Joint Base Lewis McChord- Brigade Safety Days!

Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Francisco Caro, Venicia Sala and John Granado!!

It was SO wonderful to be back up here in beautiful Washington State at Joint Base Lewis McChord.    Thank you to the 201st Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade and the 17th Field Artillery Brigade for inviting me here to deliver my Comedy With A Four Star Message Program for your Brigade Safety Day.   What an honor!!   Mr Garris, Mr Ford , CPT Spaulding and Chaplain Flores…THANK YOU for all of the effort put in to bringing the program here and taking such great care of me.  Hopefully you all had some laughs and left the Evergreen and Carey Theaters with much to think about.  Please check back tomorrow morning (Saturday at 0800 for the raffle winners). The 201st EMIB rapidly provides deployable all source predictive intelligence, electronic warfare intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance, target acquisition, battle damage assessment, command and control warfare, and broad bandwidth communications support to I Corps.   The 17th FAB’s mission is to provide trained and ready units capable of deploying to any theater to plan, synchronize and execute strike, counterstrike and close supporting fires in support of shaping operations throughout the spectrum of Decisive Operations.  

201EMIB emblem17FAB emblem  JBLM stage JBLM speaker preCITC JBLM Bernie and Mr Garris JBLM 201st EBIM leadership JBLM Jeremy Ford, chaplain Flores L Capt Spaulding JBLM 17th FABDE 1 JBLM 17th FABDE 2 JBLM 17th FABDE 3 Bernie and Sean gate Scott, you are missed brother

Above: emblems of the 17th FAB and 201st EMIB. Right: me and my special ‘little’ brother Sean. The Evergreen Theater pre-speaker to Happy Hour. Me and Mr Garris! Me and the 201st EMIB leadership. Afternoon program photos for 17th FAB: Me, Jeremy Ford, Chaplain Flores and Captain Spauling, me with the soldiers after the 1300 program!  Me and my special ‘little’ brother Sean. My brother Scott: you are missed.

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  1. Matt Dumas

    Bernie I was there thank you for your stories I know it will help all in so way.
    Matt Dumas

  2. Kenneth Ramos

    I was at your show today in JBLM. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Leanne VanBramer

    Your show was absolutely enjoyable, and you’re right, comedy is certainly a CURE. Laughter is the best medicine!
    Thank you for coming to JBLM.

  4. Jeff springer

    Great show. Killed it.

  5. Audra Horrace

    Thank you for a great show today!

  6. Lucinda Browder

    Great show! Very inspirational and much needed to help us grow to be better and stronger.

  7. Mariah Perez

    Bernie – You killed it today. Powerful message. Thank you for supporting our troops and JBLM.

  8. Amanda Pogue

    It was a great show with a strong message. I laughed and I cried. Thank you so much.

  9. Cherise (Re) Clark

    Awesome job Bernie and thank you for sharing your inspiring words of wisdom with all across JBLM hopefully soldiers will rethink some of the wrong decisions they intended on making. Again THANK YOU SO MUCH #ComedyIsTheCure #DriveOn #RemainStrong #ArmyStrong

  10. Robert Kight

    Great Show today sir. A ton of great and enjoyable lessons.

  11. Mariah Perez

    Bernie – you killed it today. Thank you for supporting our troops and JBLM.

  12. Luis Alvarez

    First comedy show I went to it was great experience . Thanks.

  13. Paulo Meriales

    Thanks for the show & message Bernie!

  14. William

    Great show I was in tears….lol

  15. Octavia

    I was there!

  16. Eric Lawless

    Thanks For what you do, Bernie! You definitely killed!

  17. Chase Hulsey

    Definitely killed it! Awesome show and amazing story! Thank you for taking the time to come up to make a usually boring training a breathe taking experience. Keep on killing it and inspiring all of my brothers and sisters in arms! Thank you for all your support!

  18. Jorge Cortez

    Thank you for making safety day fun and sharing your messenges. Your comedy and your time is very appreciated.

  19. Taylor Joslin

    Great show! Loved it. Super funny!

  20. Jay Hedgepeth


    I was there, great show and great message. Thanks for the laughs!!

  21. Trung diep

    I was there! Bernie, Bernie, BERRNIIEEEEEE. Was a wonderful and enjoyable show and message.

  22. John Granado

    I’ve seen your show before a few years back when I was stationed in Germany. The story is still just as powerful and inspirational as ever. Thanks for doing this for us and sharing your story as well as providing laughs.

  23. Olivia Ferguson

    Great show today
    And amazing way to intertwine comedy with an important message(s) !!

    Thoroughly enjoyed

  24. John Blanshard

    Thank you for the entertaing and informative hour. Loved it and you did kill it.

  25. Mike valdez

    That was a great briefing today at evergreen. I actually have had some people close to me die of suicide in recent years and drank far more than I should have and got a DUI. Seriously a strong message I could relate to, and it gave me affirmation that others feel the same shit and can move past it as in working on now.

  26. Jonathan Williams

    Bernie, your show was awesome, I’ll be real I’ve never heard of you before haha but im definitely a new fan. The climatic part of your show when you talked about your relationship with your brother sean really touched me, although my brother doesn’t suffer with any disabilities, it definitely reminded me of the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with your siblings and because of your story I’m calling my brother for the first time today in a year. I want to say thank you for the encouragement. You really killed it!

  27. Robert Morrow

    Great show Bernie maybe we can share a 5lb “Joint” LOL. Good laughs great message

  28. Joshua Ryker

    Mr. McGrenahan, I would like to thank you for taking your time to come out and deliver a positive message. All to often we here all the negative “don’t do this,” “no you can’t do that.” Today was an atypical safety day, and that will resonate to many more Soldiers. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Lastly, thank you for your support of Service Members.

  29. Eric Lazerow


    You killed it!

    Thanks for keeping it interesting!

  30. Simi Dhaliwal

    Great show! Thanks for the laughs, and for sharing your story. Best safety “training” I have attended.

  31. Fergus Mills

    Killed it indeed. Thanks for taking the time to deliver your message and laughs to my unit.

  32. Jason alvarez

    Bernie , your show was great man!
    Great way to get the message across without the boring PowerPoint!

    Solid performance

  33. Joshua morgan

    Great show today! What an excellent way to end the week.

  34. Sampson Mitchell

    Hilarious show. No more snooze button.

  35. Joshua morgan

    I was there!!!!

  36. Jose Diaz

    I was there, thank you for the words really hit home.

  37. Heath payne

    Great show I loved it come back anytime

  38. SFC Saulsbury

    Thank you for show.

  39. Derrick Lee

    Definitely was there…loved every minute of it. Your words were awesome!

  40. Ryan McArthur

    Bernie what a great message for the troops and thank you for what you do.

  41. Jovonte Marcellino

    Great…. Your story touched us all thank you

  42. Carl Philpott

    Very funny … Loved the show

    Suing McDonald’s for being obese is like suing your mother because you’re ugly

    Best joke ever

  43. Carl Philpott

    Suing McDonald’s for being obese is like suing your mother because you’re ugly

  44. Jonathan Valverde

    Bernie I was at your show, it’s great the message that you delivered. I know it takes a lot of strength to be able to tell a personal story like that, thank you

  45. Aaron Weaver

    I was present at the brief and we had a awkward talk about peeing while waiting in line to use the restroom

  46. Shane Dudley

    I was at your show today at jblm. Good job

  47. Ronald Manson

    This is the second time I’ve seen your show Bernie. Laughed just as hard as the first time. Keep up the awesome work.

  48. tashi tsering

    Great show! Kudos!!

  49. Chad koch

    Outstanding show! Thanks for the laughs. Thank you for sharing your story and the great life tips!

  50. Darron Dahl

    Loved the show. Thank you for what you do for us in uniform.

    I also liked the reference to Fluffy.

  51. Karen Jordan

    Yay!!!! Your show!! Yay!!!!!

  52. Chrystian Finch

    Great show

  53. Tyler houghton

    awesome show and even better message.

  54. Kyle Kirkptrick

    Great show! I enjoyed the jokes and the sincere story.

  55. Keishla

    Bernie thanks for sharing with us today. Don’t forget to get your alarm clock lol

  56. Levi Coon

    Thank you so much for the show Bernie. Having some jokes along with your story made the experience so much better. So once again thank you.

  57. Venicia Sala

    Outstanding show Bernie!!! Your story was amazing with some great laughs! Thank you.

  58. Xavier Agustin

    Bernie, dont miss your face again! Great show!

  59. Austin Caddell

    I was here!

  60. Thomas Williams

    Great job amd thanks for telling your story.

  61. Jay Hohmann

    great stories bernie! i was there!

  62. Kade Smith

    Thanks Bernie! A well put together approach to get your message across across.

  63. Mason stockton

    Absolute loved your show, great message with a great fun delivery

  64. Josh Kehoe

    Thank you for a great show. Your story was a great inspiration to all of us.

  65. Laramie struble

    I was there. Lot more than ten comments though. Your a liar.

  66. Raquel Rodriguez

    Thank you for sharing your own, indeed everyone has thier story but not everybody is courage ssg enough to to share. Knowledge is key, so thank you kindly!

  67. Karla Vargas

    I slept for most part on ur show but when u start talking about ur brother u touch me. I had a special need brother as well as a nephew that is mentally behind his age. Thanks for reminding me that satisfaction and happiness can sometimes come from love towards our love ones. It’s not about us feeling sorry for our siblings situations but is make a change by spending caring for them.

  68. Ty Odle

    Hey Bernie Wernie your show was awesome your pretty, funny man.

  69. Shailendra Basnet

    Thanks for the candid, and heartfelt session at “Carey” theater today. Laughter with a serious message for our Troops. Thank you and God bless you and your family!

  70. Anonymous

    Bernie thank you for the amazing comedy and the heart touching message of how you can to become the wonderful person you are. Some of your experiences i can relate to, so thank you for sharing. Holding back tears was definitly the hardest part of the show.. Once again thank you for supporting us the way you do.

  71. Jonathan Ellison

    Great show and message. All due respect.

  72. Gabrielle Cummings

    Bernie thank you for the amazing comedy and the heart touching message of how you became to be the wonderful person you are today. Thank you so much for sharing your life experiences with all of us, you have came a long way from where you used to be. Holding back tears was the hardest part of your show.. thank you for supporting us and thank you for all that you do.

    Now and forever your biggest fan!!

  73. Miguel

    You killed it Bernie

  74. Kevin Brown

    I was there at your show. What a great Birthday Gift. Very touching and inspirational. Very great time.

    Thanks Bernie

  75. Shawn Richardson

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. You killed it

  76. Olivia Dawalt

    I was there! Great show.

  77. PFC LeMaster

    Your show was very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story with us today!

  78. Hunter McKenzie

    Thanks for the laughs

  79. Daehan Kim

    Thanks for coming over and giving us laughs but still educating us at the same time. Suicide is definitely an issue close to my heart. God bless you and your family.

  80. Veronica M.

    Great job today! I was having a bad day and your jokes and positive message really turned my day around. Thank you.

  81. Joseph daniel

    I was at your show this morning, thank you bernie for your story and great comedy act, you killed it! Keep up the great work!

  82. R

    you were gteat today. thanks for sharing your story and serving our military community in a profound way! Thanks for making it fun and relatable for the Soldiers

  83. Nina cutrufelli

    Thank you for sharing your story today at the jblm safety day and for giving us all a few good laughs!

  84. Cody Dodson

    Hey, Bernie. I was there. Your show was fantastic. I was in the front row at the 17th FAB show. Thank you for providing some very good introspection for myeslf and our Soldiers.

  85. Atalisa Tanu

    You’re an amazing entertainer. Thank you so much for such a great message. My soldiers and I couldn’t stop talking about how great you were. You truly killed it! You touched my heart with your life story. Best wishes. Hope to see you perform again.

  86. Anthony Peters

    Great show today Bernie, you killed it. Thank you for your time and the message you gave to all of us.

  87. Casey Bauer

    I was there, good show.

  88. Francisco Caro

    Thank you for taking the time to make us laugh and for sharing your story with us. Your jokes were hilarious and your message was inspiring. Thank you!

  89. Russell Emmons

    I was there. The snooze alarm joke had me in tears.

  90. Steven Martinez

    Your performance meant a great deal to me. Thank you.

  91. Tania Donovan

    It’s 11 pm May 20 and am just now getting to reflect on the day. You made it! Thank you for the sincere message, for caring and sharing!

  92. Samantha Newell

    Tried to get this comment posted earlier and didn’t see the post right away. Then got busy and forgot! Finally made it here though. Thanks for the laughs today. Been in and out of the hospital for myself and my boyfriend after we got hit on his motorcycle 2 weeks ago. I was angry to be away from him but needed that I think! You are great at what you do and congratulations on bettering your self and life.

  93. john Hinojosa

    I was at your show at JBLM yesterday. It was a really great show. Thanks for the visit!

  94. Mark Allen Wright

    Thank you for all that you do. Had a great time at your show yesterday at JBLM, keep up the good work. The message was amazingly inspirational.