NAS Kingsville / NAS Corpus Christi – Thank you TEXAS!!

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Above is Jessica, Lt Hardison, EN1 Roberts, Laura, Brenda and Pat from Kingsville.  Pics from Corpus coming soon! 

 I’m happy to back on US / Texas soil delivering my “Happy Hour” program to NAS Kingsville and NAS Corpus Christi!!  NAS Kingsville is a military airport located near Kingsville, TX and one of the U.S. Navy’s premier locations for jet aviation training.  NAS Corpus Christi is a naval base located in the southeast part of Corpus Christi and has been home to Naval pilot training since 1941.  Thank you for inviting me here to share some laughs with you all and spread an important message.  I will be at the Auditorium at NAS Kingsville at 0900 and Wing’s Auditorium at NAS Corpus Christi at 1300 hours on Thursday June 12.  Come by and say hello!  Hope to see you there!

NASCCBernie Wiesbaden 3 Skipper Corpus Christi 
The Skipper made a trip to my hotel to personally Thank me for the presentation.  This was an honor and a first~

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14 Responses to NAS Kingsville / NAS Corpus Christi – Thank you TEXAS!!

  1. Lynn Early

    Thanks so much for the real life reminders.
    Your story brought back memories fo friends adn family and I wish you Gods Speed and a safe journey. Thanks again for the presentation.

  2. Tamara Hill

    It was a very good show. I enjoyed the time off work to see you for a inspirational funny show. Thank you for taking the time to come to military bases around the world.

  3. Monette Walker

    Great Show, thank you for what you do for our military

  4. Manuel Gallegos

    Great show, I appreciate you trying to get a laugh out of my chief..Thanks for what you do for us.

  5. Nidia D

    You killed it! Thank you for coming out and sharing your story with us!

  6. Philip Baker

    Outstanding performance, you kept us engaged and interested in your story and we actually received your message. Thank you for coming to NAS Kingsville to sharing your story.

  7. Steven Arndt

    You are truly one of a kind and a wonderful example of how each of us no matter our past and pain can make positive changes not only in our lives but also in the lives of those around us. You, on the other hand, have taken your story of healing and strength world wide. May God continue to bless you and make you a blessing to others! Very well done, Sir. Very well done indeed.

  8. Ron "Gunner" Retzlaff

    Bernie, I’ve seen your show numerous times and you always “kill it”. Thank you for your support of our military men and women, there are far too few people who appreciate what they do for us these days.

  9. Al Lima

    Bernie, this was my first time seeing your show. It was great. We really appreciate your support of the Military and we wish you and yours the best.

  10. Lauren Weirich

    You really killed it! I just want to thank you for coming out and telling us (military personnel/civilian workers) your story.this doesn’t happen often and we enjoyd it, more than most our training! Thanks again!!!

  11. Nika Valentine

    Simply amazing!!! I laughed AND cried. Your story really touched me. My big brother died recently and it changed me. I’m desperately trying to change and be better now… trying to be there more for my little brother now. And I live how grateful you are to your mom… I adore my mom too. The only person that stood beside me no matter what. You are such an inspiration. Thank you, I needed that.
    And it was a way to get out of work on my birthday!!!! Lol

  12. Jeff Hall

    You killed it today Bernie. My Aunt is just like your brother. Every time we talk on the phone the first thing I hear is when you coming home. Thanks for the laughs today especially when you were getting on Chief Hill. Thanks again Bernie!!!

  13. CDR Nels Swanson

    Thanks for a surprisingly moving and poignant show to deliver messages about alcohol and drug use, stress and suicide, and the roles of those you love with your testimony. Terrific show.

  14. Pat Kapitan

    Bernie, thank you for a great show! You touched my heart. As others have said, “you killed it” – you gave us all an opportunity to laugh, shared a life experience with us and left behind a powerul message. Best wishes to you and your wife. Give Sean a BIG TEXAS hello!!