NB Coronado / MCAS Miramar- “Comedy With a Four-Star Message” arrives in “America’s Finest City”

I had two great crowds today here in ‘America’s Finest City’…..SAN DIEGO, where I delivered my ‘Comedy With a Four-Star Message’ program to Naval Base Coronado and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.    Thank you to all you sailors, marines and civilians from North Island and Miramar Castle Grey School for your warm welcome and response.  Hopefully you had some laughs and left the program(s) with something to think about before heading into your Thanksgiving holiday.  See pics from today’s programs below.  

Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners for Miramar Castle Grey School- Daniel Zeiger and Jerry Palka!! 

NB Coronado MCAS Miramar 1 San Diego Jim Queen Miles Murray San Diego Skyline

  North Island stage NB Coronado postshow 2 NB Coronado postshow 3 NB Coronado  

 MCAS Miramar 2 MCAS Miramar 3  MCAS Miramar Selfie with Sailors

 Above: Pics of me and Jim Queen and Miles Murray – Two great Naval leaders and friends! Pics from today’s programs (during and post show pics with sailors) Selfie with Sailors!

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8 Responses to NB Coronado / MCAS Miramar- “Comedy With a Four-Star Message” arrives in “America’s Finest City”

  1. Daniel singer

    Your awesome bro thanks for being here today

  2. Daniel hewett

    I was entertained. Slightly above average. I laughed.

  3. Jerry Palka

    Thanks for sharing and making a safety standown entertaining!

  4. elijah rios

    Really enjoyed the safety standown thanks a lot !

  5. Richard Ching

    This was the best MCAS Miramar Safety Standown ever! Hands down! I really enjoyed your comedy, and I love the way you seamlessly connected that with your positive message. You “Killed” it.

  6. Jason Siani

    You were so awesome and outstanding. Glad that I had a chance to meet you.

  7. Daniel Zeiger

    Thanks for the great show!

  8. Miles Murray


    Once again thank you delivered an uplifting and personal presentation for our young, impressionable, most valuable assets- Sailors and Marines. Can’t wait to get you back here. You “bring it” and, as the Command Safety Officer, that makes me look good with my bosses!

    From the bottom of my heart “you suck”! ;-D

    All the best brother,
    Miles Murray