Ft Bliss- What a wonderful day!

Ft Bliss: you guys ROCKED today!  Thank you for showing me so much love this afternoon.  I know how easy it is to fall asleep after lunch but you guys were engaged, attentive and a ton of fun!  I hope you received a lot from my “Comedy With a Four-Star Message“.  Thank you to Sgt T and the SARP staff for bringing me here today and for being such gracious hosts.  Please see pics from today’s programs below:

FtBliss 1Ft Bliss 2Ft Bliss post show 1 FT Bliss pre show 1

FT Bliss pre show 2 Ft Bliss pre show 3 Ft Bliss pre show 4 Ft Bliss SARP staff

Above: Some pics from today’s programs and the SARP staff!

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26 Responses to Ft Bliss- What a wonderful day!

  1. Kyle snell

    Good show. Second time I’ve seen it. I was a little worried e it was going to be the same show. You proved me wrong.

  2. Jordan Greene

    I really enjoyed the show and how you intertwined your own life into the message!

  3. Briana Campbell

    Great message and hilarious show! You kept the whole crowd entertained and I was honestly impressed with that.

  4. deloriuma johnson

    This was amazing I really didn’t know what to expect but you proved me wrong with your amazing show!! Thank you very much for your wonderful message and yes you did kill it!!!!!

  5. Martin Varela

    Great show. First time I seen a comedian live. Thank you for taking the time and entertaining the Soldiers.

  6. Tiana Garcia

    Thank you for the laughs and sharing your story

  7. Ellen Marie Parkins

    Thanks for your support! It was great show and a nice alternative to powerpoint.

  8. Ebonie Bryant

    I love how it tied into SHARP and had lessons within the jokes.

  9. Tyler Buckley

    Great show, things like this should be done more often. Very inspirational and shout out from a fellow New Yorker. What you are doing for soldiers is completely outstanding. Thank you so much for your support.

  10. Ebonie Bryant

    Bernie is hilarious!! I love how his message tied into SHARP and had lessons within the jokes. The best training I’ve had that didn’t put me to sleep. Great Job! Thank you!

  11. Samantha Steffes

    Loved the show.

  12. Javier Casanova

    Great show and most importantly the message. May god bless you and thank you for sharing your story.

  13. Allen Keskinen

    Bernie “You killed today.” I would like to say best training I’ve had in 18 years. But its a toss up between today and when I saw you in Ft Irwin CA a couple years back. Your story is both sad and inspiring for me. God bless you and your whole family. Thank you for what you do for all our service members.

  14. Carlos Rosado

    Great show enjoyed it very much!

  15. James D.

    Great show! Very informative in between the laughs.

  16. Krys Salazar

    Laughter brings light to some of the darkest situations. Thank you for the ample supply today. A lot of people don’t realize the power in comedy and I am glad that today’s message got across in just the right enough manner to ensure everyone stayed awake and understood the “training” with a little bit of “heart filled” moments to bring us closer. Keep “killing it” because having an impact on one person is a win!

  17. Richard Flores

    Good show. Thanks for your support. I appreciate what you do for military communities.

  18. William Stark

    Great show. It was a constant laugh.

  19. LTC Tony Behrens

    Bernie… you never disappoint!! I’m a five time veteran of your message and I always enjoy your balance of comedy after a long day with your story of overcoming hardship. Your message continues to impact my life and the lives of our many Warriors and their families. You’re living proof of strength and resilience. Thanks for what you do! Traveling the globe can’t be easy… we’re not getting any younger brother!! 🙂 Great talking to you after the show.

    Courage & Honor!

    LTC Tony Behrens, Commander
    3-43 ADA Battalion

  20. SFC Keith Miller


    Thank you for your presentation. Your comedy, heartfelt life story, and life messages are vitally important. What a different and thoughtful approach to delivering these difficult topics to our Soldiers and Leaders. Thank you for what you do, and we hope to see you back soon. God’s speed. SFC Miller

  21. Princess Sia

    A very great show! for soldiers like me mandatory training seems to be always the same, boring slide shows and power points but today it is not. You made it very exciting and you made everybody laugh. I haven’t laugh that hard in awhile, so thank you for spending your time with us. Hope this is not the last time that you will spend time with us and make us Soldiers laugh and lighten up our moods.

    Thank you and have a God Bless!
    SPC Sia

  22. Felicia Kattes

    Great show, loved that it was comedy with a lesson, and tied in real experiences ! Thank you !

  23. Alanna

    Show was hilarious. Continue to uplift and encourage with your comedy and real life lessons. Oh yeah, I want that book.

  24. Vincent Espinoza

    I loved your show! I related to quiet a bit of your show I will remember to pass on your stories.

  25. adam green

    I couldn’t stop laughing today but you story about how you had to turn your life around was really inspirational

  26. William

    Great show! Made the transition from funny to serious very well. Jokes were awesome!