Show Raffle Winners- “I Killed”- True Road Stories from America’s Top Comics featuring Bernie McGrenahan

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I Killed True Road Stories from Americas Top Comedians Pensacola4

The following show attendees were randomly picked to receive a copy of I KILLED:True Road Stories of America’s Top Comedians!

JUNE 2014:

3- COMFLEACTS Sasebo, Japan- Chris Graumann- Prize contact info sent on 6/5
6- Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan- Taylor Elliott and Phillip Kendall- sent on 6/12
12- Corpus Christi- Manuel Gallegos and Jeff Hall- sent on 7/1
20- Gran Forks AFB- Jonathon MaCauley – sent on 7/1

JULY 2014:

2- Ft. Eustis- Dianna Sommer- prize contact info sent 7/7
16- NAVIOCOM, GA- Andrew Welch- prize contact info sent 7/7
17- NWS Charleston, SC- Sarah Pollard- prize contact info sent 7/28
23- NAS Fallon, NV- AO2 Terrell, Cole- mailed 7/25
29- Ft Gordon, GA- Russell Gray and Heather Mitchell- mailed 7/30 

AUGUST 2014:

13- NAS Whidbey Island, WA- Brian Masterson – prize contact info sent 8/14
14- NAVSTA Everett, WA- Angela Kolone- prize contact info sent 8/15
15-Naval Station Kitsap-Bangor, WA-  Rudy Gabardi- prize contact info sent 8/16
18- Barking Sands, Kauai,HI- Brittany Adkins and Robert Fullick- prize contact info sent 8/19


3- Ft Belvoir- Craig Ingram- prize contact info sent 9/9
5- Fleet Anti Submarine Warfare Training Center SD- Raquel Garcia- prize contact info sent 9/8
8- Ft Hamilton, NY-Rick Cicchetti- prize contact info sent 9/10
9- Ft Dix, NJ- Andrew Powers- prize contact info sent 9/11
10 & 11- Ft Rucker, AL- Lynn Aley Howey and Christopher Caraway- prize contact info sent 9/12

Congratulations from The HAPPY HOUR Comedy with a Message staff!

Contact  to claim your softback copies of I KILLED !

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2 Responses to Show Raffle Winners- “I Killed”- True Road Stories from America’s Top Comics featuring Bernie McGrenahan

  1. camp, shannon

    Great show Bernie! Really makes you think about the choices we make God bless

  2. Dee Rosado

    Couldn’t wait the Raffle I bought the book as I didn’t want to wait to read your story. What an Awesome Speaker you are, and what a brilliant way to talk about a subject matter that is of extremely importance to all of us. The issues of addiction and suicide prevention has been top priority on Fort Hood as we are losing too many Soldiers and Civilians. Again, thanks Bernie for the Lessons of Life that you shared on today truly it will make a difference!