SHAPE- Alliance Theater- Congrats to Ray Petersen- “I Killed” raffle book winner!!

SHAPE 1I’m happy to be here at SHAPE! Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) is the central command of NATO Military  forces. Since 1967 it has been located at Casteau, north of the Belgian City of Mons, but it had previously been located, from 1953, at Fontainbleau, France. From 1951 to 2003, SHAPE was the headquarters of operational forces in the European theatre (Allied Command Europe, ACE), but since 2003 it has been the headquarters of Allied Command Operations (ACO), controlling all allied operations worldwide. It is an honor to have you host my “Happy Hour” program.  Please come by the Alliance Theater on Tuesday, April 22 at 0930 hrs.  See you there!

 SHAPEBernie 8Sean loving his big bro  SHAPE2

 Above: Me doing what I love.  Me and my brother Sean! Two shots from today of  some of the awesome audience!

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10 Responses to SHAPE- Alliance Theater- Congrats to Ray Petersen- “I Killed” raffle book winner!!

  1. James

    You were hilarious. I was in tears from laughing. Thanks for coming to Belgium!

  2. Joni Swaney

    A hilarious comedy show, followed by a very moving and poignant story about Bernie’s past experiences and family. Well done to the SHAPE powers that be to hire this wonderful comedian to entertain us and get across a very powerful message about drugs and alcohol at the same time. Thanks Bernie…you were fabulous!

  3. Sophie

    Thank you, this was my first “mandatory training” Where I got “Killed” 🙂 This show was awsome!!

  4. Ray Petersen

    I was at the show. Great show and awesome performance. I hope the military goes this direction with breifings

  5. spc jessica balanza/ us army

    I know u weren’t trying to b inspirational but u were ! I hope that u are able to continue to spread your story so people and soldiers can see that they can still b a good, funny person with out the alcohol . You did a great job . You totally killed it! Thank you for making our mandatory training entertaining !

  6. Linda Rothstein

    We librarians from the SHAPE International Library really enjoyed your show. Thank you for sharing your struggles and triumphs; stories like yours are the ones that stick with you and have the best chance of helping someone recognize their own issues and challenges. We will look forward to purchasing your book and adding it to our collection!

  7. Anthony Bruckmeier

    Thanks for coming out and putting on a hellava show. Best “mandatory training” I have ever attended! Your a true success story I am gland you are able to turn your life experiences into something to benefit the masses. Keep Killin it!


    Thanks for coming and doing this for us.

  9. Angela Wainwright

    Bernie, it was a pleasure to meet you and the show was awesome. Now I’m being asked is there a “make up training” and my response is yes, meet me in the classroom, I have 60 PowerPoint slides to READ to you. Your message was funny and impactful. Keep doing what you do; lives are definitely being changed and hearts encouraged by your gift of laughter. Oh and one last thing “He really didn’t mind”.

  10. Enrique Grayson

    Hey Bernie, thanks for the different method of mandatory training, sharing your life story, and Killing us at the same time. Enjoyed it and keep up the good work