Naval Submarine Base New London- Check out this video! SHOW RAFFLE WINNERS POSTED!!!

 Congratulations to Brandon Dean, Javier Vargas III and Joel Watson!!!!   You are the winners of the comedy book: “I Killed” True Road Stories of America’s Top Comedians.  Thank you to all who participated in the show raffle. Check out this video of one of the greatest experiences I have ever witnessed- A tribute from America’s great Sub-School Students reciting the Sailors Creed after the show. Click the following link:
Tinker Video Sailors Creed 

It was so awesome to be back to Naval Submarine Base New London.   You guys were AWESOME!  One of the highlights of my life, getting to perform and present to some of our smartest and bravest sub school students! Your response still rings in my head.   Described as the Navy’s “first and finest submarine base”, the base ensures and enhances national security by providing the facilities, delivering the services, and creating the environment for the Fleet, Fighter, and Family to: deploy combat-ready submarines and their crews and train professional submariners. Once again, hats off to USFF for making this all possible!

Groton 1  Groton 2 Bernie and Sean gate

Above: the Naval Subase New London Logo and a picture of a submarine.  Right, me and my special brother, my HERO, Sean. 

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6 Responses to Naval Submarine Base New London- Check out this video! SHOW RAFFLE WINNERS POSTED!!!

  1. Brian Lee Taylor

    I was crying. Then I felt like crying again. It hit me hard, and hit me fast. I loved it. I was really starting to hate this place until today. Turned it around. Thank you so much.

  2. Joel Watson

    Thanks for brining your story to Groton. I tried to enter your raffle for the copy of your book but I couldn’t find the number to send the text to. Thanks again for sharing your story.

  3. Jake C. Hess

    The show this afternoon was very awesome! Great story! I leave here soon and you just made my best GMT here at subscol. Thank you so much!

  4. John Rengigas

    Thank you For visiting Sub Base! I worked for many years at a group home for people with disabilities, I miss my clients very much. Your story helped promote a positive image of that community that often gets looked over by the public.

  5. Hawkins

    Saw this show in 2010 and now in 2015. Both shows were different but sent the same great message. I enjoyed both shows.

  6. Jonathan

    The show was an awesome display of how to turn a life around. It hit me closely as it took a big event to change my life. Also when you text the number it says groton is an unknown keyword.