DOHA- Comedy ‘With A Message’ Rolls In! RAFFLE WINNERS: Congratulations to Will Manley and Derek Fisher!!

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I am in an undisclosed location far from America and is honored to have the Air Force bring his program to the Far East to support this joint military effort. I appreciate and respect ALL of you who are deployed, and honor your valor and bravery.  I hope you had a few laughs and took with you more than you entered the theater with today! Special Thanks to Capt Hemmert and all the amazing VAs who provide a strong team of support and inspiration!  

Check out the news coverage of the tour at this location by clicking link below:
Courtesy of Major Nicole David

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91 Responses to DOHA- Comedy ‘With A Message’ Rolls In! RAFFLE WINNERS: Congratulations to Will Manley and Derek Fisher!!

  1. Christopher Mazzoli

    I was there, probably one of the best briefings I’ve been in. Thank you for your time and your stories.

  2. Brent Hayes

    Bernie, Thank you for supporting our programs…great show!!

  3. Jerry Brown

    So glad that you decided to spend time with the troops. Your comedy was a definite change to training. This was one class that I truly stayed awake for even though I was up for over 24 hours. THANKS Bernie.

  4. Ryan Parker

    Bernie, thank you for sharing your story of overcoming adversity and personal struggles. You were absolutely hilarious!

    Keep up the fire!

  5. Mike Horn

    Was there, loved it. Much better than any old slide show. Had my attention, along with everybody else. Keep up the good work.

  6. Neal Garrett

    I was so there

  7. Robert Martin

    I was also there

  8. Joshua Gibbs

    I was also so there

  9. Don Langiewicz

    Thank You for the great message. Your personnal stories are touching. Please keep up the great work with the troops. Sure beats a power point presentation!

  10. Jaime Weimer

    Good stories and message!

  11. Deb Grove

    Thank you for supporting the troops. And thank you for the laughs. Really needed it today!

  12. Beverly McCalphin


    Thank you so very much for coming out and sharing your talent with us. I was skeptical about attending,but you made it to where I didn’t want to leave. Hope that your shows are enjoyed throughout the theater where ever they’ll let you visit.

  13. Jonathan White

    Met you before the brief, talked about watches… Awesome spill about the links, mine disconnect at work all the time… On to the main subject; You blew the top off the many topics my fellow airman and other service members feel are redundant. You made it interesting and related to it well. Thank you Bernie … Thank you

  14. Nikita Denekas

    I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to catch your show. Thank you for sharing your story. I think it’s important for people to know that help is out there and recovery is possible. May God continue to use you to help others.

  15. April Brown

    Thanks for the laughs !

  16. Michelle Medrano


    I enjoyed your show! It was great, thank you for supporting the troops! I related and had some great laughs! 🙂 Stay safe where ever you go because you are making a good difference in many with your jokes and stories!

  17. Heath Hall

    Great show. The best mandatory briefing I have ever been to. Great show with a great message. keep it up!!

  18. Steven

    Good work! Way better than a Powerpoint!

  19. Rob Park

    Thanks for entertaining us, send our regards to your brother!

  20. Victor Fernandez III


    Thanks for the laughs and support. I sincerely appreciate you sharing your story with us and striving to lead by example. I’ll keep you in mind when things get tough.

    Thanks again 🙂

  21. Schissler

    Thank you for the message and leaving the comforts of the USA… To grasp the environment on the ground level. Some of us haven’t had much to laugh about in months, I was so excited after your 1600 message I came back for the 2030 and brought other Soldiers with me.

  22. Henkensiefken

    Nice stand up man. You were really good. Second time i’ve seen your show your better than last time!

  23. Sarah Gordon

    Thank you so much for the laughs, and touching personal story.
    I appreciate your support for us, being over here, and I know a lot of us could use some comedy to relieve the stresses of being deployed, and for me, away from my family. Both of brothers stories brought tears to my eyes. I commend you for telling their story. The show was excellent! Thank you so much! I’m pcs’ing to Vegas in Aug! I’ll have to watch your page for performances out there!

  24. Daniel Petty

    Bernie, thanks for coming out and doing that show. It was an enjoyable event. I came for the comedy, stayed for the laughs.

  25. Mitchell Pykosz

    Awesome meeting you tonight Bernie! Thank you for what you do not just for us, but for everyone…using your talents to make people’s lives better! That’s our purpose in life, I believe.

  26. Justin Bergen

    Bernie thanks for coming out and sharing your experiences with us. It was the best mandatory show I’ve ever had to attend

  27. William Milcarsky

    I was there, great show! my soldiers loved it and we would go again if given the chance. Thank you for coming out Bernie

  28. Catina Williams

    I attended your show last night. Thank you so much for sharing your life stories in an entertaining way. It was really great to laugh as much as I did. Your stories really touched me and I am sure you touched others as well. What you do is such a great thing and I know that many will benefit from your words. Thank you for taking time to come and visit us…it means a lot.

  29. Ethan Soehrmann

    I was There, Thank you for the effort you put forth for us. Having you here and sharing what you did with as little as you knew about us, put a perspective that many Men and Women can agree with. The training you provided was attention grabbing and informative, Thank you, and Thanks for signing my Hat!

  30. Amanda Demaye

    Thank you for sharing your stories, great show!

  31. Will Manley

    Thanks for coming to AUAB! Saw you twice at Sheppard, and came back for a third show last night. Just wanted you to know we understand your grueling schedule — life on the road ain’t that much fun! — and appreciate the fact that you care about our military enough to continue the slog and press on. You’ve got a great message, and you’re making a difference. Thanks!

  32. Travis nettles

    Great show, Bernie! By far the best training I’ve had in the Air Force.

  33. Jesslyn Rivera

    Hey Bernie! That show was great! thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. It was nice to get a good laugh and get away from work for a little. It’s the little things like that which help me get through this deployment. thanks again, it definitely meant a lot!

  34. Mark Anderson

    Bernie, great show as always with a personnal message for the troops!

  35. Jose Timana

    Hello! Thank you visiting us in Doha/AUAB. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the show so I will say that I was surprised. It was really funny and relatable -I like the way you presented your story and didn’t lose your humor for your message, also the fact that you were able to include military facts and terminology. It was a very good show. I hope we get to see you again in the future and thank you again for making us think and laugh. Your little brother has an awesome big brother.

  36. Lisa Dunlavy

    Great show Bernie! It was nice to have some comedic relief and receive the very important messages and stories you shared. Thanks for your support and definitely continue making a difference!

  37. Francis Maher

    Prety good show. I like the personal stories he shared along with the humor. Thanks for tring to make a difference.

  38. Joseph Pafford

    The show was great! Thank you for coming all the way out here to entertain us.

  39. Charles Mills

    Hey Bernie! Bernie!….Berrnayyy! I think that fly followed me from your show. Thanks for stop’n by appreciate the show!

  40. Darla Graham

    Best mandatory briefing ever.

  41. Daniel Dick

    Best mandatory fun I’ve had in the military. Thank you very much for the touching stories and hillarious comedy.

  42. Nicole Rose

    Thank you so much for taking time to share your story with us and for making us laugh!! Tell your brother all his friends in the military said hello!!!!!(:

  43. Bill Palmer

    As one in the crowd that wasn’t mandated to attend, it was awesome. Thanks for coming all the way out here and spending your time and experiences with us! I wish you and the family back home the best in everything to come.


  44. Mario Sinclair

    I thought I was in for another “Death by Powerpoint”, luckily I was woken to some amazing comedy and really true and honest lessons. These stories are really easy to relate to and does make a very positive impact on people.

    Thank you for an amazing show Bernie!

  45. Travis Packard

    I was at your show. This is one briefing I was glad to have been “voluntold” to go to. Thanks for the show!

  46. nathan kern

    Best mandatory fun ive had in awhile

  47. Moses Tamayo

    Thought the show was funny, but I have to confess at times I did not know if it was going to be cool to laught at some jokes.

  48. Brian Tarrant

    Great stand up show. I was surprised how entertaining you were able to deliver the message. People will definitely get the message better from you show than in a power point presentation. Thanks for sharing….

  49. Shawna Solberg

    I was excited to see your stand up since I am a VA and Capt Hemmert spoke highly of you. I did not realize I would want to cry near the end. I lost my sister last December (I am now raising her daughter) and I grew up with a handicap brother when I was younger. He passed away when I was a child but so much of your message touched me. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with complete strangers and thank you for the laughs.

  50. Morris Thomas

    Awesome show! Dont forget to pick up Shawn!

  51. Tanner Ike

    An incredible show! The humor was great and the stories were even better. Your message was sent loud and clear without the help of a power point. Simply incredible.

  52. Collin Arner

    I never thought I’d leave a mandatory SAPR briefing being thankful that I was forced to go. If every briefing were like this, people would be fighting to go.

    Thank you for taking the time to come perform for us and share your stories.

  53. Mary Hoy

    You were truly an inspiration to me today! I lost my little sister to suicide when I was 15. It was probably the worst day of my life. I have always wanted to become an inspirational speaker one day, but also have always wanted to serve my country. I decided to serve my country while I’m young and use my experiences to inspire others, such as you have done. I never thought I’d cry at a comedy show… Guess there is a first time for everything! You may not wear the same uniform we all do, but I believe you also serve this country. You serve by motivating us and encouraging us to seek help when we need it. Thank you so much. Safe travels back home!

  54. Old Drippy

    Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin’ huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

  55. Tim Kilts

    You did an incredible job today. Id like to say thank you and i appreciate your support for our military. Keep doing all the great things you do. Best of luck sir!

  56. Christian Ortiz

    Bernie! Bernie!….Berrnayyy….lol Thank you sooo much for coming all the way out here to doha. You are an extremely awesome person. Tell shawn he has to share his big brother. You got yourself another little brother in me. lol Go go Power Rangers!! =)

  57. Jon Scott

    Great show – glad it was mandatory.

  58. Daphne Gettler

    If only all mandatory events were this entertaining. Thank for the laughs and sharing your life lesson. Life may have given you some lemons, but just think of the bad ass lemonade you made from it! God bless and take care

  59. Bryan Osorio

    Saw you today. You were really funny while also delivering a powerful message. Great brief!

  60. Patrick Carroll

    Thank you for all the laughs while sharing your very personal family story.

  61. Mike Scott

    Great presentation and great way of making serious topics relatable to all in attendance.

  62. Matthew Smith

    Great connection. You are a true professional at what you do. Needed the boost being away from home. Thanks for your time and coming here. Much love.

  63. Jack Nelson

    Great show! Keep up the great work.

  64. Elvyn Sanchez

    Thank you for your support! A good day at the Deid, thanks to you.

  65. Bryan

    Thank you for making me laugh and enjoy the Briefings that are normally so dull. I appreciated you telling me your story of your brothers. My older brother grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, but till this day he is someone I still try to look up to. He started drinking at an early age and one thing lead to another and he started using drugs. I saw first hand what alcohol and narcotics will do to a person. It got to the point where we would have dealers scoping out our house and my family was worried for their life. His struggles enabled me not to persue that road. He has been in and out of a jail. He has finally started to get his life on the right track, but it is to late the damage has been done. He has not been able to hold a steady job because of his jail time. He really opened my eyes. I thank him till this day even though he had to struggle for me to be able to see the light. Another serious note about myself is that after joining the Air Force I met my wife while stationed in Montana. Her and I had some rough times first starting our relationship and she through out the LOVE phrase far to quick so I did not know really how to react and I pushed away. It was after that I realized I did have feelings for her. She then continued to try and push me away. We happened to be at a guy on flights going away party one night and she proceeded to ignore me. I still tried to maintain the friendship at that time and noticed she was a little drunk, so I told her I would give her a ride back on base. She refused and one thing led to another and she ended up going to the house party where she was raped by this individual who was getting out of the military. It was not until later in our relationship that she explained to me what happened. The sad part about this situation was that their were other flight members their that could have stepped in, but chose not to. We were always that flight that tried to look out for each other, but who was looking out for her that night? She was scared to go to leadership or anyone for that matter because she was scared of the repercussions. The actions this individual took affected my wife to the point she could not say anything because she didn’t know who she could trust. My wife and I have now been married for six years and have four handsome boys. SARC, drugs and narcotics have always been a sticky subject for me because I have seen first hand what happens. You really hit home with your show and I appreciate you coming out to talk not only to me, but others who may have dealt with similar situations or those that have thought about going down those roads. I truly give my all for my family and my country and without that I would not be the man I am today! Thank You!

  66. Carlyn Garcia

    Thank you for volunteering to speak to us. It was nice to have our briefings with a comedy and positive twist. You are a great example of someone who learned from his mistakes. You should be proud of making a difference to us.

  67. Bianca Truong

    You did a wonderful job about your briefing Sir.. Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us.

    • Bianca Truong

      *You did a wonderful job at your briefing Sir.. Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us.

  68. Howard

    Thank you for making us laugh and educating us at the same time.

  69. Wesley McGlamry

    Thank you much for the needed entertainment, couldn’t have respected your message more and the story behind it, it hit close to home for me.

  70. Kenny Arciles

    Thank you for the show and thank you for sharing your personal story with us today. God bless you and your family.

  71. L. Reardon


    What I appreciate about your presentation is that the themes run much deeper than ‘don’t harass a drunk person’ or ‘excessive drinking is bad’.

    Your story is one of redemption and redirect with the very real consequences of certain shortcomings still evident in your life today…with which we can all relate. My prayer is that everyone finds the true meaning of life through your influence and how to deal with/relinquish even the effects of the excess baggage.

    Thanks for your story!

    Safe travels.

  72. S. Spraberry


    Thank you for taking the time to share your life experiences with us. It was a true honor hearing your life story and how you have turned things around for the better.

  73. Joel Williams II

    Hey I saw you last year at Travis afb in California. Still a great show Thanks for coming out

  74. Mikeal Ruesch

    Great show. Thank you for the fresh perspective on training. Some good laughs were had by all. Tell your brother Shawn(?) that the Soldier’s and Airmen in Doha say hello.

  75. Eric Baker

    Different approach to some vital life lessons, great show and thanks so much for coming out. I’m sure this hit home with some of the younger generation, you sir are making an impact on people!

  76. Aarin Jacobi

    I thought you said no one posts…lol

  77. Rob Hartwig


    Thank you for sharing your story with our community. This is by far the best I’ve seen in 23 years. I was moved and touched by your sincerity and honesty. Your delivery style is top notch and truly enables your audience to relax and connect with the message. I also lost a family member to suicide, my brother-in-law and best friend. The pain is still as raw today as it was 3 years ago. I wish I had time to share with you afterwards. I hope to see you again someday…maybe at my home station. Best wishes to you and your family. Tell Shawn/Sean I said hello! He sounds like a truly remarkable brother. Take care!

  78. Valerie Hoff

    Fantastic. Definitely no comparison to PowerPoint presentations and dull briefings that we have heard too many times. Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony. Please keep pressing on with your message. It is appreciated!

  79. Stephen Burns

    Your message really touched me. Thank you.

  80. Nick Glova

    Dear Bernie,

    Thank you for getting me out of work for an hour today.

  81. Catherine Spiczka

    Thanks for the laughs and sharing your story! It was a great message! Thank you for supporting the troops!

  82. Derek Fisher

    Best mandatory free comedy show I have been to this month, hands down. You did inspirational comedy justice.

  83. Joshua Perez

    Pretty awesome show actually. Touching

  84. Joshua Brudwick


    You killed, that takes a lot of courage to get up in front of people and talk about real life experiences like that. Thank you very much, itwas very inspirational.

  85. Kelsea Chino

    Bernie. Bernie. Beeeernieee. Haha. Thought you were going to suck like most deployed shows. But I was actually laughing and not falling asleep. Thank you for saving me from death by power point. Great way to end the day!

  86. Emily Bulger

    Thank you! I laughed, I cried…no seriously. I did cry. What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  87. Andrew

    Thank you for taking the time to share your stories and life lessons with all of us…it’s important hearing others’ fresh (and honest) perspectives.

  88. Tomekia

    Greetings Bernie this is Tomekia, I had an awesome time…Thanks for visiting with us and providing your support and sharing your story. I laughed and laughed till I cried. Many Blessing to you and your Family…God speed!!

  89. Bill Hill

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. Thank you for taking the time to travel and help all of us deployed here in Qatar. The message you bring is important and resonates with many of us. Keep doing what you are doing. I hope that more will hear your story!

  90. Coy Lawson

    Thanks for coming out it was an awesome show. Great to see you again! Keep on keepin’ on.