Sheppard AFB, TX- “I Killed” book raffle winners- Congrats to Jania Munoz and Christopher Worthington!!

Airmen, Marines, Sailors and a few soldiers, you killed it today!  What an honor to perform/present live to almost 3,000 of you brave Warriors.  I cannot thank you enough for your time, service and attention today.  I hold Sheppard close to my heart, and have had a long relationship with staff and Command.  Today, I met so many focused brave leaders of tomorrow.  The signed hat by a group of cool Airmen,  Chief Johnson and Colonel Froehlich for my brother Sean was one of the highlights of the day.  To my SAPR friends and team, you mean the world to me.  Thank you Sheppard, for allowing me into your home and hearts today.   A day I will not forget.  Come back tomorrow at 1700 hrs to see who won the two copies of I KILLED! 

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60 Responses to Sheppard AFB, TX- “I Killed” book raffle winners- Congrats to Jania Munoz and Christopher Worthington!!

  1. Zach B

    Enjoyed the show! Great comedian! Killed it!

  2. randy gough

    Good show today

  3. cody davis

    enjoyed the show today thank you.

  4. Enrique Flores

    It was nice to have some good jokes and stories in the military life

  5. jesus

    Thanks for the life story (:
    Had fun

  6. jesus

    Had fun.

    Thanks for tthe life story

  7. William Smith

    That was so funny! Great show this morning 🙂

  8. Greg Wehba

    Great show! Very funny and uplifting!

  9. Titus

    Iv never been to a comedy show and I gotta say it was an awesome experience!

  10. Jeffrey Nelson

    Great show. I am glad you room the time to share your story with us.

  11. Jennifer Hall

    I experienced the Bernie McGrenahan impact at Sheppard AFB!

  12. seth krems

    You are hilarious. It was great to have your here and enjoy your jokes and thank you for teaching us a great lesson

  13. Caleb Phillip Elmore

    I enjoyed the show
    You really did a great job
    Just keep doing what you do
    362 crew chief HOOAA

  14. David Whetstone

    Great show today first mandatory briefing i enjoyed.

  15. Joshua Meyer

    Second time seeing you! Your comedy skit never gets old!

  16. Janice George

    Great Show. What a wonderful story you shared.

  17. Brian Crofts

    You murdered it. I had to sit behind the “two whales that were mating by the way”! Very inspirational story with an awesome comedic punchline!!

    • Angela Peterson

      That was indeed hilarious. 🙂

  18. Sum

    Glad I attended. Enjoyed more than expect. Thanks for such a great happy hour.

  19. Mark Schaffer

    A very heartfelt message that bears repeating…much better than PPT!

  20. Sara Sirmopoulos

    Thank you for coming to Sheppard, making us laugh and sharing your story!!

  21. Tomas Murray

    Loved the show so much caught all of them. The guy laughing in the last show was funny also. It was nice chatting between shows!

  22. Derek

    Great show, thanks a lot for coming!

  23. Zac Marvin

    killed it today! thanks for the laughs

  24. Mark Koch

    Love the show! You made me cry and laugh at the same time.

  25. Nicholas Willey

    Great show! My sides may take a while to recover after all the laughs had!

  26. catresa smith

    Enjoyed the fun and laughter. Life story of change and heroes

  27. Angela Peterson

    Great show. Feel lucky to have heard your message. It is cool how you have turned your life into a positive message that impacts any gender/age in any career field or walk of life. Didn’t feel preachy– more along the lines check yourself before you wreck yourself–and those who love you. You’ve done your mom proud!

  28. Seth Moening

    You KILLED it!! Great show!! I thought we were going to have call the EMT on the one member of the crowd. LOL

    In England, a baked potato is called a “Jacket Potato”. I guess they think that the skin on the outside is it’s JACKET.

    Hope to see you next time you come back to Sheppard. Thanks for the great show!!

  29. Eric Gonzalez

    Had an amazing time couldn’t stop laughing and really made me think about a lot of things keep up the good work


    I was there killed it!

  31. Christopher Woolington

    Absolutely fantastic! Bernies willingness to speak openly about his life, growing pains and loss of loved ones really sent the message home to mysalf and the Airmen at Sheppard. THANK YOU!

  32. Angelo

    Pretty decent show. All the talk regarding family hit me close to home as the eldest of five kids.

  33. Michael Bayer

    Awesome show today Bernie! Great jokes and I could relate to the family experiences shared.

  34. Scott Ackerly

    Loved the show and the message. Thank you!

  35. Josh Lyons

    You killed it!

  36. Scott Turner

    Thank you, you did a fantasic job today! You “Killed” today at Sheppard AFB. Very funny and great delivery on todays message.


  37. Brad

    Dude, you rocked. I have to admit I would much prefer an awesome comedian over “death by powerpoint” any day. Keep telling your story, it’s worth sharing.

  38. Jamie Thomas

    Awesome show today. I really enjoyed jt even though you demoted me from a Sargent to an Airman. Awesome jokes and an Awesome message. I hope the guy that sounded like “whales mating” is ok. God bless and thanks for what you do

  39. Chris Whalen

    Great show, great lesson

  40. Shaina Butler

    Thanks for the laughs and sharing your story! Positive message received!

  41. Shane Marshall

    I can honestly say I was dying today! You were so funny but also has a great message to all of us. Thank you and keep it up!

  42. Atkins

    Loved the show and thanks for all the laughs

  43. Greg Rivera

    Saw the show this morning… some good jokes and good message…thanks

  44. reffeitt

    Great show! It was nice to hear jokes about topics that the Air Force has taken too far. Great story aswell. It made me reconsider drinking habbits. Thanks

  45. Michael Pinnix

    Great message with a personal touch and an unforgettable delivery! I laughed until I cried!!!! Thank you!!!

  46. Stephanie

    You definitely “KILLED” it. Thank you for sharing your time and story with us all. Safe Travels back to Cali.

  47. Lynn

    Great show today!

  48. Nicholas Latona

    Amazing show! Laughed and cried. Message dug deep, and I loved it.

  49. Ryan Ogilvy

    Bernie, I’ve seen some comedy in my life, but that was awesome! The Whaling Sgt was a nice touch, I take it you don’t get that often? Seriously, thank you for what you did today, it was a reminder that when my little guy wants to play a game or read a story, there is never a greater priority!

  50. Karen Thomas

    Super funny & great message!

  51. christopher alley

    I thought your show was very entertaining. It had a lot of meaning and good morals behind it. Thank you for coming out and giving us a great show

  52. Jania Muñoz

    I had a great time during your show. Your story hit home as I am the oldest & am trying to steer my youngest brother, who is 18 y/o, towards a positive direction. It has been a rough road with him and hearing your message made me feel a million times better. I only wish he and my parents could hear your story. Thank you so much for sharing.

  53. kevin perdue

    Great show today, you killed it

  54. Sean

    Great show!! Great laughs with a great message behind it. Keep providing hope and laughs.

  55. Juan Garcia

    Thank you for sharing your story and coming out to Sheppard. Great show! Awesome jokes and great way to integrate a powerful message to many as well as myself. Come back again!

  56. D Burrell

    The show was hilarious

  57. Seth Moening

    Great Show… You KILLED @ Sheppard AFB.

  58. S.Jones

    Thank you for showing love @sheppard afb Tx.

  59. Enrique

    I had a great time. Thank you for your time and what you do! I killed it.