Joint Base Lewis McChord-Carey Theater was EPIC today!

Thank you Joint Base Lewis McChord!!  What an outstanding crowd you were this afternoon. Over 700 soldiers and airmen packed the Carey Theater and I appreciate you all attending, even if you HAD TO BE THERE;)  Judging from your response and laughter, you enjoyed being there as much as I did! I’ve made notes of the jokes that didn’t work, but your standing ovation and grace did.  It will be an impression that lasts in my mind for a lifetime. Thank you to MSGt Brooks and Lt Col Johnson for bringing me here and being such wonderful hosts. Hopefully I was able to deliver a very important message in a different format that will resonate and bring change.  Thank you! 

 JBLM 4 JBLM 1JBLM Lt Col jonson. Sgt major Norman Sgt major Murphy. MSgt brooks pre showJBLM 1



Above: A pic from the JBLM air expo, a JBLM patch and me on my special brother Sean 😉 Lt Col Johnson. Sgt Major Norman, Sgt Major Murphy and  MSgt Brooks pre show. Photos of the soldiers and airmen filling the theater before the program. Me on stage and Standing Ovation after the program, thank you to Steven Petersen for those wonderful 2 photos!! Departing Seattle (photo from plane).

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25 Responses to Joint Base Lewis McChord-Carey Theater was EPIC today!

  1. Tamika Stewart

    Love it God bless!! Keep doing what your doing-523 rock steady!!!

  2. Nikki

    JBLM Carey Theater, it was mandatory to attend but I chose to laugh.

  3. Brian Oliver

    Thanks for the laughs!

  4. Edward Medrano

    i was there.

  5. Kate

    I was there……I laughed 🙂

  6. Christian Hall

    Had a good time, keep up the good work!

  7. Chris Stewart

    Though it was mandatory training, it was the best training I’ve seen addressing SHARP. You got (most of) us out of our habitual bad attitude, thinking we were going to go through slides for the next hour and a half. That is a grand feat in itself, as we are not the ecstatic crowd. Thank you for making my day, and sharing your story. You’ve inspired me to do fix a little wrong in my life.

  8. Nick Brown

    It was a great and powerful show. Thanks for the laughs.

  9. Chris Baneky

    Great show. Good job incorporating the message in a comedy presentation.

  10. Kirstin Elizabeth Pounds

    Bernie- Thank you so much for your message today. Secrets really do keep us sick. Thank you for sharing your personal story with us, I honestly believe you opened a lot if eyes today. My heart goes out to you and your family.May God bless you! YOU KILLED TODAY

  11. Bradly Wagner

    Wasn’t expecting this today as a SHARP brief, but you killed today. Great show great message! Great laughs!

  12. liam wilson

    Cool show. Amazing message! Thanks for sharing your story. Life is full of warriors of all walks. You’re fighting your war your way. What you’re doing is good Thank you guaranteed you spoke to at least one person today. Thanks again. GO RED SOX hahaha

  13. James Rose

    This was by far the best training function I have seen put together for SHARP. Great job and good message.

  14. lex odell

    I had no idea what I volunteered to go to, all I knew was that it was SHARP. But I had a blast, and it was easily the best SHARP training I’ve had. Especially because you didn’t just harp on the same stuff we’ve heard millions of times the whole hour. And no powerpoint,for the love of god. Hopefully you’ll be back soon!

  15. Steve Finch

    Definitely retire the lizard joke…
    but it is a dry heat!

  16. Rich schuessler

    Thought I was going to a death by PowerPoint presentation. Instead, I got some good laughs and took away a great message. Thank you!!

  17. diego rivera

    the show was awesome it was a great afternoon well spent. condolences for the loss of the loved one

  18. Ruth Hunt

    Best Mandatory training ever! Combined ASAP & SHARP training while keeping the troops engaged through laughter and personal life experiences.

  19. Cameron Gregory

    Not the SHARP training we are all use to. Having someone actually share their personal stories to a crowd really hits you. It takes courage to share personal information, but you did it for a great cause. I’m sorry for the loss of your brother. The comedy was a great way to unwind from death by powerpoint. I know I left with a smile! Thank you!

  20. Jonathan Chronister

    I thought I was going for a powerpoint presentation and instead I got some laughs. Thanks man, it was great.

  21. Antonio santillan

    I thought you’d deserve more than a water bottle, your story with a touch of comedy will be applied to this parties lifestyle…thanks man

  22. Brandon Gonzalez

    Great show today!

    Thanks for coming out!

  23. Jones brandon

    Nice inspirational. as a ex drinker of 2 years your story and the way it was presented motivating. When I came in a little late I thought you were the previous show for the real speaker but you went flip mode on me and blew my mind.
    Don’t stop blowing minds…..and killing them.

  24. Larissa Ortmann

    I laughed and I cried too. Powerful speaker and great comedian. It is not an easy topic. You shared with us your story and reminded us that we need to stand up for what’s right and watch out for one another. Everyone needs to see your presentation!

  25. Bradly Wagner

    Boom! Thanks for the book, I look forward to reading your chapter!