MN National Guard at Camp Ripley- Congrats Bryan Robin and Tim Melin – show raffle winners!

I am honored to be here today to present to the National and Air Guard at the Leadership Conference!  Camp Ripley is a 53,000-acre military and civilian training facility operated by the Minnesota National Guard located near the city of Little Falls in the central part of the state. The location of the camp was selected in 1929 by Ellard A. Walsh, Adjutant General of the State of Minnesota. The site’s winter warfare training course is the primary facility used by the National Guard for winter combat exercises. Camp Ripley also hosts the training academy for the Minnesota State Patrol and is a popular site for athletes training to compete in winter biathlons. Most Minnesota Guard soldiers train at Camp Ripley during two-week annual training periods.
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41 Responses to MN National Guard at Camp Ripley- Congrats Bryan Robin and Tim Melin – show raffle winners!

  1. Allan Jorgensen

    Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for your work with the military.

  2. Jeremy Gettel

    Thanks for all you do for the men and women who serve.

  3. Tyler Ritter

    The story really touched me and my fellow battle buddies. Thank you for all you do for the military.

  4. Doug Wortham

    Thanks for sharing, excellent story with a great message. Thanks for your continued support!

  5. Matt Erickson

    Great show, Bernie! Your unique perspective and experiences provide a powerful message. Thanks!

  6. James Rich

    Great show, thanks!!

  7. Rob LeBlanc

    Thanks for coming to Minnesota, and sharing your story.

  8. Holly Caroon

    Bernie, The Minnesota National and Air National Guard greatly appreciate all that you do to reach out and share your amazing message and powerful story. Thank you for your continued support to our Military.

  9. Apryl Wagner


    Thank you for your continued support with the Army/Air National Guard. I heard you for the first time last year at the 133rd Airlift Wing and today at Camp Ripley. The humor you bring followed by your personal story is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Melissa Nelson

    Thank You for coming to Camp Ripley and sharing your Happy Hour program with the Minnesota Army and Air National Guard leadership. The personal stories/experiences you shared on the topics of alcohol, drugs, and suicide were inspiring. Thank You for your support with the military.

  11. Brian Soper

    Yours is a very poignant message that needs to be heard throughout ranks and services.

  12. Mark Andren

    That was a great show with a great message. Thank you so much for being a part of our conference.

  13. Joseph Eustice

    I saw you speak today, great speach! CSM Joseph Eustice 1-125 FA

  14. Lynne Nelson

    Bernie, thanks for coming to talk to us. Important messages delivered through comedy are always the first remembered. I hope Shawn likes the bag!!!

  15. Kevin Flansburg

    Awesome way to deliver a serious message! Thanks for the great laughs!

  16. Adam Honer

    Thanks for sharing your story and your jokes with the enlisted leadership here in Minnesota. While your comedy routine wqs excellent your message was well heard and appreciatednby all. Thanks! 1SG Honer 1-94 CAV.

  17. Tim Melin

    You truly give a very special message in a unique way that really captivated the audience. Thank you and I really appreciate you coming and sharing your story. It is a message that all servicemen and women can learn from and I will share it with my soldiers.

  18. Brian Newcomer

    It was great to have you here in MN today! Thanks for bringing us your message in a new and engaging way!

  19. Denise Casperson

    Really enjoyed listening to your message today!

  20. Jeff Vaske

    Great show. Thank you for your support of the troops. You have a knack for mixing comedy with a message. Keep up the good work.

  21. Brad Trelstad

    This was the second time I have had the pleasure to hear you speak. I was able to see you when you came to speak at the 133rd Airlift Wing recently. I enjoyed today and really connected with your story and how you have come out on top of your addictions and struggles. You truly are a role model for us and I appreciate everything you have done for us here with the Minnesota National Guard and the DOD as a whole. Thanks so much and I hope to see you again.

  22. Bradley Fossey

    Great heartfelt message. I know your message will connect with a lot of people battling the alcohol demon but have been to blind to see it or admit it to themselves. You should speak at our reintegration (post deployment) events.

  23. Bryan Robin

    The best part of the day. A comic who was funny and brought a point home. You put out the message that was jammed down our throat that we were able or wanted to understand. The uniform you wear is not like mine but the pain you shared is felt by many.
    Thank you and Good Luck
    SFC Bryan Robin

  24. James Bartkey

    Enjoyed the show and the message, thanks for sharing and your support!

  25. SFC Eric Seashore

    Outstanding show! The personalization of the message makes it much more hard-hitting. Every Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine should have the opportunity to see and learn from it. Thank you for joining us and sharing your story in a humorous yet very serious way.

  26. Mitch Hellkamp

    Bernie your great and have an awesome message!!!!!

  27. SGM Darin Mjoen

    Thanks for sharing your story and talents with us in Minnesota. You’ve had an amazing journey that touched us all!

  28. Jason Rost

    Thanks for coming to Minnesota and sharing; we appreciate your candor, honesty, and humor!

  29. Terry L. Wood

    Awesome message being present by great speaker.

  30. Christopher Saladin

    Great show! Thank you for coming and sharing your experience.

  31. 1SG William Vaudreuil

    Thanks for coming out yesterday to our conference. You have an amazing story and a very effect way to tell it. You are truly making an important impact. Thanks again!

    • 1SG William Vaudreuil

      Bernie I’d like to add/ reiterate what Brad Fossey said above. Telling your story at reintegration events would be great timing to reach the troops just returning from deployments and at probably their most vulnerable time. Thanks again!

  32. LeRoy Weeres

    Thanks for sharing your amazing story and the great message you did creatively

  33. 1SG Michael Turnipseed

    You have a great story for sure but the actions you have taken and continue are most impressive. The fact that you can deliver a message of experience, strength and hope while keeping it humorous is priceless. Thank You.

  34. Dave Denton

    Bernie, I enjoyed the show. Thank you for sharing your story and supporting our service men and women.

  35. Spc Mark Schille

    Bernie, the show was great! Lots of laughs, good wholesome humor! With a powerful, sincere message from the heart.

  36. Mike Surface

    Awesome! Very entertaining and touching. There were so many moments that had a personal emotion touching me. Your comedy and transition into your message was perfect and developed a personnal reflection of my own life and family. Thank You!

  37. Dennis Newman

    Great presentation Bernie, your ability to switch from humor to very critical subject is admirable. Thanks for what you do!

  38. Dan Lancaster

    Great message Bernie. We really appreciate your support of the Armed Forces. You should be proud of your family, your story and your profession. Thank you!!

  39. Juan Esquivel

    Bernie, you hit the spot with all of us. Great message and we all could tell that you speak from the heart. Thank you!!!

  40. Eric Bock

    Thank you so much for comming to Minnesota and bringing some energy and a very powerfull story to the hanger. I love how well you tied alcohol abuse to so many different areas of your life. It would be a very good idea for all soldiers to hear your story.