Camp Foster- “Happy Hour” will be at the Foster Community Center at 0800 and 0930 on Friday June 6!

Hello Camp Foster!  I am happy to be here on my final stop on my Japan tour.  Camp Foster  is a United States Marine Corps that serves as the headquarters for MCB Butler and as the Okinawa office of  United States Forces Japan.   Thank you for your service and for hosting my “Happy Hour” tour.  I will be at the Camp Foster Community Center at 0800 and 0930 on Friday, June 6.  Hope to see you there!!

Camp Foster 1Ft Bliss 13Sean loving his big bro

Above: a pic of Camp Foster, me on stage and a pic of me and my special brother Sean.

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20 Responses to Camp Foster- “Happy Hour” will be at the Foster Community Center at 0800 and 0930 on Friday June 6!

  1. Jason

    I was there!

  2. Jason

    If I comment twice do I enter the raffle twice?

  3. Aaron

    Hey, appreciate the show, great laugh! Inspiring story to stay focused and make good decisions

  4. Maggie Applewhite

    Very good show! I was there and enjoyed it. your story brought tears to my eyes and laughter to my soul. Keep up the good work at being free from alcohol. Your Brother is looking down on you smiling and very proud.

  5. Jason Reinhardt

    Hey I was there, best training I’ve been to yet

  6. Aaron hooks

    Best training the Navy has ever had

  7. Nelida Legorreta

    Awesome job 🙂 had a great time!!

  8. Taylor Elliott

    Great show! Definatly not what I expected for navy training.

  9. Denise duplessis

    Thank u Bernie for a great show I appreciate the celebrities that really do things for the military. A lot of celebrities just give us shout outs but don’t put any effort into showing that they appreciate that we are sacrificing for them to live free!! Again thank you very much!!!

  10. Kayla O'Brien

    I was there. It was a wonderful change from death by powerpoint.

  11. Coryn Griffith

    We all really appreciated you coming out, most interesting training I’ve experienced by far!

  12. Stephanie Scilabro-Beigh

    Hi Bernie, I was there for both of the shows. Both of them were amazing and a lot of what you said was inspiring in its own way. I’m not in the military, but my husband serves and I want to thank you for coming out here and giving all of the military members a great show and a good laugh!!! I hope that you are able to make it out here again in the future and may you have safe travels.

  13. Lc Weathersby III

    I was there today, great show!! I saw you in Corpus Christi also, very inspirational. Job Well done

  14. Phillip Kendall

    I was there for the 0930 show. I did not want to be there and was a little upset at having to attend yet more training on a subject that seems to be held every week or two. I am glad that I went. It was nice to hear some great comedy as well as the personal sharing that Bernie offered up. Much better than PowerPoint or some tired guy lecturing.

  15. Daisy Garniga

    I was there!

  16. Warren Erickson

    Thank you so much for the show, really was good change in pace and lightened up the atmosphere here for that time. Thanks for what you do for all of us.

  17. Erik Rick

    Thanks for coming out here Bernie. Damn fine entertainment/training. Really appreciate your support.

  18. Brandon

    That was a great show today! Thank you for all the support and I’m pretty sure all the other branch stationed around the world think the same!

  19. Abraham

    I was there!
    great show

  20. David Wright

    Thank you for coming out, a great show- I was there and laughing all the way through