Ft Dix, NJ- “Happy Hour” is here!!

It is an honor to be here at Ft Dix, NJ.  Ft Dix, home of the ultimate weapon, is a United States Army Support Activity Fort Dix supports and conducts Reserve Component Training, Mobilization/Demobilization operations, and facilitates the well being of Soldiers, their Families, and Civilians in a safe and secure environment.  Thank you for inviting me here to deliver my “Happy Hour” program.  I hope you will be able to come by and say hello and have some laughs together.  Timmermann Conference Center  on Tuesday, Sept 9 at 1000 and 1300 hours.  Can’t wait!!  

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Above: Me on stage. Ft Dix- home of the Ultimate weapon.  Me, my special brother Sean and sister Debra

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21 Responses to Ft Dix, NJ- “Happy Hour” is here!!


    Bernie, your show was amazing and inspirational! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and making us laugh! It was a pleasure and joy to watch!

  2. Heath Stamm

    Great show. Definitely better than death by powerpoint. Thanks for haiving the courage to share your personal experiences.

  3. Shakka Bradford

    You were AWESOME!!!!!!! Thanks for what you do!!!!!!JBMDL

  4. Amanda Brown

    Bernie, thank you so much for coming to JB MDL. What a great show and powerful message!

  5. CSM Renninger

    Bernie, almost 30 years in the military and this was one of the best ways I’ve seen to get the message across, particularly to younger soldiers. I appreciated your candor in sharing your story and I hope people take it to heart. Thank you for taking the time in putting this show together for the benefit of our soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

  6. Heather Hutchins

    You were both hysterical and inspirational!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!!

  7. Andrew Powers

    Thanks Bernie! your story was inspirational and hit close to home and the comedy definitely lifted my spirits!! Even though it was a mandatory event I enjoyed it a great deal! Keep doing what you do!!! 😀
    #JBMDL #USAF #FtDixTimmermanCenter #ComedyW/aTwist

  8. Eric Moton


    Loved your message. The Army got it right with you. Keep being a light by spreading your testimonial message.


  9. Shawn Coulter


    Thank you for that strong and powerful message, along with some great laughs. Thank you for that compiling and powerful story about your family. Coming from an artist like yourself. I think it brings to light that anyone no matter what their status is in life can make a change and make a difference, not only for themselves but for the people in their lives.

    Thanks again, and best wishes for you and your family.


  10. SFC Moe

    Thank you for sharing Bernie. This has been both inspirational and fun at the same time. Must say my battle buddy was crying all the way through your show.

  11. OC

    Thank you Bernie for sharing your story with us and for the amazing ride through all ranges of emotions! What a creative way to inspire us and pay tribute to your family for their sacrifices! Best wishes and continued success.

  12. Steve Toboz

    Great show. Able to seamlessly deliver an important message and comedy. A great delivery system. Keep up the good work!

  13. Tahlia S.


    Absolutely wonderful show! This was the second time I have been blessed with the opportunity to see you perform and it was even funnier this time around! You have truly mastered your trade and we are all better for it. Thanks for all you do!

  14. Michael Zeigler

    Great show! Loved every minute of it. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  15. Suzie L.

    Thanks for the show! It was awesome.

  16. Matthew

    You’re performance was great today. Thank you for coming to JBMDL

  17. SFC Warren

    Awesome show! What a way to bring it home, start out with some laughs and low crawl right into the main course. Didn’t know if you were low crawling or standing! Good job bernie,

  18. Laurie Leskanic

    Thank you for coming and sharing your story it was a wonderful show!

  19. Richard Tolbert

    What a fantastic show! Thank you so much Bernie for the laughs and the love. What a wonderful, emotionally charged event. You are a true gift Bernie. Thank God for you. Thanks again for everything.

  20. Nancy Vallor

    Loved your show. Thank you for sharing your talent and your personal story.

  21. George (John) Wokaly

    I am sorry if this sound a little corny, but for 30 minutes you made me laugh. Your life story was a little close to home, but you put you managed to find a very bright lighted path through some dark times.

    Thank You.

    Although you may have never dawned a uniform, you are still servicing, just down a different path.