Naval Station San Diego- Great to be back!

Thank you Naval Station San Diego for being such awesome crowds today!!  I sure enjoyed entertaining you all and sharing a little of my personal story.  Hopefully you were able to take a little from today’s programs.  Thank you Jim Queen for being such a wonderful host for the second year in row.  You make life on the road as good as it gets.     See pics below from the programs. Thank you to Jim Queen and Miles Murray for the photos!! 

NS San Diego 1NS San DiegocrowdNS San Diego stage 5NS San Diegostage

NS San Diego meetgreet 1NS San Diego Miles, (Safety Mgr) Jason (chaplain) Jim queen ADCONS San Diego meetgreet3NS San Diego handshake

NS San Diego meetgreet2NS San Diego Sailor NicoleNS San Diego stage

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21 Responses to Naval Station San Diego- Great to be back!

  1. Aesia Coffey

    Great show! Thank you!

  2. Brian Christensen

    It was a awesome show, thank you for sharing your story with us.

  3. DuShaunda Spiva

    Thank you for giving to our community. Your message is awesome and presented very skillfully.

    Bernie, Bernie, Bernieeee!

    Bravo. You have to have been there to understand.

  4. Brian Schnowske

    I enjoyed your show. Thank you for coming out, supporting our sailors and telling your story.

    PS.. This is the first training in naval career I didn’t fall asleep in the middle of.

  5. Jack Kemp

    Thanks for sharing your life with us. If even one sailor makes a good decision based on your program, I call that time well spent.

  6. Robert Johnston

    One of the best heartfelt presentations I have seen working in and with the military. It was amazing to see the personnel in attendance let their guard down and listen, enjoy, and hopefully take something home with them. Thank you!

  7. Dustin Dupuis

    Truly,one of the best shows I’ve personally seen. The comedy was exceptional, the story will positively scar my character for life, and the execution of it all was immaculate. I greatly enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for sharing your story.


  8. Scott Shaw

    Outstanding training Bernie! 15 years I’ve been attending safety stand downs and most are the same. Boring sailors to the point where we would all dread attending them. Your program was incredibly entertaining and I believe got three message across in a much more effective manner. I appreciate you sharing your story with us this morning. By far the best safety/alcohol/drug awareness training thus far in my military career. Thank you!

  9. Frank Guerra

    I’ve been attending these “mandatory” training sessions for over 37 years and this is by far the top! Your comedy mixed in with real life and the imbedded messages turned this from “mandatory” to “delighted” attendance. Thank you for taking this on and making serious messages for all ages, easily taken in, though I did miss my normal training session nap! Seriously kidding on the nap! Training is important, just easier to take in your way Bernie!

  10. Jack Jammy J

    This was one of the greatest mando training I have had. they way you set it up for the training was real slick. Thank you very much for the fun training time.

  11. Jim Queen

    Two great performances. It is always a pleasure to have you out and make our Sailors laugh.

  12. Steve Hankins

    What a surprise to find out we were having a comedian for our “safety stand-down”. An even better surprise? You were funny! Thanks for taking the time to share your story.

  13. Jared Ogilvie

    Thank you for having the courage to share your story so others may benefit.

  14. Miles Murray

    I am a veteran (Marine Corps) & currently serving as a civilian Safety Professional. Between my years as Safety Manager at MCB Camp Pendleton and Training Support Center San Diego, I’ve spent twenty-one years delivering Safety & Environmental training to military & civilian personnel from the classrooms to Base Theaters. I also spent a few years in the private sector delivering training across the state of California. All this to say I’m no slouch when it comes to effective training delivery… I sought feedback from our folks on todays Safety Stand-Down. From the new Navy Seaman to the Captain and everyone in between, the response was hands-down positive with many remarking “best ever”. I agree. Your humor, humility & honesty made me want to hear your whole story.

    Thank you Bernie- looking forward to next time!

    Miles Murray
    Special Assistant for Safety
    Training Support Center, San Diego

  15. Geoff Sweatt

    Bernie, thank you very much for coming out and sharing your humor and your personal experiences. It was a pleasure and an honor being at your show. You are truly inspiring!

  16. Ziyang Zhen

    Thank you very much for the presentation, it helps to be able to understand as well as enjoy something that is presented yet is taken seriously. It is much better than Power Points, which we sailors all love. Thank you once again for coming to Naval Base San Diego~!

  17. Vicky Li

    Thank you for the show today. It was great.

  18. Dylon Gonzalez

    A great performance with such a penetrating message. Thank you for sharing your story.

  19. Nick Strimple

    I truly enjoyed the laughs. The message was powerful and pulled at a couple heart strings. Thanks for taking time for us.

  20. Gerard Hefel

    Salute` Bernie !
    Great msg! I lost three brothers in three years…’81..’82..83, first two were the indirectly/direct results of alcohol.
    1st one was drinking, but left a non-drinker drive his vehicle on unfamiliar road, lost control, went over an enbankment. He died after 8 days traumatic brain injury. Driver and third passenger suffered no injuries.
    The 2nd brother was the driver DUI, over another enbankment just a few miles from home. His passenger did survive. He died ‘massive head and neck injuries’.
    The 3rd was a passenger on a snowmobile, which the driver was home on college winter break. We never did hear if alcohol may have been involved. Their bodies were not recovered until located 17 hours later in (-25) degree weather. Your story hits home, I sometimes wondered how I was so lucky in my youth! Especially some close calls only a few miles from home.
    Thank you for sharing the realities! God bless!

  21. Zebulon

    In 12 years I’ve never experienced a mando-training show of this caliber, with a message so strong. Thank you Bernie for this, I lost my Mom recently, and alcohol was the major contributing factor. Thank you again for you time and your jokes.