Naval Station Rota, Spain – the Gateway to the Mediterranean!

I have had an excellent time here in NAVSTA Rota!! Thank you to all of you joined me today at the Base Theater for my Comedy With A Four Star Message program.  You were awesome! See pics from today below!   The vision of NAVSTA Rota is to continue to excel as an enduring, strategically-located naval installation, providing operational and logistical support to all tenant commands and transiting warfighters.  NAVSTA Rota also plays a crucial role in supporting our nation’s objectives and defense, providing unmatched logistical support and strategic presence to all of our military services and allies.  

NAVSTA Rota Aerial Pier  NAVSTA Rota emblem Rota stage 1 Rota Live

Rota B w leader Rota meet and greet Rota postshow 1 Rota stage sailors 

Rota B with sailors Rota meet and greet Rota B stage Rota B w FF team

Rota Parasailers Rota B on beach Rota beach walk Marie Bernie Rota beach walk Marie Bernie2

Above: NAVTSA Rota Aerial pier, NAVSTA Rota emblem, pics from today’s program (program photos courtesy of MC1(SW) Brian Dietrick).  Me with Marie Parker out getting some exercise along the beach. 

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26 Responses to Naval Station Rota, Spain – the Gateway to the Mediterranean!

  1. James Murray

    I was there

  2. Nic Primavera

    I was at your “Comedy with a Message” show at the Naval Station Rota Theatre. I really enjoyed it, I respect your testimony and the courage you have to share it with us. I look forward to reading the comedy book. I plan on purchasing one even if I do not win the raffle. Thanks

  3. Shaunna Allen

    I was there amazing show laughs and tears very touching!!! See you in Vegas

  4. Tom House

    Bernie, GREAT GREAT show and message. Had me in tears laughing and in tears overcome with emotion. Needed to hear that. Thank you for your time with us in uniform. Tom House

  5. Selena

    Your show was awesome. Really made me think about some things.

  6. Helana Ross

    I was there and really enjoyed this way of training. I think it hit home for a lot of people.

  7. Robert shaughnessy

    I was there. Really enjoyed the show.

  8. Russell M

    Great Show man keep it up.

  9. Brian D

    Great show, important messages and you kept people engaged… awesome show!

  10. Luis Alarcon


    I appreciate what you do for us in uniform, and the training you gave us today (03APR) was amazing. Some of us have lost friends along the way, and many don’t talk about how they feel. But seeing you talk about your life, your Brothers. . . I hope that others take your example and are inspired by it to get the help they need, and stop searching for solace in the bottom of a bottle.

    I talk about my story when I feel the desire to, but you talking about the pain you’ve been through every time you get on stage to train us is a special courage that many, many of us don’t have. Hat’s off to you, and thank you for the lessons. God Bless.

  11. Russell James Davis

    Thanks for coming out to Rota. Great show.

  12. Funk

    I have seen you 6 times and i laugh harder every time. Every time i see you do your stand-up it gets more and more deep and emotional for the crowd and for your self.

    Some one can tell just how strong and deep there message is when the teller is trying not to get emotional and that is what is so awesome about your story and stand up, its from the heart. Thank you.

  13. Alexander Davis

    Great show today. Had a great time listening to your story. All of us from NMCB 133 appreciate you taking your time to come out here and share your message. Thank you!

  14. Contrail Allen

    I was there!!! The content of your life embedded in the show really hit home for every individual there. To be able to feel ones pain and laugh at the same time truly shows the power of God. Be Blessed Bernie!!!

  15. Dylan Simmons

    I was at the show it was an amazing performance with a great message a lot of good laughs were there. Very powerful way to get people to see everything very moving. Thank you for coming out and performing for us it was great.

  16. Anonymous

    Really great show. Very touching. Thank you.

  17. Rick Escandon

    Really great show. Very touching. Thank you.

  18. Jeremy Gould

    Thank you very much for sharing your story with us today. I have been sober for 11months now and your story inspired me. Thank you again!!

  19. Logan Klatt

    I was there! It was nice hearing your story and getting out of work!!

  20. Vincent Fields

    I enjoyed your show. Your story really hit my heart. I haven’t talked to my sister in over 3 years, i just finished writing her an e-mail. You gave me the courage to reach out to her, thank you.
    I’m sure you touched more minds and hearts then just mine.

  21. Lauren P

    I was there, loved the show it really touched me and made me think about life, thank you

  22. Danny

    Awesome show in Rota! You had me cracking up, n great message! Glad it was mandatory.

  23. Jay Cherluck

    Great show today! Thanks for sharing your story, I know it helps people to know they’re not alone.

  24. Gen

    Motivating, encouraging, funny, and most of all educational. Thank you!

  25. james wilkins

    Great show. You made me think!

  26. Travis fahrney

    Thanks for coming to Rota! I bet you didn’t think the food sucks!