USAG Wiesbaden-Congrats to Parker Haley and Duane Dockstader- “I Killed’ raffle book winners!!

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 Photos courtesy of Chrystal Smith, Army PA Specialist 

I was so excited to be at USAG Wiesbaden today.  Thank you for hosting my “Happy Hour ”  Comedy ‘With a Message’ Tour.  The U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden serves the men, women and children who live and work in the Wiesbaden military community. Located 20 minutes away from Frankfurt International Airport, the Wiesbaden military community is host to several tenant units, including: V Corps, 5th Signal Command, 66th Military Intelligence Brigade, 421st Multifunctional Medical Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment.  Thank you ASAP, Col Karstens, CSM Rocco and all the ACS, and Prevention teams who made this such an outstanding event.  I have never felt so much gratitude and appreciation by those who serve.  I hope I put a smile on your face and a touch of reflection in your hearts.  You have deeply touched mine.  You are all strong, determined and resilient.  You inspire me! 

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 Wies 17 Ssgt Ronspiez my ride to AnsbachBrother Scott...RIPSean loving his big bro 
Left: SSgt Ronspiez- thanks for ride to Ansbach, Center- my brother Sean, Right: My brother Scott, the purpose, honor & motivation of my tour !

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119 Responses to USAG Wiesbaden-Congrats to Parker Haley and Duane Dockstader- “I Killed’ raffle book winners!!

  1. John Williams

    I was there Bernie! :p the show was great.

  2. Tiffany Freeze

    Awesome show. Thanks for coming.

  3. Renee

    I was there and you rocked!

  4. Miguel Rangel

    I was there great show lots of fun thank you for your experiences.

  5. Rey Nixon

    I was blessed to be there! You rocked!!!! God Bless!!!

  6. Charles Wolford II

    Hi Bernie I was at the show. It was a good mix of comedy and a touching personal story. Thanks for coming!

  7. Mike Larson

    Bernie, I was there. Great show. Thank you.

  8. steven ericksen

    Bernie!!!!! Awesome show. Thank you for coming out! !!!!

  9. David Lofaro

    I was there, Bernie! Kinda out of sight….barely saw you from the upper deckof the gym, but it was a great show…entertaining and insightful. Keep doing you, man!!!

  10. Nate simmons

    I’m still here. … lol. Great show and testimony.

  11. Lupe Alvarado

    Bernie was truly a genuine person that show me that you can still have fun enjoy life no matter what. Bernie thanks for visiting Wiesbaden and sharing your life with us.

  12. Parker Haley

    Great show Bernie! I loved it. I was there. Thank you for the personal stories. It spoke volumes.

  13. Steph

    Awesome show!!! Thanks for the great presentation.

  14. Jose Cruz

    I had the pleasure to meet Bernie back in 2010 at Ft Jackson SC when he came to speak to the Troops. Awesome as always!!!!!!!!! I was there for a second time!!!!!

  15. Heather Saturday

    Amazing show! I was crying from laughing so hard! Thank you so much 🙂

  16. Anthony Hrubetz

    I was there Bernie, Great show.

  17. Shawna Phillips

    I’ve seen your show before (I believe here in Wiesbaden)but it is just as touching! Thank you for supporting your Troops! Great show!!!!

  18. Emanuel Hinostroza

    Great show and thank you!

  19. Virgil Fiddemon

    Great show.

  20. Jeffrey Grounds

    Sweet Show. Loved the testimony and great message. Plus got some good laughs out of it as well.

  21. Albert Cosajay

    I was there! Great show, stay classy!

  22. Adam Perrin

    Thanks for the laughs and your powerful message. Most of all thanks for sharing yourself and your life. Will be following you more.

  23. Chris Miller

    Just wanted to commend you for the outstanding performance! It was an honor to listen to your story, I was touched by what you said! People really don’t realize the paths their headed down until it’s too late, I want to thank you for giving me an eye opening experience!
    Best wishes!

  24. Lakinya Torres

    I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Chase Sutfin

    Great show and a great message! Very inspiring and motivational. Thank you for sharing your time and stories with us in Wiesbaden.

  26. Jim Meredith

    Truly enjoyed your show, one of the best shows and messages relating to the topic. I was there, and so glad I attended. Thank you very much for your time.

  27. Joshua Gilmore

    Great show. The message was deep amd makes you really think about what is your life for..Keep it up man.

  28. JP

    Hi Bernie!! I was there and what an exciting show. I am amazed on how well you have taken the tragic events you endured and made something very positive from them. Stay focused every day. I wish you all the best.


  29. Kiko Guichardo

    Great show , outstanding Routine , let me win I need To read a good book !

  30. Robert Foy

    I was there! Loved the show! Thanks for the jokes and stories!

  31. Tom

    Thank you for coming to Wiesbaden, your show was fantastic!

  32. Alexander Xayavong

    Hey Bernie,

    Let me tell you this, Major Feels Trip. A powerful message mixed with some awesome comedy, genius! Good luck to your family and everything you do. Thanks for coming out to see us!

  33. Tyler Reynolds

    I was there! Great show and performance. Looks like there’s more than 7 comments!

  34. Bee Gee

    Great Time today Bernie, It takes a strong man to get up there and share a life experience as you had and put a comical spin on it. As a 1SG here in Wiesbaden, i know I have never seen my Soldiers pay more attention to a guest speaker as they did today. I hope everyone took as much out of your story as I did. thanks for coming!!

  35. Nicholas Bowe

    Awesome show, one of the best I’ve seen and had to attend!!

  36. Marc Pettie

    I was at the show Bernie and it was awesome. But presentation I have been to in the army.

  37. Jerry Deaver

    Very uplifting, funny and inspiring show. Thanks so much for taking time to come to visit us in U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden.

  38. James Kirk

    That was a simply amazing show. Great performance and great message! I can’t wait to hear about your future accomplishments!

  39. Steven herald

    I was there bernie

  40. Brandon Davenport

    Thanks for coming, thanks for sharing Bernie. Great show!!

  41. Alan Bryant

    Awesome show with amazing experience, strength, and hope! Glad I was there.

  42. Cedric Davis Sr.

    Thanks for the great show today. Your story was inspiring and a great example for soldiers.

  43. Phillip Horse

    I was there…..and enjoyed your comedy and positive outlook on an important topic

  44. Cameron L. Albert

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. Funny, emotional but overall inspiring.

  45. Calvin Simmons

    Great show ! You provided a wonderful mix if comedy, tragedy and empathy! Awesome to hear a comedian share their life experience and the ultimate reflection in the mirror we all might have to ultimately face!!

  46. Pierre Chease

    I was there..Great show

  47. William Palumbo

    Loved the show and enjoyed talking brothers afterwards. Thank you, William. I was there!!!!!

  48. Zac Adams


    Your show was great and I didn’t shake your hand but want to say THANK YOU for doing this.

    You made mandatory training fun today!

  49. Jan

    I was there Bernie. Your show was fantastic! I appreciate your willingness to share your personal story in the hope of making a difference in the lives of others. You’ve made a difference in mine. Thank you.

  50. Christina Little

    Awesome show- best training I attended so far!

  51. L. Hull

    Excellent show and very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your personal story and making the topic more meaningful.

  52. Ana Cutler

    Thank you for an awsome show Bernie!!!! Very inspirational and very heart warming. Enjoyed every minute of it.

  53. Alex Pope

    Thank you “brah” for sharing your life journey/personal story with all of us and the outstanding comedy show as well. Truly inspirational for everyone and I really hope your message was received by all whom attended. Thanks for coming and for everything you do for all that hear your message!

  54. Joann Theodore


    Loved, loved, loved your show. It was a great pleasure to hear your story while you teach us a very important lesson. Wonderful message….Thank you so much!!!

  55. Logan

    I was There, Great show.
    Parts of it was hearing my story out loud.

    Thank you so much.

  56. Nena Mancilla-Cruz

    Loved your show today!! This was the second time I had the opportunity to watch you do a show! I truly enjoyed both the comedy and the message!! Thank you for taking the time and sharing your own experiences with us.

  57. Grady Martin


    Excellent job! Thanks for the support and mentorship you provide to our great military.

  58. Keith Sharp

    “Love the show Bernie”

  59. Lisa

    I was there!!!!!! So happy to have been there to enjoy your comedic genius and be touched, uplifted, and inspired by your personal experiences/hardships. Loved, loved, loved the show. You really captured the audience and held them the whole way through…I know your message was well received by all. Keep doing what you do!!!

  60. Joe P.

    I was there Bernie! Sooooo much better than the usual powerpoint and the Soldiers loved it. Kudos to you and God Bless!

  61. Jeffrey Robinson

    I was there Bernie!!! You made that the most talked about SHARP event that we have had in the 3 years that I have been here in Wiesbaden. Thanks for the experience and life lessons that you shared.

  62. Eric Long

    I was there Bernie! Your testimony was strong and message understood. Awareness is the answer to get Soldiers back on track to do what we do best, protect and defend. Again thanks for the laugh also.

  63. Scott F kreutzer

    I was there. Great to hear you today.

  64. Kory Horn

    Great show, thank you for coming. It was an awakening for those desensitized by the endless SHARP and ASAP PowerPoint barrage.

  65. David Carstens

    Bernie: thanks for your commitment to those who serve. Your message was inspiring. I appreciate the energy you brought to our great Military Community in Wiesbaden. Thank you again for a job well done! On behalf of the Garrison Command Team: you ROCK!

  66. Daniel Phillips

    Wow, what a great show. Great positive message that you could really come from the heart with the personal experiences and the comedy was on point. I want to thank you for all you do for the troops, I am sure you have helped way more than you could realize.

  67. Steve Koehn

    Great show today!

  68. Justin Buhagiar

    I was there!! You are the man!

  69. Roger Hernandez

    Great show Bernie! I really enjoyed your integration of personal life and jokes. Keep your head up! You’re amazing! -Wiesbaden 16APR2014

  70. JAGarner

    Bernie, Thank you for taking the time to share your story and make so many of these difficult subjects real and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed your show. Best Wishes, Jacki

  71. Tom

    Outstanding show. Dynamite performance. The bit about underwear as a headband was too close to home .. guys really need an expiration date so they can get rid of the old and get new. Best presentation on this topic I have attended.

  72. Dean Hall

    Great Show. I was there….
    I wasn’t sure if i should have laughed at all he jokes, but i was laughing on the inside.

  73. william fouts

    awesome show. got some good laughs in. thanks for coming

  74. Mike H

    Great show today, thanks for your time and support of the troops!
    Really good thoughts.

  75. David A. Phillips

    Bernie I was there. Thanks for taking the time to share your story. Best mando training ever.

  76. AW

    You turned a “mandatory” event into a “must attend event” for the many laughs. Thank you for humanizing the risks of drinking.

  77. Austin Morrissey

    Thank you for coming to Wiesbaden, your story was truly inspirational. I am glad to say i was there to hear what you had to say. Thank you.

  78. CY

    Awesome show, was rather interesting to be mandatory fun.

  79. Gil Gilbert

    I was there. Thank you sir for such a great show. Thank you for sharing your stories and making this SHARP & ASAP event a rememorable one.

  80. Timothy Smith

    Bernie, thank you for the great show today. The Soldiers really enjoyed it.

  81. Lori

    Great show! Thank you very much! Very blessed to see such a great comedy presentation. You story has touched the hearts of many of us! Thank you!

    • Lori

      Never thought mandatory fun could be….fun!

  82. Tom

    Most I’ve laughed in a long time. Great delivery of both comedy and a message. 100% positive feed back from my Soldiers. Thank you.

  83. Mike Di

    Great show today in Wiesbaden! Great comedy but even better inspirational message. Much appreciated. God bless.

  84. Terry Collins

    Great show. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with everything.

  85. Martin Merritt

    Thanks Bernie for the laughs and your personal sharing. I have never enjoyed mando training that much. I hope to see your show again down the road. All that being said, I want a book.

  86. Antonio McFadden


    I was there, outstanding show!!! Thanks for the laughs…

  87. Sue

    I was there! Great show Bernie! Thanks for making our mandatory training fun 🙂

  88. Maurice Luckett

    I am proud to serve my country and that pride is certainly acknowledged when “celebrities” like yourself take the time to thank/support us (more so when you share your personal hardships and mix in some laughs that lead to a motivational message). Thank you.

  89. Joshua Mattson

    I was there. Great show and great message. Thanks for coming.

  90. Tyler

    Absolutely terrific show! What a tremendous job Bernie does entertaining an audience while also including deeply important messages.

  91. Michael E. Smith

    Bernie, I was there! A Great show, full of laughs as well as moments of serious reflection. Thanks for coming out and really entertaining us today!

  92. Michele Holman

    I am so happy you came to Wiesbaden. It was awsome. That is a great thing you did for the troops today. Just the right amount of levity and great delivery of an important message.

  93. Nancy

    Thank you for an amazing show. Great I words of inspiration to our military community.

  94. Maria Diaz

    I was the crazy chick that designed the obstacle course. You had me me laughing and then crying…so much of your story struck a cord and mirrored my life. Thank you for leaving such an indelible mark on our great community.

  95. Lora

    Great show! Touched me on many different levels. Brought me to tears as well! Thank you for your time, honesty and the laughter! Definitely and eye opener.

  96. Dan Woerheide

    Bernie, I was there… The show was great, and your story certainly added an appropriate level of expertise in your message. Thank you and wish you the best.

  97. Mike Tedesco

    Bernie, your message was timely and your performance outstanding. Very much enjoyed seeing you today at the Clay Caserne gym in Wiesbaden. Thank you for being with us today.

  98. Cody A Ford

    Thank you for the awesome show today. It was really inspiring to hear your story and the obstacles you overcame. I hope you have a safe trip back to the States, and say hello to Sean for us!

  99. Duane Dockstader


    Hands down best mandatory training ever. Thank you Bernie for sharing your story, and the laughs. God Bless and keep up the good fight.

  100. Jason P

    Bernie, I was there. Great show. Your message was powerful and will have an impact.

  101. Scott Kulifay

    Bernie, thank you so much for coming to Wiesbaden! You made me laugh so much!! You are a true inspiration.


    I…was…there!…thanks for the laughs…we dont get live entertainment with such a positive message behind it!

  103. Shawn G

    Bernie, I was there. Great show! Thanks for sharing and teaching through comedy.

  104. Steven Z

    Bernie great performance, I was there

  105. Scott

    I was there, you were great. Thanks for sharing your story!

  106. Stan Koziatek

    Truly inspiring. Great laughs with a serious message. You probably saved someone’s life today. Thank you!

  107. Dylan Pepper

    I would just like to thank you for taking the time to come out and give us all a well deserved laugh and a great time. I, as well, as the rest of the post are thankful that people like you will do something like. You really impressed me with your want of not being publicly noticed on the internet. Again, I would like to say thank you and have a nice day

  108. Dylan Pepper

    I would just like to thank you for taking the time to come out and give us all a well deserved laugh and a great time. I, as well, as the rest of the post are thankful that people like you will do something like. You really impressed me with your want of not being publicly noticed on the internet. It’s a rare occasion to meet someone who doesn’t want to be made more famous or anything that could promote their name. Again, I would like to say thank you and have a nice day

  109. Ali Hardesty

    Thank you so much for being with USAG Wiesbaden yesterday! I think your comedy and story made people really listen and pay attention to the message behind it. It was definitely the funniest and most real stand down day we have had.

  110. Brian Stewart

    Your story was truly inspirational. You style of comedy mixed with real world experiences is genuinely entertaining. Thanks for your dedication to your cause!

  111. Steven Casares

    Amazing show!

  112. Joerg Weinman

    Your show was the BEST ever Bernie. As a German, I have never experienced a performer that balanced humor and reality the way you did

  113. Lee Santos

    Your are very inspiring, thanks for making our mandatory training more interesting.

  114. Lee Santos

    Your are very inspiring, thanks for making our mandatory training more interesting, god luck!

  115. Michele

    Bernie, I was there. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. It was a great show and training event!

  116. CPT Singleton

    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule for stopping in Wiesbaden to make us laugh. You shared many inspiring and encouraging life stories with us and we greatly appreciate it. You are a guiding light that continues to shine when someone may be needing a little push. May God Bless you and your family!

  117. Abraham Urias

    Thanks for the message again sir. It was a great show.

  118. Robert Kerwood

    Watched an amazing comedian this week and wanted to share with my friends outside of Wiesbaden. He’s not funnier than Robin Williams, but he combines comedy with a heartbreaking retelling of traumatic life events he’s endured. It’s a message of resiliency that echoes especially with service members, but is true of everyone. Check his page and try to get to his show. You won’t be sorry.