Ft Gordon, GA- Bernie is back!!

It is such a pleasure to return to Ft Gordon and deliver my “Happy Hour” program for the US Army!  Fort Gordon is a United States Army  installation in Augusta, GA that was established in 1917. It is the current home of the US Army Signal Corps and Signal Center.   Thank you for your service.  You are why our freedom is possible.  I will be at Alexander Hall on Tuesday July 29 at 1400 and 1800 hours.  Come by and say hello.  Can’t wait!!

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25 Responses to Ft Gordon, GA- Bernie is back!!

  1. Ryan Boileau

    Bernie –

    Great show – I genuinely appreciate the message you shared with us; it was both moving and educational. You kept me laughing, smiling, and thinking throughout!

  2. Russell Gray

    Your Show was awesome and I’m so glad I attended! Thanks for sharing with us your personal tragedies and triumphs to get the message across. We had way too much fun for it to be a “Training” session. And you are a great comedian and doing the right thing with the talents God blessed you with! 🙂

  3. Glenn Hartzog

    Because I don’t drink alcohol at all, I usually leave these training ASAP classes mad. Not today though. I believe it may have made an impression on some of these young men and women. Even if you only change one person’s life, it is worth it. Like I heard someone say, “Things” are temporal. People are eternal. Invest your life in people.

  4. Alberto Araya

    Thanks for the show, best mandatory anything I’ve ever been to in the Army. I appreciate the time you took for us, you had me laughing and thinking about a serious issue at the same time.

  5. Russell Gray

    OK…I was confused where to leave my comments and it said I left a duplicate comment. Cops should just ask people to write down their long military emails. That’s hard enough for people who don’t drink.

  6. Jeremy kupgisch

    BERNIE…. BERNIE. …Berrrrrrnie.. hey man thanks for the amazing show and message. Thank you for taking your time to educate and share your story with myself and everyone else in attendance. Keep it up bro it helps a lot to know there’s such a strong survivor that is willing to share both his accomplishments and some struggles that were hard but turned out to be for the better. .. thanks again!

  7. david laws

    Not a bad show at all. Alot better than i expected. Great job. Enjoyed the comedy with a message. Anything is better than death by PowerPoint.

  8. Ralph Piper

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I absolutely took something away with me.

  9. Ian Gordon

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  10. Corrie Matsuki

    Thank you for coming out and giving us soldiers something to smile and think about. We would love to see more of you. Keep doing what you doing.

  11. Ethan Gonzales

    Thanks for comin’ out to entertain us Bernie!! Great show with a good message!

  12. "Ace" Acevedo, exar

    Thanks for a great show, made my day and really made me think about things.

  13. SPC Patrick Hescox

    Thank you for the show tonight. I am sure you reached soldiers today and made a difference in at least one soldier’s life this evening. Great freedom is found when you are unburdened by what controls your life. Thank you.

  14. PFC Dyer

    Great show! I hope everyone took something away from it.

  15. SPC Harvey Barker

    Bernie!! Thank you for sharing your story and giving back to the troops. There’s very few comedians that can provide education and awareness on the subject alcohol, while also making us laugh hysterically.You’ve been blessed with a gift, please don’t let it stop here at Fort Gordon. Thanks again and safe travels. HOOAH!!!

  16. Pfc Bondurant

    Good show, much better than death by power point. Good to know there was another Vegas local on Ft. Gordon.

  17. Matthew Wilson

    Great show, glad you were able to make it out to Ft. Gordon

  18. Mitchel Bixby

    The 2 required drinks at the theater seemed inappropriate for the subject matter of the show. Quite reminiscent of Richard Pryors jokes about freebase cocaine, but not really. Good show.

  19. Pvt Kim

    It was nice, thanks sharing

  20. SPC Cory Chiang

    Great Show better then what I thought would happen

  21. Alejandro Quesada

    i had a great time, i have family that heavily abuse alcohol and i feel like now i can talk to them in a way i never really thought of……

  22. Pvt Owen, Tyler

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know I got a lot out of it. Sadly the story about both of your brothers ring close to my heart. Unfortunately I’ve had quite a few friends commit suicide in the past few years. Also the story about your other brother made me think back to when I used to work with special needs children. Through both of these the jokes seemed to ease the memories which helped. But all in all thank you for doing what your doing. Your story is fantastic and the comedy is awesome. Hope to see you again in my career!!!

  23. Heather Mitchell

    Bernie, I want to thank you for a great show! I admire your cause and appreciate you sharing your personal experiences to send a powerful message to all of us. Your show was so captivating, thank you!!

  24. Blondell Tolbert

    Great show! Serious message with a touch of comedy. You got your message across without boring us to death. Keep up the good work. Thanks for coming to Fort Gordon.

  25. SPC Mays

    Was an amazing show and was absolutely pleased by the message behind it. I have never say through a better training session before. You kept the audience engaged so the message was heard by everyone instead of us all falling asleep in a PowerPoint. Thank you so much! Keep up the amazing work!