Naval Station Mayport- Florida Stop #2!!

“I Killed” raffle book winners: Tony Cofer and Sarah Keeling!  Congratulations!!

Here I am at Naval Station Mayport: my second Jacksonville stop of this tour!  NS Mayport is a major US Navy base  and contains a protected harbor that can accommodate aircraft carrier-size vessels, ship’s intermediate maintenance activity (SIMA) and Admiral David L McDonald Field.  NS Mayport is the third-largest naval surface fleet concentration area in the United States, with a busy harbor capable of accommodating 34 ships and an 8,001-foot runway capable of handling most aircraft in the Department of Defense inventory.  Thank you to Marie Parker and the US Fleet Forces / SAPR staff for inviting me back!  I will be at the ATG Auditorium on Thursday, June 18 at 0830 and 1030 hours.  Come by and say hello!   It will be FUN!!

NSMayport_logo  NS Mayport Mayport show Mayport post Sailors

Mayport post show 2 Mayport post show 3 Mayport post show 

Above: Naval Station Mayport logo / entrance.  Pics from today’s programs!

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20 Responses to Naval Station Mayport- Florida Stop #2!!

  1. katie acker

    Thanks for coming! You we’re awesome!

    • katie acker

      Stupid phone. Were *

  2. Melody Mergenthaler

    Bro! This was awesome!!!

  3. nathan

    I laughed so hard I cried, now only if every training could be like that..

  4. Benjamin Boles

    Thank you so much for your inspiring message. I would’ve listened to you without the laughs.

  5. Steven Self

    Hilarious! Enjoyed every minute

  6. joshua Lopez

    Bernie Show was very Powerful. I thank you for doing it for us.

  7. Cassandra Broda

    Bernie! Bernie! Bernie! ^.^ Thanks for coming! You were so awesome and inspiring. I wish all of our military training was like what you did for us sailors today. I wish for you the best of luck in all your travels! Stay safe!

  8. Tony Cofer

    The show was awesome and puts alot into perspective thank you for coming!!!!!

  9. Michiah

    It was a great show

  10. Kelly James

    You suck. Come back to Jacksonville and we’ll kill you.

  11. Olivia Donnelly

    Thank you so much for today!! You made training fun and you sent us all a really strong message. I hope we can be as positive and as strong as you to keep our eyes on the prize and not partying. I appreciate all that you do! Have a great week!

  12. Jordan Neill

    Great show and an even greater message! Thanks for the laughs and the story.

  13. Adam Bledsoe

    Great show! Wasn’t expecting that kind of training

  14. Kimberly McCray

    You Killed IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Sarah Keeling

    The show was great! Wish it was longer and all training was like this.

  16. Jeff Craine

    Awesome show! Awesome time! Awesome training!

  17. Nick DeMaio

    Thanks for all the laughs. Congratulations on twenty five years sober. Here’s to twenty five more.

  18. Steven Self

    Anyone win the book?

  19. Tony Cofer

    Where do i go on board mayport to pick up the book if i won