Fort Hood, TX- “Happy Hour” is BACK!!

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Monday 9/15 : Jim Imhoff
Tuesday 9/16: Jaime Blanc
Wednesday 9/17- Laurie Moore
Thursday 9/18- Sidney Babineaux

Hello Killeen, TX!!   Its is such a pleasure to back here to Fort Hood, one of the largest United States military installations in the world with nearly 65,000 soldiers and family members.  Thank you for your service and dedication to our country.  Without you, our freedom wouldn’t be possible.     You are part of what has made Fort Hood “The Great Place” for six decades.  Thank you for hosting my “Happy Hour” tour.  I will be at the Palmer Theater Monday thru Thursday (Sept 14-18) at 1000 and 1300 hrs and Friday (Sept 19) at 1000 hrs.  Hope to see you there!

Ft Hood 1Ft Hood 2Ft Hood 1Ft Hood 2

 Above: Ft Hood pics and pics from the program (me and Ivory Ricks / me and the Soldiers!)

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53 Responses to Fort Hood, TX- “Happy Hour” is BACK!!

  1. Anonymous

    Even with all the technical difficulties you were still able to get the message across!! That was one of the best mandatory training I had to attend!! Thanks for the laughs and your stories!!

  2. Jim Imhoff

    This training was spot on. Really hit home for me, as I had a close friend I lost due to this. Thanks tremendously.

  3. Arlinda Ybanez

    Awesome show!

  4. James Sommers

    Great show! By far the most engaging and entertaining training I’ve attended.

  5. CJ Sepulveda

    Thank you for sharing your stories and making my Monday afternoon filled with laughter and meaning! Best training ever! Since this training is an annual requirement I hope they bring you back every year! Have a great evening!

  6. Bj Turner

    Great show!

  7. L Payne

    I couldn’t help but reflect on some of my decisions while watching your show. The show was a great reminder to strive to be a better person. Thanks!

  8. Andrew Langley

    Great show! This was the second time I have been able to see you. First time was at Camp Humphreys Korea. Both times were very entertaining and have a great message.

  9. James Abel

    Thank you for sharing your story. It really helped to see a different perspective. Keep up the great job!!!

  10. Constance Alford

    I think i went home at lunch time and retold your story. Very inspirational. Funny hilarious and your freaking awesome. I would love one of your books.

  11. Andre

    Your stand-up was funny and your story was very poignant. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks so much.

  12. Dave b

    Today was a great motivator. It really hit Home with everything you said today. About 2 years ago I lost an uncle to suicide. He was about like your brother that had the mind set of an 8 year old. He was one of those guys that was really to smart and couldn’t function well with the normal population. No one really paid much attention to the signs he was having. And one dynamic he took his life. I can definitely relate to your story. I will be deploying soon and will take your stories with me anywhere I go. It was an honor to have you this morning as a guest speaker here at fort hood.
    If for some reason I am not chosen for the raffle I would like a copy of your book to take with me on my deployment coming up.

    Thanks Agin sir. You truly are an American hero.

  13. Angelica

    A unique experience! Thanks for the training. All 8 of my siblings got a call…. Being the oldest child is rough, they will never know.

  14. 254Reeper

    Great show…… I take a vacation to Vegas every year and the next trip I’ll be sure to find you……

  15. Dustyn Combs

    The show this morning was amazing! I loved it! You were very funny and I laughed at a lot of the jokes. Thank you for supporting the troops and doing these shows for us!

  16. Larry Secrest

    The comedy was great but the rest of the story/training was ispirational. I am looking forward to your next training session. Thank you

  17. Marilynn bailey

    Thank you for sharing your personal experiences. Also for taking the time to come see us soldiers.

  18. Siskia Gallardo

    Today’s show was amazing ! The training was definitely a unique experience and I would recommend this to everyone. We need to have more training like this.

  19. Jaime Blanco

    Awesome training that kept you awake. Your jokes were entertaining and the way you do your subtle clues for people to seek advise and help is a good way to teach while having fun. Great job!

  20. Livethelife

    Great inspirational training I can relate to suicide story of your brother. Lost my husband almost three
    Years ago through suicide and was tearful today. Your spirits lifted me up today with your gifted sense of humor. Thank you Scott, Shawn, Debbie and Benny!!!! Thank you and hoping to see you next year.

  21. Michelle Witze

    Thank you for sharing your story with us! The show was awesome!

  22. Tina Wilgeroth

    Fabulous training! You are wonderful at what you do, purely talented. You are touching many lives. Soldiers need more laughs, glad you can combine mandatory training with comedy–genius!!

  23. Brian

    Thank you for taking the time to come out we appreciate it.

  24. Nixie Romero

    Thank you, Bernie for sharing your story with some many at Fort Hood this week…..I’m so glad I had the chance to participate in this wonderful event.

  25. Jordan Miculka

    Great show! Your story hit home for me, I got a DUI when I returned from Iraq in 2011 and it cost me my first marriage, my license for a year and hours of counseling. Now that I have gone through counseling, I have learned that I don’t need the alcohol to be happy or to live my life. I am now happily married and am expecting my first born child any day now.

    I now use my wife, soon to be daughter, and my younger siblings as my inspiration to live a better life.

  26. Ronnie Corvus

    Great show. Great message. As a conscientious objector to alcohol, I appreciate this message, and encourage everyone to think about what it is you really gain from it, that you couldn’t otherwise without it.
    I have lived happily without it for 7 years, and don’t ever plan on touching it in my life, and I’m grateful for positive messengers like Bernie.
    Thank you for your time and words.

  27. Conrad

    great show, very funny and deep

  28. Kito Queen

    Great show on 17 Sept enjoyed meeting you and will recommend your show to others. Thank you

  29. Kara Valentine

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. You’re an amazing person to be able to not just thrive from your trials, but to pass your message along in a way that awakens us in a reflective manner that I found very easy to relate to.
    Thank you for sharing the love!

  30. Brittany Dunn

    Thank you!!

  31. Kris terrazas

    Saw your show sir very moving and inspiring not to mention very hilarious. Thank you for all you do

  32. matthew hanson

    Great show! Much better than the usual training

  33. Benjamin Moore

    Great show! very funny and got a real message across.

  34. John Mari

    Soldiers were talking about your show for two days now. That is some good training. Thank you for what you do.

  35. camp, shannon

    Great show Bernie! Awesome testimony keep up the good work others need to hear your story. Really makes you think about the choises we make. God bless you and your family.

  36. Matthew Maness

    Excellent work today. Your comedy and messages resonated with the audience. Thank you for breathing fresh life into Army training.

  37. Laurie Moore

    Great show today. You made the training fun and thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for taking time to come visit.

  38. James Covington

    Bernie McGrenahan,

    Your show was God-sent to the Fort Hood Community. Your words and your life is a living epistle to us all. Your comedy has and will help heal Fort Hood which has experienced two Active Shooter incidents. Your enable resiliency to stand tall today. Your testimony is like most of our testimonies. It confirms that God is truly a second and a third-chance Deliverer, Healer, and Provider. He removes our sins with a multitude of His divine love, mercy and grace. God bless you and your Family. I pray His angels keep your strong, soaring and encouraged as you continue to meet God’s people all over the world and share your story. Truly blessed and grateful for how God turns our lives around if we would just listen to the still voice on the inside of us to be a better person, a better son/daughter, a better sister/brother, a better husband/wife, and a better servant to others as Jesus was to us ALL.

  39. Randall Copiskey

    Very entertaining show today, very unique way to get a difficult message across to Soldiers. It was a treat to hear your story with along with all the laughs.

  40. Kenneth Tawney

    I was there! This training completely destroye anything with a PowerPoint slide. The fact that it was a true story caused it to become much more personal and hit much closer to home than some generic class. Thank you for this and God bless.

  41. Jason Rodgers

    Hilarious!! Watching Bernie’s comedy show definitely beats the PowerPoint slides. Great show and hearing his personal experience really shows that if you have the will to change and people to support you, anything is possible! Please bring him back again, he killed it and kept everyone laughing!

  42. Sidney Babineaux

    I really enjoyed your show and your story was a wake up call and really drove the point home. I thank God for you coming to Fort Hood and really being open and sharing. Thank you again

  43. Shanetta

    I enjoyed the show. I was here! I wish you much more continued success with your career. Safe travels! Thanks for your show.

  44. SGT Mckinnis

    The way you delivered your message was outstanding. … i got a little tear eyed, because it was very touching.! Great performance not only did you aware soldiers about suicide but also drinking…GODD JOB.!!!

  45. Bobbie

    Thanks for the show! Better than PowerPoint by far!

  46. London Greene

    Your show was awesome and I really appreciate that you are willingly open about what you’ve over come. It shows me that God is an all mighty God. And that with him you will always overcome any trials and tribulations in your life. And your story hits right at home with me and it’s good to relate with someone similar. Thanks and keep traveling and spreading your story and your humor.

  47. 1SG Navarrete

    Thank you for your story. My Soldiers really enjoyed your comedy and appreciated your life story. Best Wishes and thank you for sharing and doing what you do.

  48. CW2 Kelly Anderson

    What a great way to bring a serious message to our soldiers. I have been in the military for 20 years and this presentation far surpasses all others in raising awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Thank you for sharing such deeply personal and emotional experiences with us. Thank you again.

  49. B. Kearney

    I really enjoyed your show. It was touching and inspiring and a great motivation. It really hit home for me and opened up my eyes. Keep spreading your story to everyone. Thank you for everything.

  50. SSG Hugh McKeon

    Thank you for the show! It was humorous, while at the same time delivering a powerful message. It was awesome to see you keep your composure after all that has happened in your life. It showed that people can get on the right path, before or after they have serious life events. I enjoyed being able to see you today, and I am glad the training was mandatory.

  51. Nola Brown

    You’re show was pretty awesome. Got to laugh and learn something all at once.

  52. Sheryl Egans

    Saw your show at Fort Lee in 2012 and now here at Fort Hood. Thought it was an awesome show with a very important message.

  53. Travis Wood

    Very home-hitting show today