About Comedy is the Cure

Bernie McGrenahan is a stand-up comedian touring the globe to personally thank our resilient Military service members, civilians and dependents for their service to our nation!  His original Comedy ‘With a Message’ program is the #1 ranked risk-reduction and prevention program in the country and has been presented at over 300 military bases world-wide.  Created in 1995 ‘Comedy is the Cure‘ applauds our military for staying mentally and physically fit during times of challenge.  This news media followed tour a combination of his stand-up comedy material followed by his personal life experiences of destructive behaviour. .  Bernie’s ‘personal and inspirational testimony‘ is the key factor to ‘Comedy is the Cure’s’ overwhelming impact and response, delivering tools and information to keep our units strong!  This is a program of the heart! A tale of one person’s willingness to admit his shortcomings, the courage to ‘ask for help’ and the resilience to ‘make a change’!  This sole-source program targets: RESILIENCY, SAFETY, BYSTANDER INTERVENTION & RESPECT!  ‘Comedy “With a Message’ is reducing destructive behaviors and saving lives! Empower your work force to be mentally fit and prepared for duty!  For more, please click here to read Bernie’s BIO

Click here, to view a live demo of the ‘COMEDY “With a Message’ ‘ prevention program!



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