“The beautiful island of Guam… Final stop on Around the World’ tour!

CONGRATS to “I Killed” raffle book winners:
     Naval Base Guam: Precious Doolin
     Anderson AFB: Zack Traversie

Guam: my last stop of my ‘around the globe’ tour.  Five international flights, four red-eyes and twenty total flights bring me to this beautiful island.  A HUGE thank you to SMSgt Jason Penny for taking the time (and sacrificing sleep) to get me from GUM airport at 0100 and for going above and beyond to host me while I am here. The Staff of Ben, Christine, Christina, Jesse, Tamara, Bill, Frank, Jesse x 2 were the most gracious I have ever met. The morning program as you can see below, was approximately 800 Sailors and Civilians.  Your laughter at 0800 warmed my heart. You guys were rocking.  The mission here is strong: Naval Base Guam is a strategic U.S. naval base located on Apra Harbor, Guam. It is part of Joint Region Marianas, which is a Navy-controlled installation which was combined with Andersen Air Force Base in 2009.  It was an honor to serve, Those who Serve.  Hats off to OPNAV and Pac Fleet, the hidden diamonds on a mission!    Leave a comment here for show raffle. Personal messages to Bernie – click CONTACT and I will write you back personally.  

     Guam map    Guam Nimitz HillNaval Base GuamGuam airplane

 Guam Mongolian BBQ  Guam sunset Guam 2 Guam 3 

 Guam 1   Guam 4 Guam 5 Guam 6
 Guam 7  Guam 8 Guam 9 Guam 10 

Above: pics US Naval Base Guam.  Me and the family sitting next to me on plan ride here. Mongolian BBQ, a view from my hotel room and the sunset!  Pics from first program. See below for Andersen AFB afternoon program.

Andersen AFB at 1400 was a more intimate group in the Coral Reef gymnasium who showed great heart and grit during the afternoon program.  I appreciate your attendance and support, especially after a work week and a later in the day show. I appreciated your laughter and hope we brought a new take on prevention and awareness trainings!  Thank you to the Warriors who stood strong today and even stayed after the program to hang out and meet my family.  

Anderson AFB Guam entrance A3 vA1 A4
A5 A10 A9 A7

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25 Responses to “The beautiful island of Guam… Final stop on Around the World’ tour!

  1. Prescious Doolin

    Watched Bernie at Naval Base Guam! Awesom comedian laughed non stop!!!!

  2. Al

    Third command where I was mandated to see your show. Still hate you. You’re not making a case for suicide prevention, you’re making a case for suicide assistance.

  3. Deja Grissom

    I absolutely loved your show. My brother too is just like yours I was able to relate more than I can ever say. I too have been to see the chaplains and they saved me. Thank you for coming to Guam! BERNIE I WAS THERE!!!

  4. Sarah denny

    So funny. Thanks for coming to Guam.

  5. Joseph Domine

    You were awesome Bernie, you were funny and inspirationa, loved it manl! Thank you for coming to Guam!!

  6. Cody Gore

    Good training.

  7. Maryann Amato

    Mr. Bernie,
    I regret drinking a coffee because I didn’t need it haha , your show was so fun and entertaining it was such an eye opener and very inspirational!! Thank you for coming and visiting us in Guam! #IWASTHEREBRO!

  8. Marle goff

    Mr. Bernie killed it! These are serious issues in today’s society, even the issue with dragging your husband to the grocery store!. Yes truth is it was a mandatory training for all hands BUT the message was spread across to at least the selective few of not all. Thank you Bernie for your volunteer support! It takes a real hero to share a story like yours! Hooya!!!

  9. Nick Stonehocker

    Thank you so much for visiting us in Guam! Your show far exceeded my expectations. Very funny with an inspirational message!!

  10. Justin Pascual

    Hey Bernie, this isn’t the first time sitting through your story and just like the last time, you “Killed”. This time I sat right in the front and you gestured to me “Right Pascual?, You look mad?.” I wasn’t. Just like how you don’t laugh at jokes about the “short bus” I don’t laugh at jokes about lifting weights. Im the so called stereotypical “Gym Rat”. If you look at my FB or IG i can prove it. Don’t worry I don’t take offense. Just liked your show enough to comment. Training that can keep sailor awake is good training…jk!

  11. Zachary Owensby

    Hey! Great comedy not a moment I wasn’t laughing. But the story of your brother got to me! I myself have two older brothers one that I don’t know anything about except he abuses drugs and is ruining his life. My other brother lived with me my whole life. He sufferes from depression adhd and bipolar. He has tried to take his own live 5 times. The first two I was there for him and my family but the other 3 I was in the navy away and unable to help. I don’t know what it is like to lose but the pain and fear of loss goes through my mind everyday. Thank you for sharing your story it was very touching. Thank you for visiting guam aand volunteering your time to share with military aroind the world!

  12. Austin Botwinski

    Thanks for dropping by our neck of the woods, you made training easier on each and every one of us, and made and impact on us all as well. Come back for a show sometime. #GoNavy

  13. Joshua Hunter

    GREAT SHOW HERE IN GUAM!!! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story, it means so much more when there is something that is real and meaningful behind the training. You really do “Kill It” with your comedy, it didn’t take long for everyone to realize that your event was much better than going to work. Thank you again for the message that you are spreading to all of us in the military!!! Safe Travels, Bernie.

  14. Scott Mouser

    Bernie, I was there and it was the best training I’ve been to! Amazing comedian who delivered a powerful message. Thank you for coming to Navy Base Guam.

  15. aniecia lane

    BERNIE, I THOUGHT YOUR SHOW WAS GREAT. For me it made me very emotional bc the death of your brother. you have a very interesting life. You are very funny and thanks a lot. #saw you in guam and thank you for coming to naval base guam. I hope I win the book bc I didn’t bring money to buy it lol

  16. Caleb Ross

    Great show man your a natural

  17. Caleb Ross

    Uh Bernie where is the contact button lol

  18. Zack Traversie

    Dude, caught your gig in the gym. Probably the best mandatory fun I’ve ever been forced to go to! Really enjoyed the show and the message! Thanks for coming out!

  19. Meagan F.

    Thank you so much for coming out to Andersen AFB! Your stories hit home with the messages you sent out and you definitely had me laughing 99% of the time. Thanks again!

  20. Shane Voss

    Thank you for integrating a training full of laughs but still keeping to the point. Appreciate taking your time to come out to Guam. Hafa Adai! May you and your family take care!

  21. Duke Anderson

    Great show, bout time we had some good comedy on Guam.

  22. Driller

    Good job Bernie, awesome message

  23. Patrick G

    I was in the audience at Andersen AFB. I really enjoyed the show. It is not easy to find the balance of funny and personal but you pulled it off very well. And if Chief McMillian did not remind you, you wanted to scratch the Las Vegas lizard joke, and another one you decided not to tell.

  24. Todd Fehnrich

    Hey Bernie…thanks for keepin it real. I can honestly say that the DeepSea Divers of the USS Frank Cable Dive Locker truly appreciated your message….HOO-YAH Bernie!!!!! Thank you…no boring routine bs. It was good stuff man!

  25. Todd Fehnrich

    Round 2. Hey Bernie…i also lost someone close to me to suicide and another to cancer. You might checkout David Teems cd titled In The Mourning and point anyone else that direction who needs help with the grieving process. David Teems lost his Dad to a long drawn out bout with cancer and wrote and produced this cd as a result. It’s pretty good stuff.