COMFLEACT Chinhae- FFTC @ 0800 on Jan 28

 It is an honor to be invited here to deliver my Happy Hour Program in Chinhae, the second and final stop of my time here in Korea.  COMFLEACT Chinhae’s mission statement is “To provide service and operational support to the fleet and strengthen the US-ROK alliance”.  Thank you for hosting my Happy Hour Tour.  More importantly, thank you for your service to our country.  I will be at the Fleet and Family Town Center on Wed Jan 28 at 0800.   I hope to see you there!

Chinhae 1Chinhae 2 Chinhae Train 1


Chinahe FFTC inside Chinhae FFTC CMDR Weatherford CMC Robinson (2)

Above: COMFLEACT Chinhae, train to Masan, Fleet & Family Town Center (inside and out), Me and CMDR Weatherford and CMC Robinson 

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4 Responses to COMFLEACT Chinhae- FFTC @ 0800 on Jan 28

  1. Bryan Carrero

    Loved the show Bernie, great stories and laughs, best mandatory Happy Hour I have had in a while!

  2. S. Bryson

    Great show this morning, you had Sailors rolling. Appreciate you coming to Chinhae.

  3. Tom Murphy

    Great mixture of comedy and spreading awareness for depression and alcoholism. Most entertaining “training” session, that’s for sure. Thank you for coming out to South Korea and doing shows for the Military. Your tale is quite memorable.

  4. C.A. Brickhouse

    Enjoyed the show this morning, was very entertaining and informative.