful. Again thank you so much for coming out and speaking with all of the soldiers and civilians.

  24. David Garcia

    Bernie, thanks for bringing this very entertaining and much needed event to JBLM.

  25. Steven Gird

    It was a great change of pace hearing your story. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Jorge Ontiveros

    Thank you for making us laugh and thank you for take your time to come and rise consciousness.

  27. Stacey Lomax

    WOW what a show. By far the best Sharp Training I’ve ever had!!! You had me rolling & a few sad moments. I’ve been showing your card to family & soldiers already. Best of luck & God Bless you & your family. Sgt Lomax, Stacey

  28. Thomas Prifti

    An excellent and creative way to present these issues that plague soldiers in everyday life. Relatable, honest, engaging, and hilarious! I have never seen SHARP been presented to such and astute audience. Bravo, Bernie! I wish you could come be our unit SHARP rep!

  29. Rachael Lewis

    This training was not only educational, but also very inspiring! Thank you for sharing with us.
    -SPC Lewis

  30. John Simmons

    Thanks for the powerful message! It really touched me.

  31. Alec Garner

    You are a great comedian

  32. Lisa Smith

    Thank you for the outstanding performance. It was not only education but entertaining. Sharing actual events really impacted the message you were teaching. 100% enjoyed it.

  33. Kari

    Thanks for the shoutout! #survivor

  34. Theadora Drummond


    Thank you for putting sobriety back into the discussion of military lives, not just because of SHARP, but because alcohol and drugs really can wreck a persons life. I love how you shared your story to show us no matter how hard you think things get, you can always turn it around.

  35. Kenya Luke

    This probably was the first mandatory SHARP classes that I wasn’t struggling to stay awake! Great show and message, I literally was tearing up at the end hearing you talk about your brother. You’re very strong to tell your story while making people laugh about it! Thank you.

  36. Danny

    Your show was amazing. You’re struggle has been real, and you delivered a message through comedy that was so personal I feel most comics never even get close to. Thank you, for the laughs and the stories. Your show is more than just laughs. With your professionalism and talent you should be playing Vegas :P
    Service members are lucky to have you. Thank you again for taking the time to perform for us.