Phantom Theater- Congrats to Marquese Carter!! ” I Killed” raffle book winner

  Below are some awesome shots from yesterday’s shows at an undisclosed over-sea location.  Warriors to the bone.  Deployed men and women who make it work for the good of our country. Thank you for hanging with me.  This experience will not be forgotten. 

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The Air Force is hosted two shows Friday for all Military Joint personnel and civilians Come see Comedy ‘With A Twist’ Today at 1000 and 1700 hrs  It was fun sharing some laughs with you and some insight into my true and tested tale!   Thank you Capt Smith, the General and all Commanders for providing me with this opportunity.  Almost left the region with a new road manager.  

 Happy-Hour-Live-CAFB Bernie-and-Sean-Wedding-Walk-to-Altar Brother Scott...RIP  Me with my brother Sean and sister Debra
Above- Bernie Live, My ‘best man’ Brother Sean, My loving and missed brother Scott, Sister Debra, being picked up by Sean! 

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44 Responses to Phantom Theater- Congrats to Marquese Carter!! ” I Killed” raffle book winner

  1. TSgt. Vincent Sims

    Great show! I appreciate your time and talents. Thank you!

  2. Francisco

    I’m right next to to you. If I could, I’d do a selfie for proof, but your website sucks and doesn’t support it.

  3. SRA Ryan Burns

    Thanks for the show man, felt good having something different for a change!

  4. Mark (front row)

    Hey Bernie!!!!!!! Thanks for the great show/message man. It really hit home. Keep doing the grat work you’re doing and thanks for the support. Thanks again bro

  5. Micah Lawlor

    Great show. Plus it was during my last work hr so… BONUS!… I feel that bonus should not be counted as a sufficient replacement for the book tho. You may not take that into accountability when raffling it off.

  6. James

    Thanks for the great show! I am glad I was forced to go the show because I had some good laph’s, and you have really inspired me to make much needed changes in my life. Thanks again!

  7. Cody Stoeger

    Great Show Bernie! Appreciate the laugh.

  8. Samantha Ervin

    Bernie, formally known as Tyrone ! Thanks for sharing your story and a few laughs with us !

  9. Marquese Carter

    Great show Bernie. “I will kill tomorrow”

  10. Leo Martin

    Thanks again Bernie for another great show. Always a great message I still carry with me from past shows. Thanks for understanding and supporting the troops in uniform!
    Take care and stay safe! Take care of your brother!!!

  11. Amanda McAuley

    Great show with a great message. I’m so glad that we all were able to see it. Thanks for everything!!

  12. Samantha tremblay

    Great show! Very touching and moving!

  13. Shandi

    Thanks for coming out and sharing your story, very touching.

  14. Mercy

    Thank you for sharing your story with us! It was truly inspiring.

  15. Kenneth Hampton

    I was hesitant when I first heard about this mandatory “briefing”. When I got there I had alot of great laughs and your message was beyond touching. I can completely empathize with you situation about your family. I have an Aunt who is very special to me that also has a young mind because of epilepsy in her early childhood and lives in a group home now. I also had a friend that got mixed up into some unhealthy things and ended her life early. So when I heard your message, I couldn’t help but think about those hardships that I’ve been through. Thank you for coming out and delivering this message to us, it really meant the world to me.

  16. Ryan Barry

    Thank you for coming out this morning! Your story was really inspiring to me. Having a good laugh was definitely a good morale booster. Congrats again on your 25 years of being sober. That really takes a strong person to not give in. Thank you again!

  17. Christian Gutierrez

    I was a little upset when I was told about a mandatory briefing on my day off, but it was definitely worth it in the end. Thank you for sharing your story, and for the many laughs!

  18. MSgt Lemos

    Enjoyed the show, thank you for coming out!

  19. Dan L

    Great show. I wish all briefings were like this!

  20. Nathan Harschfeld

    Great show thanks for coming out

  21. Joshua paulsen

    Great show great message thanks for showing up!

  22. Robert Imthurn

    Such a great show! Thank you for the good laughs and heart felt story

  23. cody burnett

    I was really upset that I had to take extra time out of my day to go to what I thought was another in processing brief. I’m really glad that it was mandatory, you brought across a really powerful message and I honestly appreciate what you do it’s going to help a lot of people.

  24. Michael Laureano

    Thank you so very much for sharing your story with us! We appreciate all the laughs you gave us and i hope everything goes well for you and i wish the best for you! God bless!

  25. Charlie Warner

    Thanks so much for the show! The one time a mandatory meeting is entertaining at the same time of informative. You have a great message and a fantastic way of telling it. I appreciate the laughs on a lazy day off!

  26. Brandon Osborn

    Was great to have you here! Gave me quite a few laughs

  27. Everett Harley

    I been in for four years and this was by far the most entertaining mandatory meeting. I am Air Force National Guard and being a Nurse on the civilian/government side your family story touched me. A few laughs and a few tears. God bless.
    PS. My fake name is also Tyrone.

  28. Brian Stokes

    Glad we had a comedian for a change. Thanks for coming out to give your message!

  29. D. Stanton

    Great show, a lot of personal experiences instead of the made up scenarios made it hit home.

  30. Nolan Fonseca

    Probably the best mandatory event I’ve ever attended.

  31. Nathaniel Pugh

    I was There! Great show with a very good message!

  32. Branden

    Best mandatory training EVER! Thanks Bernie!

  33. Lackey

    At first I was confused with the comedy but once your story came alive I took it to heart… I related to your brother and if it’s not one thing I’m glad for, it’s that I took a chance to join the army. Very thankful I had the privilege to be forced 😉 to watch you perform.

  34. Mike

    Your show was great, it must take a lot of courage to step up on the stage and try to make a bunch of military folks laugh at a mandatory briefing. The story you shared was also very touching, I imagine that’s not easy to re-tell. Hopefully you don’t feel like you were to blame after what happened with your brother, it sounded to me like you were trying to help. Taking his own life wasn’t a decision he had made in an hour, it was something he was thinking about for a long time. I had a friend take his life in August of 2012. Went to high school together, were both stationed overseas together. Than one day, out of nowhere, he took his own life in the hills behind his house (A few minutes after writing a goodbye message on his twitter account along with a picture.) He had been having thoughts for a long time according to what he wrote but he never told anyone. To this day, nobody understands why he did it, he had everything. I felt like there was more I could have done but truth is, there wasn’t.

  35. Carol LiDrazzah

    Whenever I hear that we have to go to a mandatory event, the worse possible things start running through my mind like, oh great, this is going to be another hour long slide show… but today I was pleasantly surprised by your show. Thank you so much for coming out and taking the time to talk to us and make us laugh a little. We appreciate everything you do and for your support of the USAF!

  36. Denis Howorth

    Thanks for sharing your personal story with us tonight. I am sure your message hit home with a lot of the Airman who will hopefully take a look at themselves in the mirror to make sure they are making the correct life decisions in their daily actions and interactions with others. You rock, keep on spreading your message.

  37. SSgt Aaron Lien

    Fantastic show! Thank you for coming and sharing a very personal and heart felt story. Hope to see your show Saturday. I wish every mandatory brief was as good as yours!

  38. Staff Sergeant Ryan Grassie

    I was at your 1000 show, very enjoyable and brings a very good message to the audience.

  39. Randy

    The show was great. Thank you so much for your support to not only the US military, but also to the Risk Reduction & Prevention program as well. I was skeptical of a comedy risk reduction show, however I think you pulled it off great. (And hey by the way, I notice that it is more than five people that commented. Check that out!!) Keep up the great work!!!

  40. John Varner

    Really appreciate what you did today. It was a different approach to one of those things most people have a hard time talking about. Sure it was nice for this to be our “mandatory briefing”, but the fact that you are able relate your personal experiences with three of the biggest problems in the military today was remarkable. Thanks for the laughs and give Sean a huge whats up for us!

  41. Paul

    Great show! Was not what I expected (in a good way).

  42. John anderson

    Very funny..great time

  43. Charles Spears

    Great show! It was amazing how you joked the whole way through, but you relayed a very, very important message and lesson.

  44. Mario Marchetti

    Hey Bernie, You did an amazing show and it was really cool to have some comedy to liven things up. I really wanted to go up and talk to you afterwards but we had to get to work. Thanks again for the message and work that you do.