NAVSTA Everett- Bldg 2000 Auditorium- 0800 and 1000 hrs on Thursday August 14

Here I am at stop #2 of my Washington State tour: Naval Station Everett.  I am really enjoying the nice cool weather.  I understand the love and beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  Very different from the desert, where I live! I once again on this run, had two awesome crowds today.  Thanks CMC Dugan and Pac Fleet for hosting the programs. Chief Dela Cruz and all the  sailors treated me like a brother.  The BBQ was off the hook, including Ben and Jerry’s for dessert.   Thank you for your service. You men and women are why our freedom is possible.  

NAVSTA Everett 2 NS Everett 1Me with my brother Sean and sister Debra

Above: a couple photos of NAVSTA Everett!! Right: My special brother Sean holding my sister Debra and me!

* NAVSTA Everett was designed as a homeport for a US Navy Carrier Strike Group and is home to two Guided-Missile Destroyers, two Frigates,  one nuclear-powered Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier also USS Nimitz (CVN-68) and much more!  

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22 Responses to NAVSTA Everett- Bldg 2000 Auditorium- 0800 and 1000 hrs on Thursday August 14

  1. Christina Lewisjewell

    Had a good time. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. CecileMeraz

    Thank you for stopping by today! That was definitely a different way to have training, and it was waaaay better than Death By Powerpoint!

  3. Jeremy H.

    Thank you for coming out and sharing your story in the form of comedy. Hope to see you again.

  4. Marissa Olsen

    Great show today! Had a lot of good laughs. Thank you for sharing your story and taking pictures with us.

  5. Erica Ramirez

    Great show! Thank you for sharing your story.

  6. J. Easton

    Great Show, it was tough to tie in the message with comedy but you did an awesome job, thanks for sharing your personal experiences!

  7. Darius Brown

    The best show that I have seen in my 21 plus years of military service. Your story was inspirational and you should definitely spread your message to all of our base in America and overseas.
    God bless you!

  8. Ryan Sohl

    Loved the show, it was both informative and funny. It takes a lot of guts to present life experiences to a crowd and get the message across. Thank you!

  9. Angelica Huerta

    Thank you for coming! This was by far the best show I’ve been too… Thank you for sharing your story!

  10. Diamond Janczak

    Thank you for coming and sharing your story. It was heart felt and I had a bunch of good laughs. Thank you!

  11. Stephanie LaMacchia

    It was refreshing to see a possitive twist on such a touchy subject. Definatly recommended your work to all of my friends and family. You are great at what you do! Thank you for the morning laughs, perfect way to start my day!

  12. Tiffany Love

    Great show thanks for the laughs

  13. Katie Mason

    Everyone has their own story and experiences, but you took yours and aimed it to help other’s who may be struggling. You are a selfless and genuine heart and what you did here today has impressed on every person a perspective of new hope and perserverance. Thanx B!

  14. R. Schnepf

    Great show, after speaking with a junior sailor about it, it is evident you made a positive and lasting impact.

  15. Brian Emanuel

    That was an amazing show, brings a new twist to training. Lets us actually see the success of someone who has met these problems and overcome them to become a better person. Thanks for sharing the laughs and the stories. GOD BLESS!!!

  16. Green

    Than you for all the goog laughs today! I was literally crying the whole time. Most of all, thank you for sharing your story.

  17. Danny Burns

    Great show and truly heartfelt. Very hilarious. I wish we had more people like you to put a good twist on these issues. I think it word reach more people. Thanks and I hope to see one of your shows in the future

  18. Angela Avila

    Great show, thank you for the laughs and sharing your story.

  19. CWest

    Real good show… Made my day. It was a pleasure to hear ur story today…

  20. Angie

    Best Navy training I have ever attended in my 20yrs. Thank you for sharing your battles, struggles & most of all your faith in overcoming your demons. You are an amazing comedian! How you were able to find humor during some of your darkest moments is beyond me.
    My favorite part was knowing there is someone else in this world who also freaks out about public restrooms. At the end of the day your message was received.Thank you so much for making time for the military. Hooyah!!

  21. Su Wara

    Thank you so much for a good laugh and a powerful message that got me thinking about a few changes.

  22. Caramia Padgett

    Thank you Bernie. You definitely made mando training truly enjoyable. I laughed. I cried. I reevaluated my life and those around me. I may not drink, but your concepts and level of perspective can be applied to many aspects of life. Thank you again!