ISA Air Base Bahrain- Thursday Jan 14 at the Big Top!

Congrats to Aaron Angell and Katie McCalden- “I Killed” raffle book winners!! 

Thank you to all you men and women at ISA Air Base Bahrain who came out to the Big Top to see my “Comedy With a Four Star Message” program today!  I hope you all had a few laughs and the program impacted your lives in a positive way.   See pics from today’s program below!   Isa Air Base is located on the island nation of Bahrain, situated off Saudia Arabia’s eastern coast and on the shore of the Arabian Gulf in southern Bahrain. It hosts the Bahrain Amiri Air Force (BAAF) Fighter Wing and the two squadrons that comprise it.  Any visitor to this spacious, modern air base may not believe that Bahrain’s air power capability less than fifteen years ago consisted exclusively of rotary aircraft.  Thank you to the Fleet Forces team for inviting me to share my story with you all.  

ISA Air Base aircraft ISA Air Base entry Bahrain city Bahrain mosque ISA Lunch w Skipper Watkins, XO Goss, Fleet Forces, OPNAV, and Navy and Army troops ISA stage ISA Air Base 60 miles from Iran ISA 3 ISA postshow ISA postshow 2 Desert in Bahrain ISA Brunch Bahrain

Above: a couple pictures of ISA Air Base.  A pic of the city, a mosque and me at lunch w Skipper Watkins, XO Goss, Fleet Forces, OPNAV, and Navy and Army troops! Pics from the training and me at brunch with the FF team.

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19 Responses to ISA Air Base Bahrain- Thursday Jan 14 at the Big Top!

  1. SGT McCormack

    Thanks for visiting and sharing your story with us today. I know I can personally relate to some of what you said, which makes the message hit that much closer to home. This was a much better approach to “mandatory training” then endless PowerPoint briefings. Best of luck to you!

  2. Julian Miranda

    Great show! Very moving message, had something I’m sure everyone in your audience could relate to.

  3. Emily Mauch

    Your story was very inspirational and I enjoyed every second of the show. Thank you for coming out and showing your support!

  4. CPT Domenech

    We definitely appreciate your visiting our base. Your message was skillfully presented. Thank you for sharing your story!

  5. Alex Rodriguez

    Thank you for coming out and giving this training. By far the best class I’ve had on the topic. The way the class is set up makes it very simple to relate to.

  6. Cpl Jordan Nash

    Really enjoyed the show and the message that came along with it! Best way to receive this annual training thus far! Thanks Bernie!

  7. Branden Dawson


    Thank you for taking the time to speak with us at Isa Air Base. You style of comedy and real-life situational awareness really brought everything into perspective for those who have their own skeletons in the closets. You are an inspiration. Keep fighting the good night and watch that annual counter go up!!!!

    Looks like you already hit your five posts expectation lol!

  8. Christine Rodriguez

    Mr. Bernie,

    Thank you so much for bringing laughter to our day. It was a great show and very moving too. Awesome class!!!!

  9. Katrice Valentine

    Your show was great! Thanks for taking out the time to come visit us and share a little laughter and your story.

  10. Nick Harvey

    Thanks Bernie! Your show was awesome!

  11. Michael Pompella

    Thank you for coming out to ISA and sharing a great laugh! And speaking about a real serious issue by far the best training keep up the outstanding work.

  12. CAPT Watkins

    Awesome job Bernie! Thank you for the message.

  13. Sgt Tanner wray

    Thanks for the comic relief Bernie! Much better way to knock
    Out training !

  14. Aaron Angell

    Entertaining and educational. Funny and heart-wrenching. Your ability to use YOUR trials and tribulations through life to teach our Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers is powerful. I look forward to coordinating for you to hit more Marine Corps units in the future.

  15. SSgt William Weaver

    It was awesome to attend your show today. If one must attend mandatory training, someone like you should be teaching it. Your story was an inspiration! Thank you for sharing such personal experiences and adding some laughter to our lives. I’m positive that your story has given some struggling service members hope in an uncertain future.

    SSgt William Weaver

  16. Juan Ticona

    Mr. B.
    Thank you for visiting our Base, sharing with us your experience and turning an ordinary day into an amazing one. I hope this is not the last time I get to see u perform. Thank you Sir.

  17. geraldina salcedo

    Wooo, wish i had gotten your autograph or a photo. But you know how the Marines are.. get there way early and leave as quickly as we can to go back to work.

  18. Katie McCalden

    Thank you so much for coming out to our little corner of the world and sharing your story! We appreciated your words and insight!

  19. Chris Matters


    Wow what a show and what a story. Full of insight and redemption! There are few people out there that can bring a crowd to full roaring laughter and near tears at the same time! You have a gift, thanks for the time to visit, made my time here worth it more.