Naval Air Facility Atsugi- Congrats to Kenneth Moses- “I Killed” comedy book raffle winner!!

Hello Naval Air Facility Atsugi!!    It is such an honor to be here, as NAF Atsugi  is the largest United States Navy air base in the Pacific Ocean and houses the squadrons of Carrier Air Wing 5, which deploys with the USS George Washington (CVN-73) .  Thank you for hosting my “Happy Hour” tour.   You are my final stop on this 24 day tour. I’m going out with a bang!! Please come to Bldg 77 Nada Cinema at 0800 and 1000 hrs to share some laughs and say hi.  Can’t wait!!

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 Above: me on stage. Me and my brother Sean at a Dodger game!

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35 Responses to Naval Air Facility Atsugi- Congrats to Kenneth Moses- “I Killed” comedy book raffle winner!!

  1. Araseli Gawroriski

    Hey Bernie
    Thanks for coming out and making me laugh! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  2. Matt Peterson

    Thanks for giving me a good laugh and for your support.

  3. Rob Campbell

    Bernie!! Next time you come to NAF Atsugi I will kill you………with my comedy, lol. Thanks from coming out bro, I enjoyed it and thanks for sharing those stories about your brother. Maybe you could bring Sean aout here with you next time.

  4. Lorenzo Diazconti

    This was the funniest training ever

  5. Nicole

    Great great show you definitely killed it!!! I really enjoyed the show and good for you on the change and thanks for what you do ,spreading suicide awareness

  6. Thomas Brato

    Awesome show. Thanks for coming out and sharing your story.

  7. Christopher Montgomery

    Bernie awsome show!

  8. Adrian

    Great show!!!!!

  9. Carli Mock

    Best training ever!

  10. Kenneth Moses

    Greatly enjoyed the show. The best way to get training. Kept me very entertained and had a great lesson. Thanks for coming.

  11. Lucy Lucero

    Great show…now gimme that book!

  12. Eric Joshua Wilkinson

    Thanks for the great show Bernie. It’s very strange to me that yesterday we get told about this mandatory “training” as that same day a very big family issue took place that has been eating away at me. Then, I get to the show and you end with such a strong message about brothers that I had to keep myself from crying in the theater. The coincidence of this has left me stunned and confused. Thanks again for your story, and the laughs.

  13. Samantha Nicodemus

    The show was great. Definitely needed the laugh, thank you.

  14. Sean Limbach

    Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on your sobriety. Thanks for the laughs.

  15. nathan rupley

    Great show!! Best training ever. Thanks for sharing your story. Lost a family member to suicide as well. Good luck and God bless

  16. Angel Salazar

    Your presentation was awesome… Also as you can see on my facebook profile pic i dont have duckface pic anywhere to be found.

  17. Brian Yi

    You were hilarious man! Im glad my LPO put me up for PR summit! Continue what you are doing i have recently quit drinking too and its pretty good life! Thanks for your support!

  18. Theo Frashure

    Thank you so much for the best training ever!!!

  19. Larry Simeon

    Awesome training! Thanks for all you do for us!

  20. Brevard Smith

    Comedy keeps our Military going all over the world, when we look back at our careers those who have made us laugh are the one we hold most dear. Many of us in the military want to make training more fun. Thank you for your support!

  21. Joshua Lee

    Just want to say thank you for all your time and effort. Great show, good message, and by far the best training I have had! Thank you!

  22. Joshua Garcia

    Thank you very much, not just for the laughs but for the inspiration.

  23. Heath smith

    Seen you last year in fallon. Just as funny as the first time!

  24. Jacob Gulick

    Thank you for the laughs, I enjoyed the show.

  25. Rob Huricks

    Great training! I enjoyed the show. Thank you!

  26. Gordon Mohl

    Thanks for the show. Good to see something different to catch our attentions. Much different experience than I expected when I walked into the theater today.

  27. Danny Royer

    Loved your show today. I NEVER laugh very much but your show had me rolling! Your message was very inspiring and you made training actually enjoyable.. that’s not an easy feat. Thanks for all you do for all of us service members!!!

  28. Christian Rivera

    Thanks for showing your support for the troops? A big thank you for sharing your inspiring story! Very powerful message! I hope to catch one of your shows state side!

  29. Willie white

    I was there. The rest is in your inbox thx for what you do it means alot

  30. Courtney Hoopert

    I would like to thank you for coming out and ask speaking today. I enjoyed your comedy and your life story really was touching. Thanks for sharing and i hope you had as much fun here as we enjoyed having you.

  31. Chris McGuire

    Thank you for the break of monotony. Awesome show! You made my day.

  32. Andrew Moore

    Thanks for coming all the way to Atsugi, best mandatory training ever!

  33. Karl pompilus

    This was really good thank you.

  34. Berdell Akootchook

    Thanks for coming out to NAF Atsugi. It was a good show.

  35. Cody DeBoer

    Great work. I hope that the military keeps you employed entertaining and educating service members for years to come. Outstanding show.