US Fleet Activities Sasebo, Japan-My second to last stop on the ‘AROUND THE GLOBE TOUR!

Congratulations to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Karla Thompson and Edward Berg!!

I am excited to be here in Sasebo! I left Las Vegas May 9th, flew across the US, over the Atlantic Ocean to Rota Spain, Naples Italy, around the globe to Singapore, then Misawa, Okinawa and now Sasebo.  The response from you 400-500 Sailors, Marines and civilians was worth every second and mile invested. I cannot thank you enough for your laughs and your focus when the time came to reflect.  I leave Sasebo a better person than when I arrived.  Thank you Capt Ovios, CMC Stone and FC1 Johnson for attending and supporting the training. OPNAV and Pac Fleet for their support!  It was an honor to serve, “Those Who Serve”!  Leave a comment here for show raffle. Personal messages to Bernie – click CONTACT and I will write you back personally. 

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IMG_20150527_112455151 COMFLEACT Sasebo 2  IMG_20150527_114034294  IMG_20150527_074417282_HDR[1]

Above: pics of US Fleet Activities Sasebo and me, live at todays’ programs! 

U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo played a vital logistics role in 1990-91 during Operation Desert Shield/Storm by serving as a supply point for ordinance and fuel for ships and Marines operating in the Persian Gulf theater. Today, as throughout its history, U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo stands ready to support Seventh Fleet units as they continue to ensure peace and security in the Pacific region. 


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15 Responses to US Fleet Activities Sasebo, Japan-My second to last stop on the ‘AROUND THE GLOBE TOUR!

  1. Burnette

    Great show!!

  2. Krystina

    I was there. Great show!

  3. Robert Skibsted

    Mr. McGrenahan, I just wanted to say thank you again for an awesome show. I have not laughed so hard in a very long time. Your message was truly inspiring and timeless. I really enjoyed getting to talk with you after the show. We can all take comfort in knowing that there are still people around that are willing to help others to be their best. You are the best! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Take care and God Bless you and your family.
    Tell your brother Sean (hope I spelled it right) that Sasebo, Japan (not China, Ha Ha) says Hello.

  4. Cody

    The show was great man.

  5. Anthony Allan Segar

    Outstanding performance, hilarious, and you delivered the message with precision and a laugh. I had a great time, laughed and identified with you. You really hit how when you stated “If you…. You are me.” Thank you so much for offering your story up to all and especially to all my brothers and sisters in the service. Good luck, keep them laughing and continue to share.


    ETC Segar, Anthony

  6. Sabrina


    Awesome show, thank you for taking the time to tour and talk to Military personnel. This is a different take on training for us and the message was clear. Thank you for sharing you life experience with us, it kept us awake and engaged. I laughed so much that I thought I would go into labor… Loved it!

    Much appreciated,
    Sabrina Richardson

  7. Edward Berg

    Bernie, I went into the “training” thinking it was going to be like all the other trainings I have gone to in the last 20 years. It was nothing like those! It was brilliantly funny and had a message. If they remember the jokes, then there is hope they will remember the message. It was an honor to be able to listen to your show and your story. Thank you for sharing some intimate details of your life that I am sure hit home with many of our Sailors. I would love to see this in Junior High and High Schools, it is never too early to learn. Thanks again brother.

  8. Cody smith

    Great show. Thank you for the pictures after! Pleasure to meet you

  9. Ronald Cloutier

    Excellent show, I was moved by your story. Thank you for coming out to Japan to share with us!

  10. Karla Thompson

    Bernie…I heard really good things about your show and I’m glad it was every bit of good I heard it was. I related to many of the things you spoke about.

    I hope the message reached our Sailors and Marines that may be dealing with
    this…directly or indirectly.

    Thank you for the many laughs and the powerful message!

  11. Neil Wharton

    Loud and Clear! Talk about new spin on “training,” Bernie. Appreciate the delivery, the content, and the truth in your message! THANK YOU and KEEP IT UP!

  12. Scott Maretich

    Great show today. I believe this was your second trip here to Sasebo during my two years here. Hope that you get a chance to return again. Your message is very strong and you are a very brave man to share it with us. Thanks again.

  13. Richard Knight

    Hi Bernie, thanks for your humor and messages to our Sailors and Marines in Sasebo. I will definitely check your show out again sometime.

  14. Chris Stone

    You are my hero sir and looking forward to getting you back to Sasebo in the near future! Thank you for taking care of our Sailors and Marines.

  15. Joe Criel

    Forgot to post this yesterday, but your show on the Sasebo base was awesome. Thanks so much for coming and performing for us. Despite it being “mandatory”, I really enjoyed your performance and message.