Fort Hunter Liggett- “I Killed” raffle winner- Carrie Moody- CONGRATS!!

It is wonderful to be up here at beautiful Fort Hunter Liggett!!  Fort Hunter Liggett  is a United States Army fort in southern Monterey County County, CA.  The fort is primarily used as a training facility, where activities such as field maneuvers and live fire exercises are performed.   Thank you for hosting my “Happy hour” tour, but more importantly, thank you for your service to our country.    I will be at the Post Theater (Bldg 81) at 0900 on Wednesday May 21.  Come by and say hello!! 

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14 Responses to Fort Hunter Liggett- “I Killed” raffle winner- Carrie Moody- CONGRATS!!

  1. Cyndi

    Thank you for coming to FHL!

  2. Saki Stringfield

    I want the book! I am the only one who will read it!

  3. Kyle Millsap

    Thanks for the Laughs Bernie, great show and a great message!

  4. Jesus Portugal

    Great show.

  5. Carrie Moody

    Funny with a good message.

    • Carrie Moody

      Thank you Bernie!

  6. Christian Benjamin

    Great message. Glad you came out!

  7. Angela McEwen

    Thanks for coming and sharing your story!! Best ‘training’ they’ve ever had here.

  8. Emmanuel Castro

    Awsome show thanks for your messege, and laghters.

  9. Jeff Minetti

    Awesome show!!!!

  10. Irina

    Thank you for coming out, you made everyone’s day!

  11. Larry

    Thanks for coming out to entertain us Bernie, best of luck in the future, and please say hello to your brother Shawn from all of us here at Ft. Hunter Liggett.

  12. Ino

    Aloha Bernie,
    Powerful stuff bruddha. Had me in stitches to shedding a tear or two in a span of twenty minutes. The message you delivered hit home to many in our audience that knows someone in their lives that you so eloquently described. Looking forward to your return engagement highlighting the show at our commissary. lol

  13. Carol lange

    Great Show hope i get to see you again. Hope you come back to Ft.Hunter Liggett. Very special way of getting the word accross to people.
    Thanks again,