McAlester AAP- What an amazing day!!

What an honor it was to be invited here to McAlester Army Ammunition Plant!!  Thank you to all who attended and gave me such a wonderful welcome and response.  And a big thank you to Debbie White, the Audiovisual team, Public Affairs Team, Col Herron and the EAP staff for your outstanding hospitality!!   See pic of all of us below.  (MCAAP) is a weapons manufacturing facility whose mission is to produce and renovate conventional ammunition and ammunition related components. The plant stores war reserve and training ammunition. McAlester performs manufacturing, industrial engineering and production product assurance. The plant also receives, demilitarizes and disposes of conventional ammunition components. 


   McAlester AAP logo     McAlester Debbie and EAP staff 2 McAlester AAP Audio tech team and Public Affairs

 McAlester AAP Col Herron McAlester AAP entrance

Above: a couple photos of MCAAP.  Me, Debbie White and the EAP staff, The Audiovisual Staff and Public Affairs team, Col Herron addressing the audience before the training!

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  1. Jeana Kaskie

    Enjoyed your show today.

    • Harry Williams

      Very good program. Kept everyone’s attention.

  2. Darrell Elliott

    Excellent presentation!!

  3. Jessica Mantooth

    Thanks for the laughs and sharing your story! 🙂

  4. Luis Acevedo

    Good job. thanks for the message

  5. Kevin

    Bernie, I was there today! Thanks for coming to MCAAP to share your story. You rock, Bro!!!

  6. L Forbes

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  7. Michael McNutt

    Enjoyed your show at Mcaap. Definitely better than a slideshow

  8. Loxi Sykes

    I was there!

  9. Coni Fields

    You had a rough crowd but they did loosen up after a while. Enjoyed. Thanks Coni

  10. Yvonne O'Daniel

    You did a great job playing to a tough audience.

    Thanks for your story

  11. Jim Conroy

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. God Bless

  12. Jeremy snow

    Thanks for sharing

  13. Katy Williams

    Bernie I was there! The show was great, and I loved the message!

  14. Patsy Wade

    Very Good

  15. Larry Coxsey

    Thanks for the message. Good Job.

  16. Robert Byrd

    Great presentation!

  17. Charmae Stanley

    This is the second time I have been able to enjoy your show; with the first being as a soldier. Your story is memorable, impacting, and one that needs to be told.

  18. Kelli Spears

    Enjoyed the presentation at MCAAP today.

  19. Ronda Shirley

    I enjoyed the session.

  20. Maria Parham-Franks

    Great message. Thanks!

  21. Gary Zachary

    Good job keep up the good work!!!! I was there.

  22. Nikki Tacheira

    Great Job! The best training on this subject that we have ever had.

  23. Charlie Gillaspie

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  24. Jennifer Wilson

    I laughed. I cried. I laughed some more! Great job!!

  25. Carolyn Bennett

    Thank you for sharing your amazing story!

  26. Rick

    Great Job..

  27. Shaney Bennett

    Your story really touched me! Thanks for coming to Mcalester and sharing!

  28. Sandy Rose

    Thanks for sharing your story and visiting McAAP!

  29. J.D. Smart

    Great job Bernie, I enjoyed your comedy and appreciate your story.

  30. Kevin Mouser

    Great message. Enjoyed your show.

  31. Sherri

    You provided entertaining training. Thank you.

  32. Don chapman

    thank you

  33. Sammie Kinchion

    Great presentation Outstanding training. Thank you.

  34. Josh Stout

    Bernie, it was a pleasure getting to visit with you today. Thanks for the laughs and sharing your story.

  35. Shannon Nichols

    Your show was great, and I loved your message. You made me laugh and cry. God Bless You!!

  36. Connie Dunlap

    Great message! Keep sharing your story.

  37. Darren Wolf

    Thanks for the laughs Bernie! I have been going to these things for 23 years now and I have never had such a good time while learning about something so important. Thank you for what you do. God bless you and your whole family.

  38. Stephanie

    I appreciate you taking time out of your own life to help make changes and positive impacts on others. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

  39. Brett Haney

    Great show Bernie! Thanks for the laughs and for sharing your story. Safe travels and tell your brother MCAAP says hello.

  40. Larry wingo

    Was a great message that you gave most enjoyably standdown

  41. Jeremy beck

    Great show, way better than the usual. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  42. Lauren Miller

    Thanks for sharing your story with us at McAAP!

  43. James G.Riley

    Such a powerful message brought with a laugh and a smile.

  44. George Marcangeli

    Great job Bernie!

  45. John Srader

    We share a similar story I too lost a brother to suicide due to something that happened when he was drinking. As a vet I self medicated with alcohol most days of the week, until I meet the right group of people that set me down the right road.

  46. Kelly Secrist

    Thanks for the kind words about McAlester. Show was a positive message about a tough subjECT. Thanks for sharing and entertaining.

  47. Jimmy gee

    Enjoyed the show!!!

  48. Sharell Collins

    I loved your show, thanks for sharing your story. I laughed so hard I cried! I really enjoyed it.

  49. Jacquelin

    Amazing story! Thank you.

  50. Mary Cruz

    You were awesome today!Though crowd but our breakrm was laughing!! I laughed I cried..I have a son so similar to your brother Sean.Sometimes all we need is a little laugh!

  51. Bryan Smith

    Awesome job this is the best lecture I have ever set through

  52. Justin Duvall

    Outstanding job today.

  53. Shonda Wolf

    Great job Bernie!! This is by far the best presentation I have ever set thru. Thanks for sharing your story and all the laughs. God Bless you!

  54. Edward Wade

    This is definitely a great way to explain a troubled time and make a turn around for the good. Loved how you interacted with the audience. It is a really inspiring and story that should reach out to those in need.

    Just like the person that used drugs and then got his life changed and introduces himself as “Hello my name is the son of the on true King”. Inspiring the song “Hello My Name Is” by Mathew West.

    Thanks for coming to McAAP and entertaining us as you informed us.

  55. Jeff bennett

    Enjoyed the show today!!

  56. phillip schultz

    Great show!!!

  57. Jason Ellis

    Thank you for sharing your story with us at McAAP.

  58. Duane

    Thanks Bernie for coming to MCAAP. Your story was very touching but at the same time, on point. Nobody truely understands the real tragedies that happen every day and how it affects others, until a tragic day your worst nightmare becomes reality. The rule of ten will apply always. What ever we do in life will directly affect 10 people in a personal way, those 10 people will then affect 10 others. These actions can be positive or negative. Thanks again for taking the time to open your heart and fell your srory in a manner only you can pull off, well done sir, well done.

  59. joe canon

    laughing big on the outside, crying on the inside i get it, enjoyed your time with us thanks for sharing.

  60. Debbie

    Thanks a million for sharing, I know you helped to save a life today. God Bless you and yours as you continue on your journey!!

  61. Serena Johnston

    Thank you for coming and sharing your story, it was great! God Bless you and your family.