NSA Charleston, SC! NNPTC Sailors- Congrats Matthew Hait Show Raffle Winner!

I had a blast yesterday at the Bowman Center, entertaining nearly 1000 awesome Sailors and one Airman!  The place was packed and rocking from beginning to end.  I wish every crowd was as good as you were yesterday.   You made me feel so welcome and want to do what I do forever!  

Matthew Hait, e-mail your mailing address to info@comedyisthecure.com to claim hour copy of I KILLED- True Road Stories from America’s Top Comedians.  Here are some pics below from today’s show:
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Special Thanks to NADAP/OPNAV.  They are the people behind this tour and making a difference in our world!
    3 15 Sean Mom mel Bernie Debra

Chief Murphy and YN1 Monday above left.  Right:Bernie with his family, Sean, Mom, Mel, Sis Debra

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24 Responses to NSA Charleston, SC! NNPTC Sailors- Congrats Matthew Hait Show Raffle Winner!

  1. Alexander Geiger

    Just saw the first show. Funny with a good message.

  2. Matt Steffen

    hooyah, very good show. Definitely better than the standard death by powerpoint version of alcohol training, I actually seen shipmates awake and paying attention for once.

  3. Christopher Vallery

    Great show. Great message. Thank you so much for your time Bernie. Wouldn’t mind seeing your show again.

  4. Cara Wallace

    Thanks for the laughs! Your story really hit me and your ability to keep us awake and involved was surprising and impressive. I wish all Navy training were this good!

  5. britany strohl

    Thank you for coming today! Pleasant surprise and a great message!

  6. Tristan Ferguson

    Thanks for coming out today! It made my day all the better and it came from a great message! Thanks again!

  7. Herman Wang

    I want book

  8. Joseph Cram III

    Just SEight show! HOOYAH Comment Number eight!

  9. Robert Floyd

    Great show. Keep it up

  10. sam

    Great show Bernie

  11. Jonathan Alaniz

    I saw the show at 1330. Pretty amazing had some laughs and got taught a great life lesson. I don’t think I’ll even start that bad habit.

  12. Aaron

    I felt the captain crunch joke on a spiritual level and the popcorn omg.

  13. FN Cordero, Patrick

    Thanks for the laughs Bernie. It was a great first comedy show. I really enjoyed that it has a positive message. It was comedy with a purpose and i hope to see it catch on with other comedians. Keep doing what you’re doing. I appreciate you sir.

  14. Derek Luther

    Wonderful show. You truly are a person who has overcome many obstacles and can share that experience with us to prevent negative consequences. Thank you. It was heartfelt and genuine.

  15. Jeremy Wood

    Saw you this morning. Great show. Glad you could make it.

  16. Jonathan Parker

    Saw the show at 0700! Hilarious and a great message!

  17. Jeffrey Singlesingledouble Fahie

    saw the show at 1300 and I thought it was great. You are easy to relate to and your message was incredible and done extremely well. Hope to see you again sometime.

  18. Matthew Hait

    I have sat through many responsible drinking training sessions orchestrated by the military and this is by far the best presentation of the material. Your routine was both comedic and relatable, you have considerably changed my perceptions on the culture of alcohol use and highlighted many of the negative aspects of irresponsible use.

    Thank You!

  19. Jacob Aucoin

    Great show, was a million times better than sitting through a normal DAPA brief, thanks for the show.

  20. Koltan Meek

    That was hilarious. I appreciate your time Bernie. Thank you.

  21. William Hull

    Saw the show at 1330! It was awesome, very entertaining! Best mandatory training ever!

  22. Leonardo Benavides

    Thank you. I saw it at 1330 and it was great.

  23. Brandom Brandauer

    Great show. Had some deep cuts that inspired me. Thanks man.

  24. Ryan Wojton

    Great show I really enjoyed it. I didn’t have the highest hope and I really wasn’t looking forward to the show, but it turns out I really enjoyed it. It had some great laughs and a good message.