NAS Whidbey Island- stepping boldly into the future as the premier Naval Air Station!!

It’s amazing to be back up here in Washington State at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.  It’s good for my soul to be around the beauty, fresh air and tranquility of this place!   NAS Whidbey Island is the sole naval aviation support in the Pacific Northwest, providing the highest quality facilities, services and products to the naval aviation community and all organizations utilizing the base.  Thank you to OPNAV for inviting me back here to deliver some laughs and an important message that I hope you will carry with you into the future. CDR Moss, you were extremely hospitable today by sharing your time and efforts to provide such a great tour! I am going to figure out why you were cropped from the pic when we uploaded!  IT is a tech glitch!  Bear with me!! 🙂 Chief Bench, top shelf leadership and participation!  Go NAVY! 

CONGRATS to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Jillian Lotti and Chris Tancrell!! 

  NAS Whidbey Island 2   Whidbey postshow 1 Whidbey Chief Bench Whidbey post show 2

      Whidbey SafeCo field Seattle Mariners  Whidbey Commander Moss and Capt Spradlin  NAS Whidbey Island 1   Whidbey drive into

Above: pics from today’s programs.  My drive into NAS Whidbey, Me and Chief Bench, Me and Commander Moss, Capt Spradlin. CMC Nuanez.  Show pics of me and the sailors.  A pic of SafeCo Stadium- home of the Seattle Mariners and KING FELIX!   PS….if you were cropped from a pic, we did not crop you. It is a tech glitch we are working on!  Hang tight till we fix, and come back and check yourself out! 

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13 Responses to NAS Whidbey Island- stepping boldly into the future as the premier Naval Air Station!!

  1. Patrick

    Enjoyed the message and laughs today Bernie, thanks for coming and sharing your story with us!

  2. Silver Esteller

    You rock Bernie..thank you for coming in Northwest Whidbey Island.. the message and sharing your stories very inspirational..

  3. Michael Duggan

    Thank you for telling your story and not make us sitting through a PowerPoint.

  4. Ryan Murphy

    Thanks for the show!

  5. Bud Lites

    Great show! I love going to any type of stand up, and to have it count for training even better! Thanks you for sharing your experiences and hopefully saving someone in the audience that may be headed down the wrong path!

  6. Brett Gwyn

    Thanks for the laughs this morning at NAS Whidbey Island. I thought the show was great, also I appreciate you opening up and sharing your story with us. It is more of an eye opening experience than death by power point. I hope it helps these younger guys and gals make better life decisions from this point on.

  7. Mike Smith

    Hey! Thanks again for the show! I’m a HUGE fan so seeing you here today was a trip!

  8. Jasinto Martinez

    Great show! had me dying in some parts of it. Overall it was a great act and I wish to see some more shows again at Whidbey Island.

  9. Shon Nuanez

    What an inspirational impact made this morning in only a few short hours. Numerous Sailors have stopped by my office today talking about your show and how it’s brought a heavy dose of reality to their own lives. Thank you for sharing your story, you definitely “killed it!” Tell Sean Hi from the folks up here in the Pacific Northwest!

  10. Jillian Lotti

    Thank you for the kind-hearted and comical delivery on a very serious topic.
    NASWI appreciates you.

  11. Donnie Gilmore

    Awesome show and great inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story and doing so with such humility. You’ve left a mark and a reality like no other. “You Killed It!”

  12. Chris Tancrell

    Excellent show from a funny dude with a lot of personal experiences! It was great to see someone laugh and make others around him laugh even after going through tough times. At the same time, it brought a serious dose of reality to myself and those around me. Thank you for sharing your past in a very interesting manner. I also hope you enjoyed the tour! Good luck at your future shows, and keep teaching others through your gifted entertainment!

  13. Russ Ebersole

    Very well presented and quite funny… at times. Awesome heartfelt testimony that truly puts things in perspective. Thanks again, Bernie