Ft Hood- The ‘Great Place’ hosts Resiliency Day! Welcome my brother Sean to TX!

Thursday raffle winners: Dante Sigears and Ashley Gonzales.  CONGRATS!
Friday’s two Palmer Theater winners: Amber Wells and David Jordan.  CONGRATS!! 

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Events today and for not only sharing some laughter but for bringing awareness to such a serious topic.  The Incredible Suicide Prevention Team at Ft Hood led by Sharon and supported by Kenya, Ronnie, Stephanie, Paula, and many others is one of the most efficient and caring in our Armed Forces.  Nicknamed the ‘Great Place’ , Ft Hood holds a special place in my heart and I am so honored to be invited back to be a part of your Resiliency Day!  Fort Hood is the Army’s Premier Installation to train and deploy heavy forces. It is also the only post in the United States capable of stationing and training two Armored Divisions.  It was an honor to serve you, and not only do I want to thank you personally, but my brother Sean felt like a Rock Star when you gave him such an amazing greeting center stage! All made possible by the kind heart of his sister in law, our sweet Melissa. 🙂  The two Palmer Theater shows are directly below.  The lower half photos are from yesterday in the gym.  Note: I apologize for the poor quality of the photos.  We had lighting and camera tech issues.  Oh well, you get the vibe ( I HOPE! )   
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BELOW are the gym pics from Thursday.   

Main gate at the Fort Hood Army Base Ft Hood soldiers 1 4

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27 Responses to Ft Hood- The ‘Great Place’ hosts Resiliency Day! Welcome my brother Sean to TX!

  1. Matthew McAndrew

    Loved the stories! Thanks to coming out.

  2. Clarena tobon

    thank you so much for coming back! It was another great show and message for our men and women in service.

  3. Ashley Gonzalez

    Loved your jokes and your story. Thank you for coming out here!! You and your brother are an inspiration.

  4. John Menger

    Great show! It was really touching that Shawn came with you, I enjoyed the show immensely

  5. Travis Timmons

    Thanks for the great show! Happy Shawn could be here as well!

  6. Anonymous

    Great show today Bernie! Your story really made me think more about my younger brother who is a heavy drinker but is currently getting help.

    • Anonymous

      Dante Sigears

      • Dante Sigears

        You did a phenomenal performance today. You really killed it when you brought you brother out. You made me feel a little better today thank you

  7. Aneesah Dargan

    Great show today Bernie! Your story really made me think about my younger brother who is a heavy drinker but is currently getting help.

  8. Anonymous

    Throughly enjoyed your story today, appreciate you doing what you’re doing, need more people like you in this world. Also I’m commenting under anonymous becuase I don’t want to take a chance for my buddy to win the book away from him, but wanted to thank you, so it was a win win

  9. David Keasler

    Thank you for taking time out of your life to help the lives of Soldiers.

  10. Carlos Nañez

    Had a blast… I think I pee a little for laughing so hard

  11. Terance Highsmith

    Good Job Uncle Bernie
    I enjoyed the show

  12. Miller David

    Thanks for coming had a bad week and was actually consider drinking my week away but. Your session has me thinking going to the lake with some friends sound better.

  13. Ashley Gonzalez

    Thankful to be selected! Where do we pick up the book?

  14. George Menth

    Your story is good because it’s real. Growing up with an epileptic and later mentally retarded brother I love that you involve him in your life and your tour. Special people really are special.

  15. Anthony Carlucci

    I thank you, your wife, and your brother for taking your time out to give us a laugh and send a message about alcohol and drug abuse. The show was awesome even though you think I wear a speedo lol have a safe trip back to California.

  16. Bryena

    Outstanding show and and beautiful message

    It was also very nice to meet your family

  17. Amber wells

    Best prevention class by far! I didnt even fall asleep. 😀

  18. Toni

    Enjoyed the show, definitely heart warming to meet your family.

  19. SFC Christopher Baker

    good experience and a positive message. enjoyed the show.

  20. Chris McNeese

    Show was great man had a great message and you and your brother were awesome thanks for coming to hood.

  21. Aaron

    Even better the second time around. Your message was very powerful and still hits home. Thank you for being willing to share your experiences, makes the training all that more valuable. It was great that Sean was able to be there with you for us to meet! Looking forward to a third showing.

  22. Ron Galloway

    I truly enjoyed todays event with Bernie. He is making a difference for our military.

  23. David Jordan

    Thanks for coming and I really appreciated ya for sharing your story.

  24. Nicholas Grillo

    Had such a great time listening to your stand up and hearing your story, having your brother come out was the icing on the cake, thank so much for the best mandatory training i will ever attend, please come back soon!

  25. Michael Esterline

    Awesome show.