Minot AFB! Only the BEST come North :) Congrats to Gerardo Gonzalez & Kristen Hileman!

 Gerardo Gonzalez & Kristen Hileman see the I KILLED post below!  Thank you Airmen!

 Minot5 Tallman Minot4 Minot6  Wagner
Minot7 Transporter Base1 Base2 Base3
What a week so far as I  visit for the first time: Minot AFB.  I have met some of the greatest Airmen every.   A hard working and focused group of Warriors who work and train hard in this cold region as they secure our Nations’ safety.  It has been an honor to be asked to join this leadership team for a   great week of Wingman events.  Thank you to the Airmen and SAPR team for including me in the week’s festivities.   I will be taking the stage Monday through Friday at 0800 in the theater.  We are adding a second showing on Friday at 1000hrs.   Thank you Warriors for your service to our nation!  Keep the RESPECT for each other high and a priority!

Come back Saturday to see who won the two raffles from the show!    If you want to send me a personal message- Click CONTACT on this website.

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38 Responses to Minot AFB! Only the BEST come North :) Congrats to Gerardo Gonzalez & Kristen Hileman!

  1. Michael pemberton

    Great life story and awesome show

  2. Jose Soto

    Thanks for the laughs! Started what would usually be a boring day for us really well!

  3. Alyssa Holloway

    Great show!

  4. Matt Moore

    Good stuff

  5. Jeremiah Gutierrez

    Really appreciate for coming up here! I was laughing pretty badly. Thanks again!

  6. Hollie Crawford

    Great show! Thank-you for sharing the stories and the comedy!

  7. James Harper

    Enjoyed the show. About to shake your hand. Thank you for your service to our military.

  8. Gerardo Gonzalez

    Thanks for a really funny show I was expecting the usual boring speech but you literally went the other way and made it freaken awesome! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

  9. Eric Alvarez

    Thanks Bernie for the much needed message. It was awesome! We need more of it.

  10. Lavelle Wiley

    Thanks for sharing a piece your life with us and the laughs were greatly appreciated.

  11. Ty Pope

    Great show with a touching message. Well, actually, we are still in the theater so technically, you still have time to screw it up.

    Thank you for taking your time to send out the messages you do. Keep laughing.

  12. Dawn Sanderson

    Thanks for coming to Minot, Bernie! I loved the stories about your brother Sean.

  13. Benjamin Kapua Kamuela Johnson

    Best show to come to Minot in my three years here! Amazing!

  14. Matthew Newton

    Awesome show, couldn’t stop laughing. Very touching message also.

  15. James Barrett

    Thank you very much for coming and delivering your powerful message and bringing several smiles. You truly have done a great service to our military. Keep up the great work!

  16. Skip Tallman

    Hope you enjoyed your tour as much as I enjoyed your show! Thanks again!

  17. Gabriel Stahl

    Great show with an even better message. Thanks for what you do for us military.

  18. Hannah Bean

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! you brought a tear to my eye with your stories! THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!!!

  19. Kristen Hileman

    Great show! It was the best show I’ve seen in my 5 years in Minot! Thanks!

  20. Jordan Smith

    Thank you for coming! Your show had a great message.

  21. Liz Corp

    Thanks for coming out and sharing your story!

  22. Hines

    Awesome show. Love the way you tied things together. Pure Genius. Now pick me to win this raffle.

  23. Matt Maicke

    Great show

  24. Ashley Francis

    Got in a much needed laugh, all while receiving a much needed message. Thanks!

  25. Nicky Polo

    Bro!!! Great show!!! Hilarious! Loved the message!

  26. Brianna Taylor

    Thanks for coming to Minot Bernie! It was a great show!! 🙂

  27. Eliaser Martinez

    great show and a very powerful message. thank you.

  28. Felipe Villarreal

    Bernie!! Thanks for coming out this far North to share your story and your message. It was a great show. Glad i got to see you live. We appreciate what your doing for us. Keep it up because you do make a difference. Thank you and Good luck.

  29. Jackie Sparks

    Thank you for the inspiring message and great laughs!!

  30. Cody Gibson

    Awesome show Bernie! Never had so much fun that included a great message.

  31. Leisa Johnson

    Fantastic show! An excellent approach to passing a great message. Keep up the awesome job!!

  32. Jeremy Pitts

    Bro!! You killed!!! awesome show. Thanks for taking time to visit us here at Minot and sharing your story!

  33. Mike Badilla

    Great show and message. If you reached just one, you won! Thanks for making us laugh.

  34. Hubbard, Daniel

    Your a great artist, anyone else would would have lost their place with the microphones going out. Kudos to your ability to keep going without skipping a beat. Great wingman message.

  35. amber wolfe

    it was an amazing show. i dont think ive ever laughed so hard. thank you for the great time. hope you come back sometime.

    safe travels and take care of your brother.

  36. Chad Melkersman

    Thank you for coming up here and providing us with some comic relief. Great show!

  37. Clayton Frady

    Thanks for the great show. Good luck and Godspeed.

  38. Ria Delacruz

    Great show! Thank you for sharing your story. It was very touching and inspiring.