Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam, HI- Congrats to William Pohlman- “I Killed” raffle book winner!!

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I am excited to be back here at Naval Station Pearl Harbor!  Pearl Harbor is a lagoon harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, west of Honolulu. Much of the harbor and surrounding lands is a United States Navy deep-water naval base. It is also the headquarters of the United States Pacific Fleet.    Thank you for hosting my Happy Hour Tour.   I am so thankful for all of you men and women defending our country. Thank you for your service today and always. I am here February 6 at the Sharkey Theater at 0900 and 1300.  Come say hello and share a laugh. Come back 1700 hrs tomorrow to see who WON the show raffle!   Personal messages to Bernie- click CONTACT on this website!  Bernie will reply shortly. 

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29 Responses to Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam, HI- Congrats to William Pohlman- “I Killed” raffle book winner!!

  1. Liza

    Thank you for coming to Pearl Harbor and putting on the show for us. It was a good message without being boring. I teared up a few times when you were talking about your brother. All in all though it was a good show and it wasn’t death by power point. Thank you again.

  2. Terry Morphis

    Just saw the show at Sharkey had me laughing and remembering all the paths that we chose in this world. Any decision can change our direction forever. Had a great time laughing, Thanks.

  3. Diana Mullican

    Just wanted to stop by and say i saw your show at sharky theater. Im a Damage Controlman second class in the navy. Any way it hit pretty close to home so Thank you sincerely for taking the time and effort to do these shows. It had me laughing and crying sometimes both at the same time!!! Powerful message!! Thank you!!

  4. Andrea Michelle Buesch

    Thank you for sharing and making us laugh as hard as we did. We appreciate it 🙂

  5. Larry polendey


    Your hillarious!!!…and I like your story, very inspiring. What bettet way than in comedy to inspire and get the message out and also train military personnel.
    After the show, I personally shook your hand and aquired a signed copy; when I said I was inspired by your story, i seen in your eyes the genuine and committment in helping mankind. Your a true patriot and would like to thank you in serving this great country’s Armed Force.

    Larry Polendey

  6. Sam Cox

    I was there. Best mando all call to date.

  7. Albert King

    Great show! Thanks for taking time out to share your story!

  8. Evan Benoit

    Thank you very much for sharing your compelling stories and congrats on your 25 years! Also, thank you for making us all laugh and providing such a great training. Enjoy the rest of your time in Hawaii, mahalo

  9. Drake Costlow

    Great Show! Way better then a PowerPoint Presentation.

  10. Nyssa Coelho

    Thank you for the great training Bernie! I really liked your message and it was great to see how you’ve used the bad things in life to make a great success of yourself. You were really funny and really talented.

    Keep killing it!

  11. Dylan Rich

    Looks like you have more than 4! Thank you again for coming out and entertaining/training us this morning. I was unable to swing back by today for a book, but I’ll look around on here. (and that’ll leave one for someone else; positives, right?)

    Take care!

  12. Ralph "Fabreeze" Farese

    Thank you for bringing comedy back to its Greek roots. I’m not talking about your stint in county, either. It was a pleasure for me to watch your smooth style, but I think that’s because of the aquifers in Upstate New York…it’s in the water!

    Take it easy, you old fart! Try not to let the politics get you down!!!

  13. Joshua Thibodeaux

    Hands down one of the best safety briefs I’ve ever had the privilege to attend. Thank you for taking your time to do these shows for those of us in Uniform.

  14. Stan Miller

    Great show. A much better way to put out the message rather than just watching power point or listening to a boring speech. Thanks for doing this and keep up the great work.

  15. Anthony

    “Uncle” Bernie!

    Appreciate the training today at Sharkey. Thanks for taking the time and energy on our military family. Your jokes and personal story really hits home with some of our brothers and sisters. Take care, an God Bless.

  16. Maricel Julian

    On behalf of USS ARIZONA Memorial Detachment, thank you!

  17. Thomas Snooks

    Thank you for the show, and fro reminding me that those whose minds aren’t like ours are oftentimes the lucky ones, able to see as a child forever.

  18. Rebecca Hicks

    Thank you for coming and sharing your story. Sharing it through comedy is a great way to connect with all generations were they can understand/receive the message that you are sending them. You are a blessing to all with the personal story you share to help others change their lives and make the right decisions.

  19. Joshua Lin

    Thank you so much for speaking today. You did an amazing job I would pay an entry fee to go see you again. It sincerely touched my heart when you told such a personal story to us. The way you used yourself as an example of bad choices we all make at times was an excellent lesson. God bless you! and keep ‘Killin’ it!

  20. Jenn Healy

    I’m confused, when are the power points coming? 😉 such an awesome set followed by such a touching story. Definitely unexpected. You sent a strong message! Thank you. Go kill some more crowds 🙂

  21. Elizabeth

    Your story was truly inspiring! I’m very glad this mandatory event turned into a great laugh and lesson. Keep doing what you do!

  22. Kaci Myers

    Thank you for coming out to speak to us today. I know that you had a lot of people rolling at your jokes. It’s always nice to get a good laugh in every once in a while. Great way to get your message across. Hope to see you again.

  23. bryce patterson

    you wer quite funny. and your story was really inspiring and truly showed how acohol can truly affect peoples lives.

  24. William Pohlman

    Greatest training I’ve had in my 12+ yrs! Great job mixing your personal experiences with your comedic skills. I’ve never seen so many Sailors enthused with their training. Thanks a lot Bernie!

    Be safe,

  25. John Curren

    Probably the most heart felt training I’ve had since being in the Navy. Thanks for sharing your story I’m sure it touched many in the audience. Congrats on 25 years SOBER.

  26. Michael Carlson

    Thanks for the show. Lots of laughs went home feeling great.

  27. Michael Carlson

    Great show! God bless you brother.

  28. Smitty


  29. Abrel Smith

    Great Show Brother!!! I Salute You & Your Movement. Mahalo