POINT LOMA- A truly outstanding day!

“I Killed” raffle book winners- Valerie Fundling and Adam Springsteen- CONGRATS!!!

What a day I had at Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare  Training Center on day #2 of my San Diego trip.  You sailors were AWESOME!  What a treat to spend the day with you guys.   I hope you enjoyed yourselves and took some life lessons home with you.  See pics from today’s program below. Thank you again to Jim Queen, Miles Murray and OPNAV for having me here and for always taking such great care of me.  

NASWB Point Loma   FASWTC 2  Pt Loma Bernie stage 1 Pt Loma sailors during program

   Pt Loma Stage 1 Pt Loma meet greet Pt Loma postshow

Above: A couple pics of FASWTC.  Pics of me and Jim Queen and Miles Murray – Two great Naval leaders and friends! Pics from today’s programs. (Thanks Jim Queen for the pics!)

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32 Responses to POINT LOMA- A truly outstanding day!

  1. Joe

    Was one of the best shows for a safety stand down I have been to in 20 yrs of Navy service. Hope to see you in Point Loma again.

  2. Chuck Case

    I really enjoyed your show today in Point Loma. Your comedy routine had me in stitches and your life story is very touching and important to tell. Thanks for the lessons.

  3. Natalia

    Great show!!Best show I’ve seen in a while. Hope to see you here again.

  4. Miguel perez

    I enjoyed your show today.

  5. Adam Springsteen

    Bernie!! Thank you for your time spent with us here on Navy Base Point Loma. I know you touched hearts and minds with your stories here today. I believe one of the strongest things you said is how we need to overcome the thought that admitting you have a problem makes a person look weak.
    …You kept asking every so often if our presence was mandatory. After you got into your story I thought you were about to say we had something in common! Glad that wasn’t the case. Enjoy your travels and continue to spread the word to make sure we handle stress the right way!

  6. Grace Wells

    Absolutely loved your show and appreciated you taking time to be with us! Many blessings to you and your family.

  7. Randall Behrendt

    Thank you for the show. It was comical, but also spread news about alcohol abuse as a serious problem. I hope you get the chance to come by Point Loma again.

  8. Frederick Werner

    Thank you for making us laugh today.
    Your show was not only entertainment, it was very educational.

    Praise God for men like you!

    -What an enjoyable GMT-

    MN1 Werner

  9. Cassandra Broda

    Thanks for coming out to point loma to see us!

  10. Shelby thomas

    Thanks so much for coming!

  11. Devon Zimmerman

    You’re a very influential person Bernie! Thank you so much for your comedy you gave us. You’re truly an inspiration to me, my father has been an alcoholic my whole life and has had 3 DUII’s himself and spent time in the slammer! Alcohol had a big negative impact on my life. That made me not want to be like he was, he’s now sober and a man of God. Thank you so much again for reassuring me to not let alcohol be the center of my life and liberty.

  12. Shane Binot

    Very good stuff and great change of pace from our normal training. Thank you for coming, and enjoy your holiday as well.

  13. Gabriel

    Thanks a ton for the great safety stand down. Since I’ve been in, I haven’t been to a better one. Again thank you for the touching story and many laughs.

  14. David Warren

    Great show!

    I love that you started by asking how many people were there because it was mandatory…I would have gone voluntarily if I knew it was going to be that good.

  15. Phillip Tran

    Assumed that today was just going to be another boring safety brief. I’m glad that Bernie came in and shared his story about his life. Had a great day full of laughter and made my day better.
    Thank you very much!

  16. Sharon Reed

    Today, you were my saving grace. Thanks for sharing a piece of you and a great laugh!

  17. Michael Dorcy

    Thanks, for the amazing message from personal experience driven home with a good laugh. Thank you for sharing your story.

    You killed it!!!

  18. Michelle Borrego

    Thank you so much for the show! You are a really great comedian! I hope you come back again! Thank you again for the show!

    -STGSN Borrego

  19. Zach Ritch

    Just wanted to say it was an awesome show. In my eyes your family is Navy even if you never served. You served your country by doing what you do. God bless you and your family.

  20. Erick

    Thank you for coming out and making our safety stand down bearable! Great show with a great message

  21. Kurtis Williams

    You killed it;) I really enjoyed your show and think what you do is awesome. Thank you so much!

  22. Angelica Waaser

    Best safety GMT I have ever gone to. Thanks!

  23. Valerie Fundling

    Thanks for coming today! You were absolutely amazing not only with your comedy but with the message you gave as well!

  24. Joseph Swann

    Absolutely best GMT I’ve been too. Made me laugh a lot and still was able to deliver the message. Great Job you killed!!!

  25. Kalvin

    Best GMT ever!

  26. Jerrod

    Thanks for your show! You had me rolling! Best GMT I’ve seen in 10 years of service!

  27. Zach

    Thank you for the show today. I know I’m not alone in saying I connected with a lot of what you said. Your stories are something that will stay in my head for years to come!

  28. Alberto Folch

    Absolutely outstanding

  29. Ken Parm

    Wow an amazing show. I thought that gmt was going to be a waste of time. After having a couple of good laughs with my fellow shipmates and a more than serious topic of alcohol an what it can cause. I really think twice before I pick a beer. Thanks Bernie for your time and performance OHH-YEA

  30. Tamika Jackson

    Your version of stand down was so good and refreshing!! You need to come to Japan.

  31. Lucas Foster

    Great show and Message Bernie. Can relate in many ways. Thanks for coming out

  32. Miles Murray


    Once again thank you delivered an uplifting and personal presentation for our young, impressionable, most valuable assets- Sailors and Marines. Can’t wait to get you back here. You “bring it” and, as the Command Safety Officer, that makes me look good with my bosses!

    From the bottom of my heart “you suck”! ;-D

    All the best brother,
    Miles Murray