Grand Forks AFB- “Happy Hour” rolls in to North Dakota!!

JOHNATHON MCCAULEY wins the show raffle. Contact to claim your Comedy book Prize!  
***I had a great time at Grand Forks Air Force Base.  Grand Forks AFB  is a United States Air Force  installation in northeastern North Dakota.  Opened 57 years ago in early 1957, the base’s current host unit is the 319th Air Base Wing  assigned to the Expeditionary Center of the Air Mobility Command.    Thank you for hosting my Happy Hour Tour.   Hats off to the Safety Team and all you great Airmen for participating and serving this country so proudly.  


GFAFB 8Grand Forks AFB 1Grand Forks AFB 2 2GF AFB


Photos courtesy of SrA Xavier Navarro.

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26 Responses to Grand Forks AFB- “Happy Hour” rolls in to North Dakota!!

  1. Reginald Roberts

    You’re the man! God Bless!

  2. Madi Sylvester

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s one I’m extremely familiar with. It takes a strong person to be able to look at yourself and acknowledge your faults, but an even bigger person to do something about it. (Yes, even if you’re one of us “vertically challenged” folks).

  3. Matthew Bolin

    Great show Bernie. Thanks for all the laughs!

  4. Larail Crawford

    Excellent show Bernie! Hopefully and more importantly someone at Grand Forks takes away the importance of your message. Hats off to you!!

  5. Jacob Martinez

    To be honest, I was skeptical when I herd we had to attend a DUI Comedy show. Wasn’t sure how that was going to pan out. The turn out was amazing. You are a very hilarious comedian and I took your story to heart. Thank you for sharing such a meaningful message and of course for the great laughs!

  6. Ricky Conner

    Great show, great message. Well done Bernie!

  7. Ben Cisneros


    First off, thank you for coming to Grand Forks AFB and putting on a tremendous show, with a tremendous message. Secondly, try doing you skit standing up next time…ha, you were great.

    God Speed,


  8. Chris young

    Awesome show sir!!! Some of those stories hit pretty hard with me!!

  9. Max Estrada

    Thank you for a great show, when i found out we had to go i was not very happy. But you made my day.

  10. Isaiah Jefferson

    Great job today Bernie! Thank you for making us laugh and sharing with us your story. You changed my mind about alcohol.

  11. Christopher Lyons

    Excellent show, generally shrug my shoulders at mandatory events, but this was much better than I was expecting! Always a pleasure to see another Las Vegan too!

  12. Tad Schussler

    Great show today, thank you for coming to Grand Forks!

  13. Johnathon McCauley

    Hey Bernie,

    Excellent show today at the Liberty Square, you Killed It for real. You have a wonderful story and it takes guts to share it with strangers, but you proved that Laughter, not substance abuse, is the best cure.

  14. Austin Overbey

    Very entertaining and eye opening. Excellent show. Thabks for sharing your life with us.

  15. Shae Alamo

    Thank you for coming to Grand Forks! Great show!

  16. Casey Cousins

    Great show today at Grand Forks AFB! You killed it! Thanks for sharing your story. Look forward to seeing you at future bases around the world.

  17. Joseph Bac

    Great show. A lot more enjoyable than most of our mandatory fun.

  18. Oscar Cazares

    Thanks, you did a Great Job!

  19. Alosha Ayinde

    When I read I had to attend a mandatory DUI comedy, I thought it was going to be lame. But surprisingly, I had a good time. You were quite funny, and it was great to hear your story. I really hope it touched people who may be in a simmilar situation. By the way, your brother Sean sounds awesome!

  20. Brian Delaney


    Great show! I was impressed with the way you weaved comedy, tragedy and your message all together. Certainly one of the better DUI messages I’ve seen, and a solid stand show all by itself!

  21. Kristie Collins


    Thank you for the wonderful show today and definitely got the message across. Thank you again.

  22. Todd Viney

    Awesome job today. I think you hit home with a couple people. At least I know you did with me. Throw me in that raffle for the killing. Would love to read it.

  23. Jeri Anderson

    Thank you for making us laugh and sharing your story with a great message…an hour well spent. THANK YOU!!!! You and your family are amazing and truly blessed.

  24. Joe Fabiano

    Great show sir!

  25. Dawid Mludzik

    Awesome show man! Come back anytime! Bring your brother!

  26. Kenneth Paige

    great show & great message! I really enjoyed it thank you for coming to Grand Forks