Naval Station Everett, WA- always at the ready to support US Navy and Coast Guard!!

Here I am in beautiful Naval Station Everett on the second of my three stops in my Washington State tour for OPNAV.  NS Everett’s mission is to enhance our Nation’s ability to accomplish strategic objectives, by providing superior shore station support to United States Naval and Coast Guard forces, while ensuring readiness and quality of life for Sailors, Civilians and their Families. Thank you to OPNAV, Eddie Thomas, Linda Boswell, CSC Dela Cruz, CSC Tran and HM2 Savage for all your efforts to bring me here and take such great care of me.  I will be delivering my “Comedy With a Four Star Message” at the William Moore auditorium (bldg 2000, 1st deck) on Tuesday July 28 at 0800 and 1000 hrs.  See you there!

CONGRATS to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Sebastian Soto and Dustin Vong!!

NS Everett 1  NS Everett 2  Beale AFB 6

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10 Responses to Naval Station Everett, WA- always at the ready to support US Navy and Coast Guard!!

  1. Daniel freeman

    Great job from one vertically challenged guy to another. You can use redneck layaway in a wrecking yard too… Can’t afford the parts for your fiat…? Hide them in the trunk of a Toyota

  2. Ryan Sandoval

    Great Message, very runny. Great twist on training. We need more like it. Thank you!

  3. Ryan Sandoval

    I meant funny

  4. Dustin Vong

    Bernie…Bernie….BERNIE!!! Great show! Thanks!

  5. David yoo

    Very runny…. I meant funny

  6. Sebastian Soto

    DO NOT FURLOW Bernie!!!

    Thank you for the training/show. VERY Strong message.

    Thank You.

  7. Sara Watson

    It was great show. It really hit close to home about losing your brother to suicide. I lost a family member who decide to drink and drive while I was on deployment. It has been tough but taught me about the effects and I have been teaching others about the effects of those around them. Thank you.

  8. Chelsea Patrick

    Great show! Nice to have training like that without PowerPoint. We definitely need more people like you to open up and share their experiences. It really helped.

  9. ramon nieves

    Bernie great show and a powerful massage. Thanks for shear your own experience and continue to touch young people live with your massage

  10. Patrick kelly

    Bernie, it’s always a pleasure to have you here, I want to thank you for coming to share your story and deliver your powerful message. Anyone that puts that much time and effort into saving one of my navy brothers or sisters is a brother of mine.

    Thank you Brother
    MA1 Kelly