NWS Charleston- “Happy Hour” is here!!

I’m so happy to back here in Charleston, SC!!  Naval Weapons Station Charleston is a base of the United States Navy located at the west bank of the Cooper River.   Their mission is to enable warfighter readiness by providing superior host and technical services through ordinance operations, facilities management, and waterfront operations. 

I had lunch at the East Side Deli- killer sandwich called the “Carolina” some of the best turkey I have ever had!  

NWS Charleston 1 NWS Charleston 2 NWS Charleston

 Above: a couple photos from today!! Right: my pre-show snack!

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10 Responses to NWS Charleston- “Happy Hour” is here!!

  1. EM3 Olson, James

    Thank you for the show you put on. I was dreading having to come to this expecting another brief beating the dead horse on don’t drink and drive and being smart with alcohol. Instead, I found myself laughing and enjoying myself. The message was provided in a way that wasn’t expected. Having people laugh causes them to relax and be much more willing to listen. I hope that your program inspires others to try and bring a message in a similar manner.

  2. MM3 Lemoine, Adriean

    I have to say that the show today was a surprise, as previously stated. It wasn’t in the least bit dry and/or boring. Honestly, I was rather surprised from the start of the show. I agree with the website’s name, “Comedy Is The Cure” because the briefs given normally don’t serve much of a purpose. They give us information, but the information doesn’t impact the decisions of those that choose to make the bad decisions. I feel like the show today was a little different. The laughable opening was welcoming, and the personal “I’ve been there” showed connection to the audience. I definitely enjoyed the “brief” today. Thank you for your time with us.

  3. MM3 Oswalt, Tim

    Thanks for coming out Bernie. It’s a whole lot more interesting than the normal briefs we get and it really helped. These briefs always hit close to home for me so it was nice to hear from someone who also had experiences.

  4. ET3 Pollard, Sarah

    Thanks for the show! It was definitely the best brief I’ve been to since I’ve enlisted. While I personally don’t drink and never will due to personal experiences, your presentation will leave my shipmates actually impacted, and maybe it’ll help them make the right choice. Thanks again, and good luck with this tour!

  5. Raymond Martineau

    Hey this was an awesome show today I truly had a fun time. Thanks for the laughs and sharing your experiences.

  6. ET3 Griffith, Nicholas

    Hey Bernie, you know I can’t write anything bad about your show when my name is attached to the comment (Hi Chief!)!

    But seriously, thanks for the laughs and entertaining some sailors for a few hours. It’s easy for us sailors to moan and groan through a forced PowerPoint slideshow that’s about as interesting as a vasectomy; so a little humor with your effort is a great way to support the troops and help the military community.

    Big thanks and bigger laughs!

  7. MM3 Alexander Corey

    Thanks a lot for the show and the words of wisdom. It’s nice to hear it in a way that can make us laugh!

  8. MM3 Tregenza, Rand

    Thank you for coming to the base and entertaining as well as educating us. I am sure that everyone enjoyed the mandatory session and left with brighter spirits for the times to come. Thank you again and say “Hi” to your brother and sister for all of us and keep that chin up!

  9. Beyondka Fields

    Hi Bernie, I’ve watched your show on your website and it was very inspirational. I hope to catch one of your live shows. Keep up the good work and keep us smiling!

  10. AO2 Jonathon Churchill

    Thank you