Show Raffle Winners- “I Killed” True Road Stories from America’s Top Comics featuring Bernie McGrenahan

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I Killed True Road Stories from Americas Top Comedians Pensacola4

The following show attendees were randomly picked to receive a copy of I KILLED:True Road Stories of America’s Top Comedians!

JUNE 2014:

3- COMFLEACTS Sasebo, Japan- Chris Graumann- Prize contact info sent on 6/5
6- Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan- Taylor Elliott and Phillip Kendall- sent on 6/12
12- Corpus Christi- Manuel Gallegos and Jeff Hall- sent on 7/1
20- Gran Forks AFB- Jonathon MaCauley – sent on 7/1

JULY 2014:

2- Ft. Eustis- Dianna Sommer- prize contact info sent 7/7
16- NAVIOCOM, GA- Andrew Welch- prize contact info sent 7/7
17- NWS Charleston, SC- Sarah Pollard- prize contact info sent 7/28
23- NAS Fallon, NV- AO2 Terrell, Cole- mailed 7/25
29- Ft Gordon, GA- Russell Gray and Heather Mitchell- mailed 7/30 

AUGUST 2014:

13- NAS Whidbey Island, WA- Brian Masterson – prize contact info sent 8/14
14- NAVSTA Everett, WA- Angela Kolone- prize contact info sent 8/15
15-Naval Station Kitsap-Bangor, WA-  Rudy Gabardi- prize contact info sent 8/16
18- Barking Sands, Kauai,HI- Brittany Adkins and Robert Fullick- prize contact info sent 8/19


3- Ft Belvoir- Craig Ingram- prize contact info sent 9/9
5- Fleet Anti Submarine Warfare Training Center SD- Raquel Garcia- prize contact info sent 9/8

Congratulations from The HAPPY HOUR Comedy with a Message staff!

Contact  to claim your softback copies of I KILLED !

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