PSA Sembawang- Scott Wagner is “I Killed” raffle book winner!!

What an honor it is to have ‘served those who serve’ here in Singapore.  I had a great time today and thank you for your warm reception and the laughs.  Hopefully you were able to relax, have some laughs and take more than just laughter with you from this training.     Thank you to Chief Pastwick and the OPNAV team for hosting me.   Off to Japan I go!  Please see pics from the trainings below!

Singapore 4 Singapore 2 Singapore 1 Singapore 3 Capt Nafarette George Bradshaw 

Singapore LA Amanda Singapore Capt Murdoch Singapore goofy stuff Singapore preshow

Singapore postshow Singapore 2ndshow  Singapore Chief Pastwick

Above: pics from our day out in Singapore: Fashion Week, the hustle and bustle, me Captain Roy Nafarette and George Bradshaw,  Amanda and LA! Me and Captain Murdock, a goofy selfie and some pics from before and after the programs, me and Chief Pastwick. 

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8 Responses to PSA Sembawang- Scott Wagner is “I Killed” raffle book winner!!

  1. QM2 William Cedeno

    Great show Bernie.
    Thanks for coming out to Singapore.
    This comment was not mandated.

  2. Brian Pavone

    Thanks for coming to Singapore Bernie. You put on an outstanding show and your life story/message was very powerful! Safe travels.

  3. Scott R. Wagner

    Nice show today! It was a refreshing approach to training, and also a humorous and positive way to get the message across to our folks. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your time here in Singapore!

  4. Keith Rouch

    Much better than the normal powerpoint training. Safe travels back to Las Vegas

  5. kesavan K S

    Thanks Bernie,

    One of the best training I had so far. Making others laugh is a God given talent.Great Job..

  6. Micah Hargress

    Thanks for the laugh, come back again….

  7. Paris V

    Comedians are the ones with extreme indepth sorrows in their lives. Thanks for making us laugh, amid your own sorrows.

  8. Dan Rourke

    Great session and the message means more coming from someone who learned the hard way!