NNPTC / JB Charleston – “Comedy With A Four Star Message” is back!

I was honored to be back in South Carolina, where the people’s hearts and resilience we’ve witnessed this last year have been unparalleled.      Yesterday’s  programs at NNPTC’s Bowman Center and JB Charleston were awesome with all of the sailors, airmen and civilians in attendance.  Thanks for all the love!! See pics from the NNPTC training below.  NNPTC’s mission is to prepare safe and trusted Naval nuclear operators ready for follow on prototype training and, ultimately service in the fleet.   The mission of Joint Base Charleston is  to provide globally ready forces and installation support.   Thank you to Dan Burley for all of your fine hospitality and bringing me here!! 

Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners:

from NNPTC: Rebekah Piccolo and Kyle Rosencranz!! 

From JB Charleston: Kyle Payne, Matenoa Taufa and Bernie Allemeier!!

JB Charleston NNPTC Pre show NNPTC Sailors & Civilians NNPTC Post Show Sailors

NNPTC Chief Martin & Sailors Charleston stage close JB Charleston laughter JB Charleston stage far

Above: Pics from the morning’s training at NNPTC (pre and post program of me, the sailors and civilians and Chief Martin!).  Pics from the JB Charleston program in the afternoon. JB Charleston pics courtesy of A1C Charlton. 

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18 Responses to NNPTC / JB Charleston – “Comedy With A Four Star Message” is back!

  1. Kyle Kitley

    Awesome show!

  2. Shayne Jones

    Great show!!! So glad I went (:

  3. Angela Henderson

    I really loved your show! Stand up is my favorite and it was a very refreshing way to get your message across. Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. Truong Le

    Really good show. One of the best training that I received that has an actual meaning and it’s just not a boring speech.

  5. Healey from DTP

    Best mandatory training I’ve had so far

  6. Kevin ODell

    I appreciate you show today. A year ago today actually, my father in law was in a drunk driving accident and I awoke to a phone call from him at the police station. It’s something that I’ve had to deal with personally and I’m glad that there is someone that is willing to go around with the military and have fun with training. Thank you again!

  7. Jared Robertson

    Awesome show! Your message really hit close to home for me, and it was a nice change of pace rather then the boring lectures. Thanks again Bernie!

  8. Aron

    Thank you for your message. I was not expecting such a deep meaningful message in a comedy show.

  9. Kyle Rosencranz

    Awesome standup. It really spoke volumes, and it was such a great way to send a very powerful message.

  10. Chris Mesa

    Great show today! It was good to run into you again. Keep killing it!

  11. Ryan Wilhelm

    Great show lots of fun.

  12. Kenneth Manning

    Great show, really enjoyed it.

  13. Omar Vasquez-Alpizar

    Thank you for the laughs and the words of wisdom!

  14. Alex Walter

    Thank you for the great show today with a great message.

  15. adam combs

    Great show today!!!

  16. Rebeka Piccolo

    I really enjoyed your show today! Not only was it very funny, but your stories and messages were very touching and they really hit close to home. Much better than our typical training. Thank you so much!

  17. Brandon MartinCulet

    Great show. You should see if you can visit Sailors on deployment as this message would be beneficial for them too. Could be packaged with a USO show?

  18. Ahmad

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