JB Charleston- “Happy Hour” is back!

I can’t think of a better way to kick off my tour schedule for 2015 than to be here at Joint Base Charleston!!  JB Charleston is a US military facility under the jurisdiction of the United States Air Force 628th Air Base Wing, Air Mobility Command.   The facility is an amalgamation of the United States Air Force Charleston Air Force Base and the United States Navy Naval Support Activity Charleston.   I will be at Charleston Air Base Fitness Center at 0800 and Charleston Naval Weapon Station at  1300.  Please come by , say hello and have a few laughs!

Bernie Wiesbaden 3JB CharlestonSeanBernie

Above: me doing what I love, JB Charleston, me and my special brother Sean. 

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19 Responses to JB Charleston- “Happy Hour” is back!

  1. Bo Camp

    The best Commander’s Call I’ve attended in 30 years of civil service…thanks Bernie!

  2. Gary Grove

    Jan. 15, 2015 – Joint Base Charleston
    When I was 11, a drunk driver ran off the road and plowed through our Boy Scout troop as we were walking down a country road two-by-two after an overnight camping trip. Put six of my best friends in intense care and killed another. It’s been several years since it happened, but every time I see a small pair of tan hiking boots, I think about that small pair of tan hiking boots that were sticking out from under the car. It was Tommy, the one who died. He was at the front of the line. Apparently, after the car hit him, he was run over and got caught underneath. Dragged him more than 50 yards before the driver stopped. Bernie, thank you for your no-nonsense message about the consequences and life-altering decision to drink, especially to drink and drive. And, you are absolutely correct – it’s about accountability; being accountable to your family, friends, co-workers and even total strangers, that you value their lives and safety over your own pride, ego and stubbornness. May your powerful testimony continue to help others and may your new lease on life continue to flourish with love and opportunities. You’re a good man, Bernie McGrenahan. God bless you. Keep it up.

  3. Michael Wise

    I really, really enjoyed the briefing today at the JB Charleston Basketball court. I was a little skeptical about the brief but eventually it went full circle and it was awesome.

  4. Jared Bostwick

    Loved the show you did a fantastic job. Everyone needs a good laugh it is great therapy. Then there are times were you need to be serious cause you one chance on life. My freshman year in high school a drunk driver struck a car with 4 seniors that went to my school killing all 4 of on impact. Even though I didn’t know them it affected moral at the school cause a week after that one of their friends hung themselves. So what I am saying is that what you do and the message you put out there doesn’t go unnoticed. You are a great man for what you do I appreciate it.

  5. Crystal

    Great show today @ JB Charleston Safety Down Day. Funny, touching, and on point. Congrats on your many successes and keep up the good work and word!

  6. Roda Farley

    Great show today especially for 8am! Thanks for sharing your story, I know it isn’t easy but the impact I feel will save lives and families! You give people hope and help them understand that poor choices doesn’t always mean your life is over. More importantly you give the consequences of those poor choices along with the options to get out of those situations. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THE ARMED FORCES! Greatly Appreciated! !

  7. Bob Yancey

    Great show Bernie. Thank you for being with us and sharing your story. It’s exactly the way the message should be delivered that causes the moat impact. I wish you the best for continued success in the future.

  8. Tanna Kasper

    I enjoyed your show very much. It was for sure the best safety briefing and commanders call that I have been to. It was a great enjoyable start to a very safety packed day.

  9. Derek Kasper

    I liked your show very much. You were really hilarious and your stories were very heart warming. I wish you and your family good lives

  10. Mike Ibsen

    Hi Bernie,

    Appreciate you stopping by and sharing your story and some laughs with us here on base. It’s awesome you travel the world and do what you love to do, while sharing such a powerful story! Come back next year and thanks again! Say hello to your brother for us!!


  11. Jesse

    Awesome show today at JB charleston! Best commanders call ever! Very funny, emotional and heart warming stories, just all around great show! Thanks for coming out! I plan on trying some comedy one day if I ever write some stuff down but it’s a lot harder than you and other great comedians make it look! Hell I’ll be happy to be half as funny as you! Ha anyways I send you and you family my best wishes! Take care Bernie!

  12. Jon Blount

    Great show! You drove home safety, suicide prevention and alcohol abuse in a way that kept people interested and entertained. You touched many today!! On the personal side, much like you I felt the loss of a loved one to suicide. My brother Nick took his own life in my parents bedroom on 17 April 2008. Like your brother he had been drinking and the alcohol mixed with the prescription drugs he was taking caused him to make a decision that ended his life. After using alcohol to cure my sorrows and loss, I made a decision in 2009 to stop drinking. To this day, it was the best decision I ever made. Stay strong, keep pushing, you are making an impact in the military!!

  13. Cayl Garrett

    Best safety brief I’ve ever seen. Thanks for supporting your troops and bringing humor to such an important topic. I was entertained and hope to hear from you again someday. Thanks again for the support and personal twist to the topics. Great comedian and safety briefer!

  14. Derek

    Best safety brief and commanders call I’ve ever attended, it was nice to have someone up there making it fun but informational, instead of just someone rambling on with powerpoints. I believe you life story and stand up connected up with everyone in the room in one way or another and opened some eyes as to what they are doing or what people around them are doing. Thanks again for a great show, keep on killing it.

  15. Steele

    I had a great time at the show. I’ve had to deal with drug and alcohol abuse in my family and friends and lost a close friend and a uncle through it to suicide. Your comedy really got through to me. Thank you for coming!

  16. Aaron

    Excellent show and great message. I’ve heard touching stories before. Though your story moved me. Seeing the love you hold for your brother brought it home for me. I’m the eldest of three siblings, and I love them dearly. Even when they poor decisions. Thank you for sharing your story. God bless.

  17. Gregory Glinka

    20+ years of safety briefings, finally there was one leaving you wanting more. You killed; had me and my boss in stitches! Thanks for visiting the Charleston Naval Weapons Station.

  18. Crystal Boatright

    Best safety brief ever, hands down. You were hilarious. Can’t wait to see your show at the commissary tomorrow. 😉 Thanks for the laughs and telling your story.

  19. Devin

    It is too bad you can not make it to every commanders call… thanks for coming out, good show and good message.