NIOC Ft Gordon, GA! Happy Hour Time- KIRBY P. is the show’s raffle winner!

I had a blast at the Signal Theater yesterday.  Cannot thank the Sailors and Marines enough for showing up and being so cool to me. Hearing your laughter then hearing some of your stories after the show touched me deeply.   I hope you take my journey with you and  enhance the present good, and avoid the mistakes and pitfalls I encountered in the past.  I do not take my freedom for granted. Thank you for your selfless sacrifice. 
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Damn Neck6 Sean loving his big bro 4Gordon Pics from the show!  Center Pic is my brother Sean!

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28 Responses to NIOC Ft Gordon, GA! Happy Hour Time- KIRBY P. is the show’s raffle winner!

  1. Julian C

    Great show and great story Bernie, I hope they bring you back again

  2. Heather O

    Amazing and hilarious show with deep meaning. Thanks again!!

  3. megan

    Thank you for coming and sharing your inspiring story with our command! The comedy was great and your story had a very powerful message. God bless!

  4. Jordan Droke

    Amazing show Bernie! Unlike any training I’ve been given in the 4 years I’ve been in! Thanks!

  5. Mason Tuller

    Great show. Actually got something out of it. Better than death by PowerPoint for sure.

  6. Michelle

    I laughed – come back again! You gotta get my friend to stop wearing speedos in public!

    Also your brother looks sweet. Thanks.

  7. Shin Dee

    Great performance, and amazing message! You had me both laughing and on the verge of tearing up – I couldn’t figure out which one to do, but I was smiling at the end and am certainty going to remember it! An improved training strategy for certain!

  8. Tim McShane

    Went into this with no expectations, but when it was all said and done I can say that this was easily the best training I’ve ever had

  9. Kelly A

    That was an unbelievable show! Funny, yet moving and very inspirational! Thank you for your time and honesty!

  10. Krys Severy

    Thank you so much for the stories. I can’t imagine going through what you, and my fiancé have to. I fully support those who quit or choose not to drink.
    I also love the stories about your brother. I worked with autism and asbergers syndrome children before the military. They make my day!

  11. Matt S

    Amazing. Bernie has a great outlook on life and an amazing way to get the point across about drugs, alcohol and sexual assault through personal life experiences. Best training I’ve ever been to.

  12. Lizzie J

    Easily the best training I’ve sat through in my 2 years in. Not a long time, I know, but it was worlds better than death by power point. And it definitely didn’t feel like I’d sat through an hour and a half long presentation. Until I got to the traffic at gate 2. Personal stories hit home way better than any training video. Thank you for sharing your story.

  13. Fatima G

    Really enjoyed your show! Your story is very moving!

  14. Master Chief Johnson

    Bernie, I think you have set the standard by which all Navy training should be modeled. Your story was relevant and most importantly real! I am without doubt, that you have saved lives with your show!

  15. Kirby P

    Wow, was not expecting that at all! The beginning was hilarious, then at some point I realized that the “training” part was coming up. But when I heard your story I was in complete shock. Your story was much more effective than any video or Powerpoint. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Michael Mitchell

    Hey, Thanks for coming out and telling us your story. Easily the best training I’ve ever sat through. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  17. Joshua Adee

    Bernie, thank you very much for the training. A lot of comedians make jokes about drugs and alcohol, but I’ve never heard one really talk about the real world consequences. Thank you for sharing your message with us.

  18. Ash Taylor

    Thank you for coming to Port Gordon and doing a powerful show! God bless you and yours. The power of redemption is amazing. I teared up… But only a lil! 😉

  19. Carrie Rose James

    I’m pretty sure you made me bipolar. You had me rolling one minute, tearing up the next, then laughing again before a tear could fall. Don’t ever be a stranger and please come back. I was one of those pissed off people who came because it was mandatory, plus it was in the middle of my sleeping schedule, but it was totally worth it at the end.

  20. India A

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! Both the humor and personal experiences made it a great training experience!

  21. Anna VanderStouwe

    I hope you come back soon.
    Much better than any tiring power-point.

  22. Samantha

    This was, by far, the best mandatory training I’ve ever gone to. It was such a nice switch from death by power point. Bernie, you were fantastic, hilarious, and still delivered a great message. Thank you so much for visiting our lovely Port Gordon 🙂

  23. Ryan Haag

    Bernie, thank you so much for coming out. I was worried we had been “SAPR-ed out” with the constant SAPR/drinking/suicide training, but you gave us something new with your show. Best of luck to you in the future, and we hope to see you back again someday.

  24. Alicia

    Loved the show! It didn’t even feel like training. Your jokes still had me laughing on the way home and your inspiring story will stay with me much longer. I was even raving about it when I got home. I wish all the best for you and your family, Thanks for all you do!!

  25. Mark P

    You did great up on stage, Bernie! I like how you kept the whole performance comedic and educational. I, and everyone who has watched your performance, thank you.

  26. Jose Gomez

    Great job! You brought a common message in the military in a different format, causing the message to connnect with the audience.

  27. Chuck Anderson

    The show yesterday was AWESOME! I appreciate everything you’re doing for the troops!

  28. Vanessa p

    Great show! It was very entertaining. One of the best training sessions held by far