Ft Polk, LA… WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK! Raffle Winners below!

CONGRATS to the following “I Killed” raffle book winners-
Wednesday Aug 24- SSG Bryan Durbin and SPC Chantel Smith.  
Thursday Aug 25 – Stephen Scott and Tori Marietta.  
Friday Aug 26- Cody Cryts and Maria Raya. 
Wednesday Aug 31- Pamela Jeffcoat and Dave Pribble.  
Tuesday Sep 6- Travis Ward and Benjamin Campbell. 

Wednesday Sep 7- Stephanie Arroyo-Reyes and Michael Miller (please text (702) 748-4305 to claim your book) 

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be here at Ft Polk!  It’s been several years since I have visited this installation and I am excited to be back!   In addition to training soldiers and growing leaders to deploy, fight, and win, Ft Polk provides a secure, thriving community for Soldiers, Army Civilians, Retirees, and their Families.  Thank you to SFC Cortes and Major Camphouse for working so HARD to bring my Comedy With A Four Star Message to the soldiers and civilians.  I know it took a lot of determination and effort but you did it and I am grateful!   I will be at the Bayou Theater on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (24, 25, 26 and 31 August and 6 September) at 0900 and 1100 and the Base Chapel on 7 Sept at 0900 and 1100 .  Come by and say hey…have some laughs…and enjoy a different approach to ‘training’.  

 Ft Polk Bernie stage audience Ft Polk Ft Polk laughter Ft Polk Bernie stage 
Ft Polk laugh Ft Polk audience  Ft Polk B fists  Ft Polk B stage  
Ft Polk meet and greet  Ft Polk B and soldier  Ft Polk meet n greet 1 Ft Polk 3

Above: a couple pics of Ft Polk entry (old and new!) and a couple pics of me, SFC Warren and SFC Cortes from todays trainings. Thank you to CPT Rosa J. Outing for the photos. 

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19 Responses to Ft Polk, LA… WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK! Raffle Winners below!

  1. Tori

    No words

  2. Greg

    Great show

  3. Stephen

    Bernie continues to kill at Fort Polk! But in all seriousness, thank you for bringing your story to our Soldiers and fellow service members all over the world.

  4. Walter Martin

    Great show with a great sense of humor, awesome life story and example that overcoming obstacles is not impossible. Thanks a lot Bernie, the audience can tell you enjoy what you do.

  5. Araceli

    Hopefully we get to see you soon at Fort Polk again. Personally this show reached out to me in a tremendous way and I do hope you are given the opportunity to speak to more and more soldiers continuously.
    Bernie you have a wonderful gift, and a story that you could have chosen not to share with the world. But I want to genuinely thank you for using both to reach others. Again thank you, thank you for making a difference and for inspiring. Blessings.

  6. Cody

    great show!

  7. Maria

    I loved the show. It was a different approach to a subject that may be very familiar to us because of power point. I felt like it was more interactive with a powerful message.

  8. Alan Simpson

    I enjoyed your show. Thank you for the laughter.

  9. Quentin Washington

    Such a great show. If I had to pick, my favorite part in reference to Shawn.That was very touching. What an overall and incredible message. Made me evaluate my lack of reaching out to my siblings. Best of luck to you Bernie.

  10. Jacob Hill

    Your show is awesome! I lived every minute of it! Hoping your on youtube!

  11. Tim

    Great show, great message thanks for sharing. Heard many say how much they enjoyed it.

  12. Thomas Schermerhorn

    Thank you for sharing your story. Funny, touching, and instructive. Much better than a PowerPoint presentation!

  13. Logan Schommer

    Great show and even better message!! Have a good one “Bro!”

  14. Jacob

    Amazing show!

  15. Houston Below

    BY FAR the most effective Mental Resiliency Training ever!!! Bernie’s story adds a very deep and personal perspective on the many struggles that plague the men and women of the Army. Once again his story has truly impacted and resonated with me, so much more than any MRT briefing ever has. The Army should not only continue to sustain this program, but expand it. Thanks Bernie 🙂

    SPC Below

  16. Anthony Carro

    Great show and amazing message. Thanks for visiting!


    Great message and presentation, a job well done. No Mission Denied!

  18. Spencer Anderson

    Great presentation and an important message. No Mission Denied!!

  19. Pamela Jeffcoat

    Amazing show! Definitely a much needed change from the usual training we get.
    Thank you!